Just an update

Well I sent the email to Dru. And he didn't respond. What is going


Depression at Christmas

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful
Christmas! I never heard from Dru. No Merry Christmas text or
anything. So now I'm worried he is mad at me for some reason. But I
honestly can't imagine why that would be the case.

But whatever it is doesn't matter. It's over no matter what. I'm just
so bothered by the fact that there was no closure or reason why things

Some of my family and friends have suggested that if I'm still feeling
this way after the new year I should send him an email wishing him
well for the new year and subtly hint at the fact I don't understand
what happened. What do y'all think? And if you have any suggestions
for getting my mind off of this and out of this depression slump I
would love to hear them!


Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas. There better not be any bloggers out there who got coal... :)

Merry Christmas to everyone, may you and your families be safe, happy and healthy!


Yay for Christmas Eve!

I love Christmas Eve. Almost as much as I love Christmas day. All of the family traditions come out on Christmas Eve. The best tradition we have (and is somewhat embarrassing) is before going to bed, the whole family piles on the couch and my dad reads The Polar Express we each have our own bell, and at the end we all ring them to make sure we can still hear it (like in the end of the story). Other traditions include preparing the meal for the next day, my sister and I STILL sleep together on that night. This isn't weird I swear - it started out so that one of us wouldn't see all the goods before the other and now it has turned into a bonding time for us to catch up on each other's lives and just talk in general. My sister and I also open each other's presents that night, and I generally always make fudge (recipe to come soon!).

However, this year things will be different. My sister will be working at the hospital all day today, tomorrow and the next day. So we won't be having a traditional Christmas meal tomorrow and opening of the presents. Instead, we are eating tonight and doing presents tonight as well. Things will be very different this year, but I am thankful we will all still be together. I will still get the joy of new gifts tomorrow because we will be going to my cousin's house. She has 3 small children (ages 17 months, 7, and 10). I can't wait to see the joy on their faces and spend time playing with them and all of their new toys.

What are your traditions around the holidays?


The 'Dru Era' has come to a close

I'm officially throwing in the towel. As you probably know, I've been having some issues with Dru lately. But here is the run-down: It has been two weeks since I have heard his voice. There have been a few texts in which he has explained his MIA-ness. For example, Thursday I texted to see if he was alive to which he responded saying how hard he is working. His company just signed a $10 million deal and apparently he is in charge of it (on top of being the project manager for a $160 million hospital his company is building). He said he would call later, but hasn't. Friday night (after many hours of Christmas partying) I texted that I had a bone to pick with him. His response was at 5:20 the next morning saying "Come on and pick it...at the farm headed to the woods" (going hunting). So I figure all is well and he has just been honestly busy. When Sunday at 11PM rolls around and there is still no call - I'm pissed. I called him all ready to lay things out on the line and get some answers.

Phone rings 3 times. It sounds like there was a pick-up and hang-up. The reason I say this is because it rang three times then nothing happened. No voicemail or anything. No call back. So I text, "Hey give me a call when you get a chance." I haven't heard from him.

I took all of his numbers out of my phone and deleted any remnant of him from it so I don't relapse and cave in to every aspect of me that wants answers. I honestly do think he is incredibly busy, but probably has some other reason he is not calling me. I know it is not another girl for reasons I won't go into detail about now, so I can't fathom what went wrong. I haven't acted differently...so what is it? What made him loose interest? I want answers and I think it would be mature of him to give them to me.

What made this boy who confessed his love to me, suggested marriage multiple times, introduced me to family, friends and co-workers, and flat out requested I move to Alabama all of a sudden drop it all? Two weeks ago today I asked if we were spending New Year's together to which he replied, "I would like to. We can go anywhere you want. You pick." Obviously, we haven't made solid plans and I'm realizing now, just over one week away, that it probably isn't going to happen. What changed?

It breaks my heart to give up on him because he is everything I ever wanted in a guy. I could honestly see myself marrying him. He is passionate about his goals, has a career, a life plan, is determined, a complete gentleman (held every door open, literally - even the car door), paid for everything and is just a fun person to be around (there are more great qualities but I'll spare you ALL of the details ha). Dru made me want to be a better person and I've never met anyone like him.

I realize, now, that he has flaws that accompany his attributes and no one is perfect. I know what I have to do - not contact him and just wait to see what happens. In the mean time, I'm putting myself back out there. I won't put my life on hold due to the lack of consideration from someone else.


Fear of Computer Failure

Whew. I have had a full week of catching up on my reader and loving every minute of it. It's like reading short books when you have a bunch of one person's posts to catch up on. But one thing I have noticed is that many of my blog-friends have lost their computers due to technical difficulties over the past few months. So I was starting to think, maybe I should save the most important things somewhere other than my computer. First thought: USB drive - too expensive for the amount of space I need.

The one thing that I would be devastated over loosing if my computer crashed is my picture collection. Since I got my computer a little over 3 years ago, all of the pictures from my college days have been stored on it, and I don't know what I would do without them. Sure many of them are on Facebook or have been printed, but the ones that aren't are great too!

Do y'all know of any way to upload all of my pictures somewhere online (where they would be private)? Or another simple way of storing them somewhere else in case of a 'technical difficulty'? (Keep in mind there are thousands of photos)


Foodie Friday

Today's post is dedicated to my favorite breakfast casserole. This is great to make for breakfast or a brunch. You make it in advance and just pop it in the oven the morning you want to serve it...delicious!

Sausage & Egg Breakfast Casserole:

1 lb. hot pork sausage
10 eggs, beaten
8 oz. container sliced mushrooms
1 large onion, diced
1 can cream of mushroom soup
6 slices wheat bread, cubed
3 c milk
2 tsp. dry mustard
3 c shredded cheddar cheese

Brown sausage completely. While sausage browns, combine all other ingredients except bread and 1/2 of the cheese. In the bottom of a large casserole dish spread the bread cubes into one layer, top with the cooked sausage, then pour the egg mixture over the layers. Top with the remaining cheese and set in the refrigerator overnight (up to 24 hours).

Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Let cool for 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy! 

Oh - one more quick thing. I am in LOVE with the broccoli and cheddar soup at Panera. I have tried similar soups all over the place and can not find one as good as theirs. If anyone has a good cheddar/broccoli soup recipe please let me know!


My Christmas List!

I'll get to the list...but first I wanted to give a little update. Roomie and I are fine now, Player said he wasn't ready for another relationship right now so I guess that is good. She is happy to know exactly how he feels, so that is all well and dandy. On the other hand, I STILL haven't heard from Dru. This is the longest we have gone without talking since August...so I was worried and checked his local newspaper to make sure the worst hadn't happened. I saw no mention of his name, so I assume he is alive. I'll keep you posted.

In true holiday spirit, I made a Christmas list and sent it to my family, complete with links to the specific websites, colors, prices and sizes. Now I enjoy giving a gift that someone will love, but I understand the hassle of not knowing what to get people, so I make a very available, detailed list for my family members each year. I thought I would share some of the things on my list with all of you!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

1. Longchamp 'Le Pliage' Tote Bag
2. BCBG Max Azria Ruffled Faux Two Piece Dress
3. Eliza J Ruffle Wrap Dress
4. Nicole Miller Printed Shift Dress
5. Linea Paolo 'Mira' Mary Jane
6. Via Spiga 'Ramble' Oxford
7. Patagonia Classic Retro-X Jacket

In addition to the pictured items, I asked for:
  • monogrammed stationary
  • Tervis Tumblers with pink monogram
  • Pop 5 Cranium (a SICK board game - you have to try it out!)
  • The Dark Knight (!eee!)
  • Purity face wash by Philosophy
  • and various other clothes/shoes/accessories!

What do you want for Christmas?



I don't have many girlfriends because basically, I don't like girls. The gossiping and backstabbing that you are supposed to leave behind in junior high never gets left behind with most girls. The fake-ness really bothers me too...so generally, I steer clear of getting too buddy-buddy with most girls. Except my roomie, and best friend. We are VERY similar in many ways so it actually works out perfectly. There are things here and there that bother me about her but, overall she is a great person and the best friend. I am very lucky to have such a loyal and trustworthy friend in my life.

But lately there are some things bothering me that I just can't seem to forget. Here is the thing: I pay the bills...all of them. Then she repays me. For the past couple of months she has been up to 3 weeks late paying me for them. And come on people, I'm a college girl with a shopping problem...paying me late doesn't really bode well for my financials. I know that she doesn't really have that much money, and her parents don't help her out as much as mine do, so I try to be slack with her. But when it starts to affect me, I need to take action. SO from here on out, I'm going to put up the payments well in advance and give her a specific date by which she needs to get the money to me.

Also, she has been talking with this guy, we are going to call him Player (not because he is one...but that is actually a part of his name). He lives in our apartment complex and we met him through mutual friends about 2 months ago. Player is nice (for the most part) and dresses well and all but I still don't like him. Something about him just ticks me off, he seems rude sometimes and says things that just don't need to be said. The main thing that I hate about this is, I can't say anything to her about him because I think she really likes him. Or likes the attention...I'm not sure yet.

Most of all, it irritates me that she blew me off to hang out with him this past weekend. She has never done anything like that and it actually really bothered me. I pulled a pretty shitty friend move when I went to see Dru over Halloween and blew off our plans to go see New Kids on the Block, but I see that as a totally different situation. Dru and I were actually something. Not just starting out. And lots of other little details I won't get into. (Don't get me wrong - I know I shouldn't have blown her off) But it is just different. I asked and asked and checked and checked with her before I went to visit Dru, but this weekend when she blew me off...she didn't ask or see if it bothered me or anything.

So I'm going to let it go as payback for my earlier fault. But if things keep up like this with her dissing me for this loser dude, then I'm going to have to speak up.


It's A Sad Day...

I'm throwing in the towel with Dru.  Basically, we only talked on the phone last week once (Tuesday), then just a few quick texts on Thursday. He has mentioned maybe being able to come visit this weekend, but hasn't booked a flight or anything. It seems we have talked less and less since I last visited. I waited around last night for a phone call and never got one. So I figured I would man-up and call him tonight. As I left the gym around 6:45PM I called, got no answer and decided not to leave a message.

I haven't heard from him and quite frankly, I don't expect to. I don't understand. When I visit him, he asks me to marry him (jokingly, but with a weird serious undertone), tells me he is in love with me and we just have a great time. I was nervous for a little while that he thought I didn't feel as strongly as he did, but recently I have tried to make my feelings a little more apparent (I sent one text saying I missed him, I called him once last week, and now once this week).

When we spoke last week we discussed spending New Years together and he told me I could pick wherever I wanted to go. Then he doesn't call for a week and hasn't returned my phone call!? I don't get it. I understand he is super-busy. He works probably 10 hours a day, has great friends that he spends a lot of time with and he is very involved in his family. But I still don't get why he doesn't call but says all of these other things to me and pays for me to fly down there?

One part of the situation is the fact that he has only been in one relationship in his 25 years of existence that only lasted a year. So, roomie and I have thrown around the idea that he just doesn't know how to act, especially in our situation (being so far away). Now, I am kind of fed up. I hate waiting around for him and it is driving me crazy. I know everyone is screaming TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT! But it isn't that easy. When we are on the phone everything seems better than fine, so bringing up such a daunting topic is extremely hard.

I don't want to give him an ultimatum, but if things don't pick up I'm going to have to drop it/him to keep from getting hurt more. It is just a matter of me conveying that to him when/if he calls. I really don't want to give up on him because he is, honestly, the best guy I have ever even sort of dated.

Christmas Break!

I'm finally on Christmas break! I only had two exams, so the past couple of weeks actually haven't been that stressful, but I have been sick as well and that didn't help. But I'm back and ready to read/write blogs! Exams went well, I guess...grades haven't come back yet, but I expect to do just as well as I have in the past - Dean's List every semester since freshman year, thank you.

In other news, Dru and I haven't talked much over the past week, but I expect to talk to him to tonight. Ever since he bailed on me about a month ago, he has been saying this coming weekend will be the first weekend he would be able to visit. So, I'm waiting to hear if he wants to come - but I doubt he actually will. I have a Christmas party to go to on Friday and would love to take him to meet some of my friends, but we'll just have to see.

OH! I went shopping a couple of weekends ago and saved SO MUCH MONEY! My dad works for one of the best department stores in the area, so normally I get 20% off anything. Well they have special employee discount days where employees get 40% off! On top of all of the holiday discounts, I was able to get tons of stuff for a tiny part of the original price. Here is a run-down:

This Michael Kohrs Astor Tote originally $348.00, I got it for $110.00!

BCBG Max Azria Flat Boot originally $550.00, I got it for $206.00!!

This French Connection Smock Skirt was originally $168...I got it for $12.95!

*And I can wear it as a shirt too...multitasker!
I also got my sister a BCBG Max Azria top for Christmas that was originally $152 for only $32!
So, basically, I rocked. I realize that most of the stuff was for me, but at prices like that how could I resist!? It will take me a while of strict discipline to pay off the credit card, but I know I can do it.
How is your Christmas shopping going? Have you found any incredible deals?


Exam Week

I've been MIA for the past few days for a couple of reasons: 1. I've been sick 2. It is exam week. I have tons of posts to catch up on my reader and I've been so slack about posting on my own blog. My life has been so boring recently that even if it were a normal week, I doubt I would have anything of importance to write about anyways.

One small thing - Dru got into a car wreck this weekend. Apparently some guy crossed a few lanes of traffic and 't-boned' him. His truck is all messed up so he is having to drive his old Tahoe. No one in the car got hurt, which is good. Except, he is complaining a little about his elbow. There is still no set date for him to visit, which has me pulling out hairs. But we did talk about spending New Years together, which calmed me a little.

Anyways, I better get back to studying/working. Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be back in full-force next week!


More Food!

I am writing this post on Thursday, and therefore do not yet have solid plans for Saturday...but I'm hoping to have friends over to watch the Alabama game and the Oklahoma game. If I can work this out, I will most likely make at least 3 dishes for people to snack on:

Taco Dip

1 16 oz. can refried beans
1 package taco seasoning (on the Mexican foods isle)
1 16 oz.(? - not the really small one and not the big one, but the medium size container) sour cream
1 8oz. can chopped black olives
1 bunch green onions, chopped
2 large tomatoes, seeds removed, chopped
1 heart of romaine, shredded
1 package shredded Mexican blend cheese
Bag of Doritos Scoops (or whatever chip you like)

Combine beans and 1/2 package taco seasoning. Spread mixture in even layer on large platter. Put platter in freezer while you prepare other ingredients. Once beans have had time to chill, and you have chopped all other veggies, smear sour cream over bean layer. On top of sour cream layer olives, green onions, tomatoes, 1/2 cheese, lettuce and remaining cheese on top. Use scoops to ENJOY!

Baked Hot Wings (because baked is SO much healthier than fried!)

2 lbs. chicken wings
Big container of Texas Pete (32 oz?) - or your favorite hot sauce
2 garlic cloves, cracked
1 lb. butter, melted

Wash & dry wings. Place into gallon-sized zip-top bag (place bag in casserole dish in case it leaks). Pour in hot sauce, butter, S&P, and garlic. Marinate overnight. Line baking sheet with foil & spray with cooking spray. Cook in 350 degree oven for 1 hour, turning 1/2 way through. ENJOY!

Cheese Dip - this one is SO easy & I think it can even be found on the back of the Rotel can...

1 16oz. can Rotel (on the canned tomato isle)
1 block of Mexican Velveeta cheese (if your store doesn't have Mexican, regular will do)
1 bag Doritos Scoops

Cut about 2 inches of the Mexican cheese block into cubes. Pour out some (but not all) of the Rotel liquid. Combine in bowl. Microwave for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally, until cheese is completely melted. ENJOY with Doritos Scoops!

I have also heard of people adding sausage to this recipe...but I haven't tried it (let me know if you do)!

If these recipes aren't used Saturday maybe I'll make them for Monday Night Football!



Foodie Friday

I think "Strange Fridays/Freaky Friday" wasn't working out too well. There are some funny news headlines out there, but they didn't seem to generate enough of a response. So, I'm changing Fridays to 'Foodie Fridays' because I love to cook much more than I like to read about weird news. I think since I'm really into coking I will be more motivated to try out a new recipe each week and report back to y'all. This week I made 'Bow-tie Pasta with Asparagus and Pancetta'.

This recipe was based on 'Gnocchi with Asparagus and Pancetta' in CookingLight magazine. I have made some changes, that is the best part about cooking, you can customize it by adding more ingredients or taking some out. The first time I tried this recipe was with a friend who came over and brought it along. She didn't have gnocchi, so we used bow-tie pasta and I loved it. Since I've never actually had gnocchi, I decided to use bow-tie pasta again. I was craving exactly what we cooked before and I didn't want to risk eating something I might not like. I didn't think to take a picture, but just imagine the crisp green asparagus on a bed of white bow-tie pasta sprinkled with the browish-red pancetta and milky parmesan shavings.

Bow-Tie Pasta with Asparagus & Pancetta

6 oz. thinly shaved pancetta, chopped
1 bunch asparagus, ends trimmed, cut into 1 inch pieces
1 small-medium (depending on how much you like) red onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 lb. bow-tie pasta
1 tbl. lemon juice
1 c fresh parmesan cheese
1/4 c cooking liquid

Boil pasta to al dente. While pasta cooks, crisp pancetta in large skillet over medium to medium-high heat. When pancetta is browned, remove and reserve on paper towel. Add extra virgin olive oil if pan is too dry, add onions. Cook for about 4-5 minutes then add asparagus. Cook 3 more minutes, add garlic for one last minute.

Drain pasta (save some of the liquid) and combine with other cooked ingredients in large bowl. Add lemon juice and cooking liquid, S&P. Toss to combine. Plate individually. Sprinkle pancetta and parmesan shavings over top.




Remember not too long ago when I posted this about the jewelry giveaway? Well guess what!?!? I was winner #7!!!!!!!! I am SOO excited. I honestly have never won ANYTHING in my life (except things I worked for like sporting competitions). They are mailing it to me, so I'll try to remember to take a picture and post it!

Catching Up

I've been somewhat MIA the past few days. This is due to the fact that it is 'dead week' at my school. The term 'dead week' makes it sound like it is a relaxing time to start studying for exams, right? WRONG. 'Dead week' is usually a normal week in your freshman and sophomore years, but when you get into your junior and senior years it is another story.

I have been swamped with group projects and presentations. The amount of work during 'dead week' is enough to make you go insane. Just the other day I saw an article in the school paper about how 'dead week' is being abused by professors. It was obviously designed to be a relaxing week for students to start organizing for exams and not have new material introduced. Well because the University doesn't really enforce it, teachers go on with things as if it is just another week.

Well let me tell all of you professors something: IT IS THE WORST WEEK OF THE YEAR. In an effort to "lighten your exam load" teachers have finals during this week, projects due and all kinds of stressful assignments. I'm done with my week...and it was stressful. But I'm glad someone spoke out about it in the paper so maybe my final 'dead week' ever (in the spring) will be somewhat lighter.

In other news, things with Dru are going good. I think I just freaked out there for a while and was hurt by him not coming to visit. He has been pretty sweet since then, we talk on the phone often, and he even called to make sure I was up in time for my presentations yesterday. I finally got around to asking him when he was going to come visit. He said maybe he will come the weekend of the 19th. He hasn't bought a plane ticket or anything yet, so I'm not getting my hopes up...but I really do want him to come. A friend of mine is having a Christmas party that weekend which would be a good one for him to come and meet everyone. We still haven't talked about "what we are" but I promise to everyone (me, roomie, and y'all) that I'm going to talk it out next time we are together (in person). I don't want to have that talk over the phone because I won't be able to gauge his expressions and responses as well. I feel like the conversation will be much more truthful if it is done in person.

Roomie's birthday is Monday, so that means we will be celebrating all weekend. I have no idea what to get her...but I'll go shopping tomorrow and surly find something! Other things going on this weekend that I am so excited for I could just pee my pants:
  • Alabama/Florida game (Dru & fam are going...ROLL TIDE!)
  • Oklahoma/Missouri (Dad is an OU alum...GO SOONERS!)
  • Panthers are playing MNF! We rented the theater at my apartment complex for the game!
  • Some of our friends just move in down the hall...endless nights of laughs!

What are your plans this weekend?


Warning: This may gross you out...

I had a really disturbing, very realistic dream last night. Most of it was alright, but there was one part that still is messing with my head today. The dream started out with me being a student at UNC (which I'm not) and I was living in a super nice hotel room. Weird...I know. I was having trouble finding something to wear when some girls from my high school came by and helped me pick something out. This was also weird because these girls have no fashion sense. Anyways, as I am walking around my room, I notice this bump on my right arm. This is where it gets gross. The bump had a little hole in the top, and as I looked at it I noticed a little worm-like thing go into the hole! In the dream I knew it was a worm, but it looked more like a green and white piece of string or thin rope. 

I knew that it probably wasn't good that I just had a worm go into my body, so I squeezed the bump like you would a zit and the rope-worm-thing poked out of the top. Except now it was red and white. I grabbed it and ripped it out. It had grown to about 6 inches long and had gotten thicker. But it didn't come out like you would think, I ripped it out down my arm in a line rather than just all through the bump. It hurt like hell. I looked at my arm because I expected a long gash to be there from where it came out, but there was nothing. It had magically just morphed through my skin or something. Creepy. But it burned soooo bad. I told my friends about it and they said I shouldn't have ripped it out. Apparently when I did that it made a ton more little worms in my skin. I was supposed to wait until it turned back green then have it removed.

I woke up and my arm was actually hurting. I was so grossed out by the dream that I almost got sick to my stomach. I keep looking down at my arm today thinking I'm going to see something. And I can still feel where the bump and worm was on my arm. My dreams are always so realistic, and usually I can gather some meaning from them - or relate them to my life in some form or fashion...but this one totally stumps me. What's your weirdest dream?


Giving Blood

I went yesterday to be a good citizen and give blood. Let me just say I have a VERY high tolerance for pain and I'm not grossed out at all by blood. In previous surgeries I have even requested to stay awake and watch the procedure. So all was well while I was giving blood yesterday.

Until I got to the snack station.

I knew I should probably eat and drink so I had some pretzels and diet Pepsi (gross). As I sit there watching a rerun of Desperate Housewives, I start to get hot and weak. I wanted to raise my hand to call someone over, but I couldn't move. At some point I guess I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew, I was laying on the ground with 5 Red Cross ladies hovering over me. They were asking me my name, which thankfully I knew, and telling me to cough really hard. Somehow I had been put into a wheelchair and they took me back to a bed to lie down.

After some regular Pepsi (still gross - I'm a coke girl) I started to feel better. The ice pack on my neck helped too. After about 10 mins. I was able to get up and drive home. I wasn't feeling completely better by that time, but it was closing time and I knew they all wanted to get home. So the whole way home I continued to make myself cough (it apparently gets the blood flowing in your head) to avoid passing out again. I made it home safely but felt like crap the rest of the day. I still feel tired today, but I'm hoping that is because it is an ugly day and not because of my debacle yesterday.

The Red Cross ladies kept telling me that this happens a lot to first-timers and that it probably won't happen again. I really want to give blood often, but I don't want this to happen every time. I guess we'll just have to see next time I go!

What are you experiences?


Happy Thanksgiving!

I lieu of the holiday, I would like to share some things I am thankful for:

  • My cousin returning safely from Iraq

  • The healthy birth of his son, Jackson

  • My parent's ability to pay for my college education

  • My best friend, roommie

  • Of course, my family

  • My dog recovering from his initial crisis and diagnosis of Addison's Disease

  • The experiences I have gained and the people I have met over the past year

  • My job

  • The good teachers who have brought so much to my education

  • And most importantly, I was blessed by not having to endure the pain of loosing someone close to me this year

I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and are able to give thanks for many many things!


Hump Day

Happy hump day! We are out of school today for the Thanksgiving holiday, and since I usually only work Tuesdays and Thursdays, I won't be doing anything today! Actually, I have to pass a computer proficiency exam on December 6 where you have to know everything about the new versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. I think I'm good to go with the first three, but I have never used or heard of people using Access. So I will be spending the day studying for that test and possibly helping my mom paint. Oh - I should probably go for a run too, since I will be participating in the Turkey Trot 5-K tomorrow and I have only run once in the past two weeks!

I also need to get many things organized for my other exams in the beginning of December, so this break will be great if I can motivate myself to get all of it out of the way. A few more goals of mine over break are to seriously look into jobs and schools, and update my resume. I also hope to get some books on taking the GMAT and GRE (both since I don't know what I want to study when I get done).

Whew, this break isn't going to be as relaxing as I hoped. What will you do over the holiday? Any travel plans?


Thanksgiving Holiday!

I loveee food. I love to eat, and thankfully my body still allows me to eat the things I want...but I'm sure this won't last long! So I have put together my family's Thanksgiving menu (it's pretty traditional):

Stuffing (my favorite part!)
Green beans
Homemade bread
Cranberries (from the can)
Mashed potatoes
Banana nut bread (for breakfast)
Pecan, Cherry and Pumpkin Pie (usually frozen)
Fudge - recipe on the back of the marshmellow container

This all sounds pretty normal, I'm sure. I love the meal my mom makes and have loved it all 21 years I have been around. But when I start cooking for my own family I will do a couple of things differently (except for the stuffing - I will NEVER change that):
  1. Mom doesn't brine or season the turkey with anything except salt and pepper. I want to go all out with mine and brine it the night before. Also I will flavor it by putting onions, celery, carrots and lemon inside. Who knows - I'll find something besides plain old S&P.
  2. I will make homemade cranberries from frozen whole cranberries and orange juice/zest.
  3. All pies will be homemade.
  4. Homemade bread will not be made from a mix in the bread maker, but by hand and cooked in the oven.

If you can't tell - I like things homemade...not semi-homemade or from a can/box/container. I would love to implement these things into this year's Thanksgiving meal, but I might hurt my mom's feelings. So I'll just have to wait until I get a family of my own to try them out.

What do you cook on Thanksgiving? What is your favorite part? Or do you cook something out of the ordinary?


I Just Don't Get It

As you all know, Dru didn't come this weekend. And I expected him to call this evening...but he didn't so I texted him and said, "How was your weekend?" to which he responded, "Unbelievable you have to hear this I'll call in a min." That was two hours ago. He hasn't called and I don't think he will tonight. It is highly likely that he is at a friend's house and doesn't want to be the guy to step away to talk to a girl. Or maybe he is at his parents house for Sunday night dinner. But the point is he said he would call 'in a min' and when I haven't talked to him in almost a week that really bothers me. I just don't know what to do. Now I actually have a reason to be mad, and I am. But I don't know how to tell him that. I feel like we are still on a shaky ground what without us having talked about what we are. I know it sounds silly and I keep coming back to it, but I don't know what to expect and that makes it hard because I get my hopes up. Without a defined relationship (of any sort) I don't know how he will receive me calling him out on what seems like such a petty matter. 

How should I approach this? Next time I talk to him do I tell him it bothers me that we don't talk much anymore? Ugh, this is so frustrating. I'm sorry I keep bogging everyone down with my love life, or lack there of, but it is the only thing on my mind, and until I get some kind of answers it will most likely still be the only thing I can think about. I appreciate the advice, as always.

Update: Ok so I guess I jinxed it by writing that post. He called. We caught up and all of that good stuff, but I didn't mention anything about me being mad or anything. I'm such a wimp. So I'm happy for now and promise to have a post that isn't related to Dru at all tomorrow!


The Day Has Finally Come

I'm easing myself into the pictures thing. First it was my room, now I'm going to show you a picture from my skydiving adventure!

I picked this one because you can't really tell what I look like. I'm not sure if I want the Internet world to be able to connect a name to a face...because although I won't reveal my last name, Sarah Elizabeth is real and having people (that I don't know) have that information AND what I look like kind of scares me.

So enjoy this for now until I monitor Google Analytics for any creepers:

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Helpful Hint - Lasagna

One thing my blog friends may not know about me is: I LOVE to cook. I started watching the Food Network a few years ago and have been cooking up a storm since then. I ask for things like chopping knives and cookware sets for birthdays and Christmas (not what the typical 21 year old is requesting, I'm sure). And I just realized cooking is a part of me that I haven't shared very much on my blog. So I'm going to make a conscious effort to include more foodie posts. Recently I have found myself slowing down in the kitchen due to food prices on the rise and other factors restricting my budget. It is expensive to cook y'all!

In this crazy economy I have found it extremely helpful to make a big dish at the beginning of the week and eat from it all week long. One of my favorite dishes to make (and honestly does last all week...sometimes even longer) is lasagna. This recipe came from a cookbook my mom has, but I have made some changes. I really like the sauce, so naturally I have adapted the recipe to make more...but if you aren't so much of a sauce person, take some out. Also, I am IN LOVE WITH garlic. I put more in my recipe than I have written here, but I won't divulge exactly how much because it might actually frighten you - adapt that part to your liking as well.


1 lb. hot sausage
4 cloves garlic minced (or can use handheld grater - works like a charm!)
1 28 oz. can diced tomatoes
1 15 oz. can tomato sauce
1 15 oz. can tomato paste
2 tbl. dried basil

Cheese Filling:
24 oz. container cottage cheese
2 tbl. parsley flakes
2 eggs
3/4 c grated Parmesan cheese

10 lasagna noodles
2 8oz. packages sliced Mozzarella cheese

You Will Need:
Large pot for cooking noodles
Large/deep skillet for sauce
5 qt. baking dish

To Make:
Start by browning the sausage completely. While you are waiting for the sausage to brown, mix all cheese filling ingredients in a bowl and set in fridge until ready to use. Drain off excess oil. Add garlic, saute for 30 seconds (don't burn!) then add all tomato products, basil and S&P. Let simmer 30 minutes.

When the sauce begins to simmer, start to boil the water for the noodles. Salt the water when it comes to a boil and add the 10 noodles. You can add a couple more noodles here just for back-up, but I have never needed them.

When noodles are cooked and sauce has simmered for 30 minutes, you are ready to assemble.

To Assemble:
1st layer 3 noodles on the bottom of the baking dish. Put 2 noodles over the seams between the first layer of noodles. Layer 1/2 of the refrigerated cheese mixture on top. Put 1/3 of the sauce mixture on top of that. Next, layer one package of sliced mozzarella. Repeat process. You will have 1/3 of the sauce left to put on top of the second package of sliced mozzarella.



Strange Fridays

Here we go again...

"City Threatens Blind Woman Over 1 Cent Bill" Even if she wasn't blind...1 cent people!?

"Man in Wheelchair Allegedly Hides Cash in Leg" This headline actually makes me feel queasy.

"Driver Sentenced for Throwing Axe at Motorist" Man, I thought I had it bad. Can anyone say...road rage?

"Boy Allegedly Hits Mom with Saw, Offers Her $5" $5 is all it takes to get away with battery!?...haha this one is my favorite!

"Ind. Inmates Sneak Through Ceiling to Have Sex" I can't event comment on this one.

"Fla. Man Accused of Hurling Sandwich at Girlfriend" Honestly, this is like the 3rd or 4th violent food-related action I have seen in the past few months. How does this make the news!?

Well that's it for now. I hope you got a good laugh out of some of these and have a great weekend!


Dru Isn't Coming

Yep. That's right. Let down by a boy...yet again. I feel like that is the story of my life. So here is the story:

When Dru called Monday, I was at the mall and only got to talk to him for a short while before I needed to hang up. Tuesday he didn't call, and last night as I was leaving from babysitting my adorable cousins, he still hadn't called. So I texted, "Are you still coming this weekend?" About 20 minutes later he calls and informs me that, despite the fact he has had his plane ticket booked for over 2 weeks now, he isn't going to be able to come.

Apparently, this weekend is opening weekend of rifle season in Alabama. It is family tradition that they all go down to one of their "farms" (aka giant patch of land with a beautiful house - no animals except the ones you can shoot) and hunt. Siblings come home from college, grandparents come...the whole 9 yards. And he didn't realize this because opening weekend is "always the weekend of the Alabama/Auburn game" (which is next weekend).

Well, Dru, you should have checked.

As you are all well aware of, I have been getting ready for his visit for weeks now. I have decorated, I bought 4 tickets to the UNC/NCSU game ($260!), my mom was going to make brunch, etc. I had the weekend planned all out. I was going to clean, do laundry, and make a breakfast casserole tomorrow before he got here!

So I'm sure you can imagine how disappointed I am. Of course I can't be "mad" at him because I value family traditions just as much as the next person, but I am upset. I am upset that he didn't check beforehand to make sure that nothing was going on. What that says to me is that this trip wasn't important enough for him to ask around and make sure everything was going to work out. I'm upset because he waited until 2 days before he was supposed to get here to tell me. If I hadn't texted him last night, would I still not know he was coming? When would he have called? Friday afternoon?

One thing that bothers me the most is: I'm not sure he understands how upset I am over this. I actually cried last night...I don't cry...especially not in front of people. I cried to my mom, dad, sister, best friend and even cried myself to sleep. My eyes hurt today. I want him to understand that I was looking forward to spending time with him and that I was really let down when he said he couldn't come. But I don't want to make him feel like he is choosing between his family and me, because that is not the case. I want him to have traditions and family values, that is one thing I love most about him, but I want him to be able to stick to his commitments to me as well, and that means planning ahead.

Another factor is that we haven't exactly established "what we are." For a while, I thought this was best. But it is really starting to become more of a burden than not. I was in a long-distance relationship with Gary (the ex) for over 6 months when he moved to California. That was easier because I knew where I stood with him. I knew that he wanted to be with me and that I would hear from him. There was no gray area. With Dru, since we haven't established rules, there are no justified expectations. I don't know if I can get mad at him for not calling sooner or I don't know if I can tell him I was really looking forward to seeing him without scaring him off. There are so many uncertainties with us it really makes a long-distance relationship harder.

Should I bring this up? I have always felt like that is the boy's place, but I don't know if I can handle it anymore. He also said he doesn't think he will be able to make it back for another 3 weeks! That will have been 6 weeks in between visiting each other. It is hard, but I'm willing to do it because I genuinely like this guy...I just need to know where I stand with him.

Any and all advice will, as always, be greatly appreciated!


Quick Observation

I'm in the library at my school right now and on the cubicle I'm
sitting at someone has written, "dipset 4 life skull gang 4 eva."

If you are so hardcore why were you in the library?

Finally Some Pictures!

I promised, now I must deliver. Here are some pictures of my newly decorated room. I didn't take many pictures, and they aren't that great quality (I actually took these right before I left for work from my phone)...but hey at least you get the idea.

Here is my beautiful unmade bed. It stays this way 100% of the time. Why make it when you are going to get back in it in a few hours!? That wall is the only wall in my room that is painted. It used to be yellow - but that wasn't working out so I chose hunter green. If I decide I don't like the green soon, I will transition to scarlet red...what do you think? Oh, also, I made that headboard!

This is my adorable iron torso that I use to hang jewelry from. It is to the left of my bed (you can see part of the green wall). Also, those pictures were just recently put up. They consist of me, roommate, best guy friend Al and some of the family. You can also barely see one of my window panels. It is kind of a metallic silver (in next picture too).

The light was being funky, so it was hard to get a good picture that really showed my panels and all of the great beauty that they possess, but here you can also see the giant mirror I got from Home Goods. I promise it goes great with the window treatments, even though you can't really tell in this picture.

And finally, the other wall (to the right of my bed). The two pictures (even though you can't make out faces) are of me and my dad and me and my mom at my graduation from high school (I know they are old pictures, but they are great black and whites...). I bought my initials from Michael's. They are wooden and actually came painted white, but roommate and I got creative one night and turned them black. The little clock is from Target and was pretty cheap. The reed diffuser smells like apples and cinnamon and makes me hungry every time I walk into my room.

So there you have it people, the general design of my room. I'm so happy with the way things turned out. I have put up a couple of things in my bathroom, and am waiting on some towels and my shower curtain to be monogrammed, but then I will put up pictures of that finished product as well.

PS I did this post on Tuesday and set it to come up today (Wednesday). I love this feature more than anything. That way I can have something for everyone to read almost everyday without having to remind myself to do it at home! Why didn't I think of this before!? Genius!


Weekly Update

My weekend was, interesting. For starters, roommate and I went out Thursday night. We don't usually do this because we are old hags who prefer to stay in and watch TV and go to bed promptly at 11PM. But for some reason we got this crazy notion to go out. We drank too much and I missed my two classes on Friday.

Friday night we went to UNC-Chapel Hill to hang out with Al (my best guy friend) and some of his friends from his study abroad in Spain last semester. I was still recovering from the night before so I took it easy. I don't really enjoy being sober at a bar where everyone else is drunk, but Friday night wasn't so bad. Roommate and I got hit on 4 times and each time was equally as disturbing.

Saturday we had a football game. The festivities began at 10AM. Bad idea. We didn't stop drinking until 2AM. I was in rare form that night. Gary, the ex, tried to kiss me. In all of my vulnerability, I almost caved in. But I didn't, and I'm so glad. Things are going great with Dru and I could have ruined it all for nothing. Gary and I will never work out again, so I don't know why we occasionally fool ourselves.

Speaking of Dru...HE COMES TO VISIT IN 3 DAYS! I couldn't be more excited. My apartment is coming together (see pictures tomorrow!) and I am running again and I feel like a giddy school girl. I'm also nervous. I really hope he has a good time. The plan is to maybe go out for a few drinks after he gets in Friday night (at 9:30!). The next morning we have to be up super early to make it to my sister's boyfriend's house by 8:30AM in Chapel Hill (30 minute drive). My school is playing her school in football and her boyfriend is hosting a "Kegs and Eggs" party. I'm going to make a breakfast casserole to take over. Yum! Maybe I can remember to post the recipe here...

My parents want to have a brunch at their house Sunday morning. And I don't know if I am ready to have Dru to my parents' house. I have been to his parents' house but it was really informal...I mean we just went over to show our skydiving videos then left. Ahh! But I know it will hurt my mom's feelings if I don't bring him over...so whatever. Hopefully my sister and her bf will be in attendance as well so it won't be as awkward.

Oh, my running! Yeah I started again (last night haha) because I will be participating in the annual 'Turkey Trot' in my cousin's neighborhood on Thanksgiving morning. I'm really excited that I have a goal to work towards. It is only a 5K, but I'm happy to start small and work my way up. The mimosa station is at her house too, so I'm SUPER excited about that part!

One last thing, then I'll end another one of my never ending posts. I'm going to my first work-related function on Thursday. It is a Toronto Stock Exchange luncheon, workshop, then networking cocktail. I'm so nervous I can already feel my hands shaking come Thursday morning. Here are some reasons why:
  1. This event is specified on the website to be for CEOs and CFOs, financiers of private and public companies and advisors to private and public companies. I AM AN INTERN.
  2. I don't have a business card...did I mention this is a networking event.
  3. I understand the TSX less than I understand the US stock exchanges (to which my knowledge is far from impressive).
  4. I'm not really even sure how to explain what my company does. I only help with the basic stuff.
  5. I've never been to a networking event before.

Maybe I should quit my whining and take it all in. I know this will be a great learning experience for me and probably great for my career as well. I should thank my boss for inviting me to attend, and really learn from everything I hear and everyone I meet. But any suggestions in getting over the initial nervousness would really help!

Have a great week everyone!


My Blood is Your Blood

I've never given blood. I want to though. Why? I have been wanting to do something for the community lately, and what better way to start than donating blood? I reviewed all of the restrictions and qualification requirements, and it looks like I pass with flying colors. I'm not the least bit nervous or scared. I have no fear of needles and a very high pain tolerance. This should be a piece of cake! I wanted to go yesterday, but couldn't find an open donation center! I feel like I see them everywhere, but the day I want to go there are none to be found...the search will continue though. I won't give up until I find a place and time I can donate.

Anyone else have blood donation stories to share? Precautions? Advice?


Strange Fridays!

It's back! I'm going to start writing Strange Friday posts on Thursdays and setting them to post on Fridays so everyone can have a little chuckle to get them through the last weekday!

This week's strange headlines:

"Bomb Threat at North Pole School" They have schools at the North Pole!? Is Santa the headmaster?

"Man Allegedly Attacks Girlfriend Over Macaroni" Men...always finding something to complain about.

"Call to Action: Pastor Issuing 7-Day Sex Challenge" Now this is what I call religion!

"Woman Finds Frozen Pig Head on a Pole in Her Yard" Can anyone say Lord of the Flies?

"Man Attempts to Pay $32 Bar Tab With Gum Wrappers" Did it work? I'm low on cash this weekend and that would be a perfect solution...

"Toy Hall of Fame Points to New Addition: The Stick" Seriously, people? Seriously? We can't come up with a better toy than a STICK?!

"Meth Found in Boy's Halloween Trick or Treat Bag" Someone was a little too obsessed with being the cool house on the block...

Well everyone, I hope these articles were able to take your mind off your money and your money off your mind for a little while...have a great weekend!


Jewelry Giveaway!

Remember this fun giveaway? Well the same people are doing it again, except with their jewelry line! Free stuff is always fun, so run over to Silver Treats and sign yourself up! The have some really cute stuff. Although I didn't win last time, I am incredibly hopeful for this go-around. I'm twittering, blogging and sending emails to get as many entries possible!

Good luck!

Dirty Socks and Decorations

As I was sitting in class the other day, I noticed something that really bothers me. Bare feet on chairs. The business management building where all of my classes are is fairly new and is very nice. The chairs are comfortable, we have state of the art technology...all that fun stuff. But people still think it is OK to TAKE THEIR SHOES OFF and put their feet all over the backs and tops of the chairs in front of them! This is disgusting. There is one girl in particular who does it EVERYDAY. And she sits on the edge of a row so she is in clear view of the teacher, who has failed to say anything to her all semester.

Tuesday I noticed the little boy, who always brags about how much he drank the previous weekend, with his shoes off and his dirty, stinky SOCKS on the back of the chair in front of him. Ew. Gross. Disgusting. Sick. So, naturally, I took a picture:

It is kind of hard to tell, but those are my notes in the foreground, his chair in front of me and his white sock all over the chair in front of him. Not only is this completely unsanitary, but also just disrespectful. We have these great facilities, and here these people are ruining them! How inconsiderate...

In other news, I have pretty much gotten my apartment all decorated! Only 6 months after we move in...oh well. It looks great. We have some old movie posters in the dining room area, a great vase filled with cranberry colored fillers and white flowers. I bought a huge mirror for $70 at Home Goods (thanks Hannah Gray)! This mirror is my favorite new piece. I have been looking for a big stand-up mirror for MONTHS. The only ones I could find were $300-400. After perusing the collection at Home Goods, I came across this mirror. I immediately fell in love...it was exactly what I was looking for. I didn't even look around the rest of the store because I was nervous if I left it, it would be gone by the time I got back. It looks great in my room (I promise I will put up pictures soon).

I also put up tons of new pictures and other nick-knacks. The only thing left I have to do is have my shower curtain and new towels monogrammed. Hopefully then, my apartment will be ready for Dru to visit! I've been meaning to decorate for so long, I'm glad his visit finally motivated me to do so.

Does anyone else have horrible feet stories or decorating adventures?


Back to the Future

Yay. The election is over. I'm excited that our country will be going in a new direction and I look forward to the change. Mostly I am super pumped about not having to see political commercials anymore. They were getting out of hand towards the end there!

Anyways, I have come to realize I am not that great at coming up with post ideas. Lately I have basically been updating everyone with the Dru situation, but talking hardly any about other topics. I have a bad habit of thinking of things to write about, but then forgetting them and sitting in front of my computer with writers block. There are tons of opinions I have regarding somewhat controversial topics that I could discuss, but I don't want this to turn into a serious blog. I like the light, carefree feel of it right now. Oh what to write about...

I am great at talking about me. Plain and simple. SO I'll just write a brief* post about what is going on in my life (outside of Dru) until I can come up with something more entertaining. Well this may have a little to do with Dru, but I'll keep it to a minimum. As you may know, I will be graduating from college in May. I will have a degree in Business Management with a concentration in marketing. When I started school I thought this was the way to go; I was told, and believed, that a degree in business would give me the opportunity to work in pretty much any field.

Well, thank you, economy. This is no longer true, close to being true, or will be true in the immediate future.

So, I am presented with somewhat of a conundrum. To try to find a job...or go back to school? I have found a great advertising program at the University of Alabama. However, I would need to get 3 recommendation letters, take the GRE and submit an application by February 15. The recommendation letters and application aren't as daunting as the GRE. I have only recently begun my quest to take this particular test, and realize how much harder it is than I originally thought. I've concluded that it would be in my best interest to wait and apply next spring and start school in the fall of 2010.

I have searched online for jobs in the Birmingham area and have found some that look interesting. My thought process behind moving to Birmingham a year before I want to start school is threefold: 1. establish residency so I can get in-state tuition 2. save money to pay off the loan I will surely need 3. Dru. Now, I'm sure you see the obvious drawbacks here...what if Dru and I don't work out? What if I can't find a job when it actually comes time? What if I don't get in? Etc. Etc. Etc...

Hear me out...I want to be in the advertising industry. I am taking the only advertising-related class offered in my program and I enjoy it so much more than any other class I have taken. There are plenty of advertising programs elsewhere in the nation, mostly in the North, but as of right now, I don't really see myself moving North. I have nothing against it, I just have more friends and connections in the Midwest and southern states. The program at Alabama is great and seems to fit exactly what I am looking for, which most other schools don't.

Here comes the toughest part...how do I talk to Dru about it? He has mentioned me moving down to Alabama many times, but I haven't responded seriously, yet. Last weekend I lightly mentioned the advertising program at UA and he seemed genuinely excited.

On the other hand, if I were to try to find a job here in Raleigh, I probably wouldn't have much luck. I don't know how to approach my current bosses and ask if there is any chance of me growing within my current company when I graduate. I would love to stay on, if I don't go to Alabama, but I don't see any real potential for me here.

Oh the dilemmas of my life.

I'm really going to have to get on decorating my apartment though, because I think Dru is finally coming to visit in a few weeks. If you have any suggestions for places to find these items (reasonably priced) or have any creative ideas they will be greatly appreciated:
  1. Standing mirror
  2. Duvet cover with monogram
  3. Wall decorations (frames, art, etc.)

I guess I should put up some pictures of the apartment to help everyone visualize...I will try to remember!

*Sorry it didn't turn out so brief!


Voting Hoopla

Go Vote. I did early voting about a week and a half ago, and I'm so happy because it is rainy and cold here and I'm pleased with myself for not having to get out more than necessary.

Anyways, I'm not a political blogger, but a few things are bothering me today about our system:
  1. Why are Americans who do not pay taxes allowed to vote? Yes. That is right. Many legal American citizens are allowed to vote (I'm not talking about the illegal immigrants) who I, personally, don't believe should have this right (in full). If you make under something like $20K per year, you receive well fare and do not pay taxes. Well that is all fine and dandy because I know not everyone can earn as much as they would like, but I don't think their full right to vote is fair. Not only are these people not paying for the governmental services we all pay out the ass for, but they are receiving money! Hear me out...I'm not saying well fare is a bad thing and they should be punished, but I don't think people who receive this kind of treatment should count a full vote. Can we count them 1/2 a vote or something? If our government keeps throwing money at those not motivated enough to make their own living but still allow them all of the privileges that tax-paying citizens receive who would opt out of that monthly government check?
  2. What really irks me is that these people have a say in our next president, but the men and women fighting across seas for our freedom may not have a vote. Read this article. Apparently some military men and women did not receive their ballots on time, and therefore would not have them counted. John McCain's camp realized this and is suing with hopes to get the ballots counted. I also heard in previous weeks that they were having trouble with the permanent addresses of some of the military and therefore their votes would not be counted as well. Why, can I ask, do people who don't pay taxes but take willingly from the government get a vote, and those who witness death and endure unspeakable experiences for our own freedom don't get a fair chance to vote?

Yes, I realize there is a lot wrong with our legal system, but you think after all this time they could figure out how to count simple votes. I hope everyone goes out to take advantage of a great privilege because some Americans who deserve it the most will not be able to exercise this right today.

I am open to everyone's opinions and views but please do not try to strike up a debate in my comments section. This is purely MY opinion and you have every right to agree/disagree with me, but don't think that if you write rude comments regarding my feelings I will respond - I won't. Not now, not ever. This is a one-time-only political post, and I can almost guarantee there will be very few (if any) to follow.

Love is in the air!

Warning: This post may trigger your gag reflexes if you aren't into the mushy stuff.

I think I'm in love. Oh goodness. That is quite a statement isn't it? I'm so nervous that by saying it that I'm going to jinx something.

I had yet another great weekend with Dru. To start, his company party was great. The house it was gigantic and beautiful. All of his co-workers were incredibly nice and dressed up in the funniest costumes. My favorite was a guy dressed up as a shower. He had some PVC pipe connected with a curtain hanging around him. Clever. :)

Dru and I were John McCain and Sarah Palin and we pulled it off with ease, if I do say so myself. We got SO many compliments both nights (Thursday for the company party and Friday for the real Halloween).

Also, WE WENT SKYDIVING! It was so much fun! The day was incredibly long though, because we didn't have a reservation, so we had to wait until they could fit us in. Which happened to be a slow 7 hours(!) after we arrived. It was definitely worth the wait though. When you jump, you get the option to just regular free-fall or do a couple of flips before you free-fall in the normal position. I wasn't about to have waited 7 hours for a 'normal' experience, I went for the flips! And I'm glad I did...it was fun and made for a really cool video.

Another great thing about this trip was I got to meet his parents and youngest sister. I was very nervous to meet the parents especially, because I have heard so many great things about them. For example, his dad is a cardiovascular surgeon who just got back from doing volunteer work in the underprivileged towns of Brazil. I was nervous that although they are giving people, that since they are so wealthy they might be a little stuck-up. Boy, was I wrong. His mom is the sweetest person, ever. We had great conversation and I hope she liked me too! His sister was cute and sweet as well. I'm assuming his dad was just tired, since he did get back from Brazil that morning, but he didn't talk as much. Still, I felt genuinely welcome in their home.

Dru usually confesses his love for me when he is drunk. And did again this time. To which I responded in the same 'tell me in the morning' fashion I always do. Well, I think he tried to tell me when he was sober a couple of times but didn't just come right out and say it. So, as much as I wanted to say it back, I didn't because it would have been weird considering the particular wording of the conversations. I think next time I'm just going to say it back when he says it drunk and hopefully that will lead into it being more of a regular thing.

You might be thinking that just saying it doesn't matter - what really matters is how you feel. And believe me, I really think I love him. I haven't felt this way about a person in a LONG time. Although I am scared of getting hurt, I'm not going to let it get in my way. I'm going to let him in and see what happens.

I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend...what was your costume?


Happy Halloween!

Well there aren't that many days at work that I am so busy I hardly have time to read blogs or post my own. Tuesday was one of those days. Although I love reading and writing blogs, I would rather be busy at work and save the blog world for home (and quick breaks at the office). I feel bad wasting the company's money blogging all day, but if they don't give me work what am I supposed to do? Oh well. Most of the other internships I have heard about are similar to mine, so I'm not too concerned.

Anyways, I'm going back to Alabama to see Dru today! I'm leaving work at noon to catch a flight and go with him to his company's party tonight. I'm so nervous! I will be the youngest person there by a good 5-10 years, but hopefully that will work in my favor. Dru and I are going as John McCain and Sarah Palin. He picked our costumes because he is a southern boy who is, naturally, in love with John McCain. It also helps that I have some glasses similar to Sarah Palin's, and can pull her look off with relative ease. Hopefully I will get to take some good pictures and have good stories to report back.

Speaking of pictures, I have been debating on whether or not I should put some up. I read blogs of people who won't put up any pictures, some who will but block out faces and others who show everything. I realize putting up pictures will make me a bit more vulnerable to the bad internet creeps. However, I want the people who I feel know me through my blog to be able to put a face to the name and writing. What do you think? Has anyone you know ever had a bad experience with putting their picture on their blog?

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and eat a lot of candy!


I want I want I want

...what I can't have.

There must be something in the air, because I have heard of this home store mecca by the name of West Elm in multiple blogs today. I browsed their website and IM IN LOVE. There isn't such a store within 3 hours of where I live, so I was unaware of the awesome-ness. It would be completely fine with me if someone wanted to buy me one of everything from this store. Hardly ever do I find myself actually saying that. Maybe it is because the lack of money in my bank account right now, but I have been wanting things more often these days. For example, I want one of everything from Anthropologie , too.

The burning desire to decorate my apartment has increased over the past few weeks because I know eventually (hopefully) Dru is going to come visit. Since we moved into our apartment in May, roomie and I have decorated to some extent. Both being college students, it is hard to make the place look exactly how we envisioned it. Our living room and dining room furniture are hand-me-downs from my parents and cousin. It is tasteful, lightly used, furniture and I am more than grateful to have it, but these pieces aren't exactly what I would have picked out if I had enough money to decorate myself.

Next, my bedroom. As I have mentioned, I built a headboard for my bed. It is beautiful and I am really proud of it. It is the center piece of my room. But that's about it. There are some great curtains in my room and two new pieces (nightstand and dresser) of furniture also in my room, but nothing else.* I have some great ideas to adorn my bare walls, but no funding for such a project. It is really frustrating because I want my room to be great and express my creativity, but I guess I'll just have to go at it one accent at a time.

So in an effort to squelch these unrealistic desires, I'll post some of my absolute favorites here and pretend they are mine. If they are on my blog then they are really mine, right?

The next 4 pictures are courtesy of West Elm:

This mirror would replace the 80's style, small, stand-up mirror I currently have displayed (only out of necessity).

The darker shade would go great in our living room with our dark furniture.

Although I have bought 2 pieces of furniture for my room already, I'm almost positive this frame would match. I hate bed skirts, and this would rid me of them forever.

The middle shower curtain is ideal for my bathroom. Classy and simple. The metallic gray on the top and bottom bands would complement the panels on my bedroom window perfectly!

A few a lot from Anthropologie:

2 things:
-I want the polka-dot dress for New Years.
-Can you tell I have somewhat of a jacket fetish!?
Oh wait! I almost forgot...one of the main things I want up in my room is my monogram or initials in some form. They have this great peel-and-stick monogram at Pottery Barn but it doesn't come in black yet, so it won't fit with my room. But I was also thinking of getting these metal initials from Urban Outfitters, spray painting them a rustic silver and putting them up on ledges in my room.

Well, that's my housewares/fashion rant for the day. If only I could have a million dollars...or just $100,000. What great things are you yearning for these days?
*I promise to put up pictures of my real room soon!


Things to do before I'm 30

I watched a Scrubs* episode yesterday where J.D. turns 30. He and Turk had made lists of things they wanted to do before they both turned the big three-oh. Turk had accomplished many of his such as: get married, have kids, etc. J.D. hadn't completed a single thing from his list. Still single, in the process of finding a new home, etc. J.D. decides the only thing on his list he can accomplish before his 30th birthday (which happened to be the next day) was to complete a triathlon. To make a long, funny, story short, he winds up completing the race - thanks greatly to Elliott.

I started to make a bucket-list a few months ago, but that seemed too daunting and unrealistic. I would rather make a bucket-list closer to the time I think I will die (as morbid as that sounds). So I liked the idea of making a list of goals before I reach 30 (which will be in 9.5 years). Here it goes:
  1. Get married
  2. Have at least 2 children (yeah I know that seems really soon - I want to be a young mom though!)
  3. Run a half-marathon
  4. Skydive
  5. Go camping (I've never been!)
  6. Better understand religion/adopt a denomination
  7. Go to Greece
  8. Become dedicated to and participate regularly in a good cause...Susan G. Komen?
  9. Obtain my MBA
  10. Dine in the dark
What are some of your goals for the next 10 or so years?

*Scrubs is THE BEST SHOW EVER. I recently got into watching it a few months ago. They play reruns on Comedy Central and TV Land. It is incredibly funny. Their last season finished shooting at the beginning of the summer I think, but won't air until "mid-season" (whenever that is) this year. The show used to be on NBC but will now be airing new episodes on ABC - the best network ever. If anyone knows exactly when new ones will air let me know - I'll try to keep you posted as well.

He's Just Not That Into You

There is a book called He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, I haven’t read it, but I need to. It seems like every guy I start to get involved with disappears. I’m having some trouble with Dru. When I left a week ago from the Atlanta airport I thought for sure things with Dru were going to take off. He was so sincere in his goodbye and we had such a great weekend. However, since then we have barely talked. We talked on the phone a lot on Thursday, which was nice, but since then we only talked on Sunday when he called but I lost signal and told him I would call him back. 5 minutes after, I called back there was no answer. After another hour passed without a call from him I texted, “I called you back.” I got no response and haven’t heard from him since.

Am I missing something? Things seemed great on Thursday and fine during the few minutes on the phone yesterday. I think I need to read the book, because apparently he just isn’t that into me. I am so confused. I know he is busy with his job, and doing whatever else, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t call more often?

‘You could call him’ is a response I would expect after this story. My response to that is lame, but if he wanted to talk to me, he would call. Again another response, ‘Maybe he thinks you should call.’ He is very old fashioned, and I am too. I think it is the boy’s responsibility to call and pay for dinner and all of that good stuff. And we have kind of established through habit that I don’t call him.

I am in that horrible spot where I don’t know what I should be expecting because I don’t know “what we are.” And having that talk is something I would really rather him bring up. But here I am getting mad that he doesn’t call enough. What is the deal? Am I overreacting or being childish? Is he just not that into me?

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: Dru called this morning a few minutes after I got into work. I was contemplating answering it because I generally don't take personal calls at work (...but I blog, facebook, check email etc). I figured I should answer it because I have been complaining about him not calling. Turns out he wants me to come down next Thursday and go to a Halloween costume party for his company. Friday is a party at his house, and Saturday is a big game at Ole Miss. Here is why I didn't immediately say yes (although I desperately wanted to):

1. I've never been to a company party...let alone a company costume party! I originally planned on being Amy Winehouse, but I'm guessing that won't be appropriate! :)
2. Roomie and I have been planning (for months) to go to the New Kids on the Block concert that same night.
3. Roomie and I have also been planning to go to Chapel Hill the next day for Halloween for quite some time.

My proposed solution: I have talked to my sister and offered my NKOTB ticket to her free of charge to go with roomie (they get along just fine). She says she will probably be able to go. Roomie should be OK with me missing Halloween, because she has plenty other friends in Ch. Hill and I have talked about missing it before. Your thoughts?