Depression at Christmas

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful
Christmas! I never heard from Dru. No Merry Christmas text or
anything. So now I'm worried he is mad at me for some reason. But I
honestly can't imagine why that would be the case.

But whatever it is doesn't matter. It's over no matter what. I'm just
so bothered by the fact that there was no closure or reason why things

Some of my family and friends have suggested that if I'm still feeling
this way after the new year I should send him an email wishing him
well for the new year and subtly hint at the fact I don't understand
what happened. What do y'all think? And if you have any suggestions
for getting my mind off of this and out of this depression slump I
would love to hear them!


Taylor said...

you should try to talk to him. you need closure, and you'll have a hard time getting over him if you don't. there also might be a misunderstanding, and maybe he thinks he did something wrong and you are mad at him. men are confusing.

Dana said...

that's really really weird you didn't hear from him... i'd ask him - maybe it's miscommunication or something!!!!

biscuitinabasket said...

Sometimes closure is overrated.

7 months after breaking up with my ex, I sent her an email to wish her happy birthday... What I got back was sarcasm, and anger.. I still don't understand the reasons why my relationship broke up (as much as we talked about it), but it has been "easier" to try and pick myself up and move on as opposed to over analyse why things happened... sometimes a reason is just not necessary...