Fear of Computer Failure

Whew. I have had a full week of catching up on my reader and loving every minute of it. It's like reading short books when you have a bunch of one person's posts to catch up on. But one thing I have noticed is that many of my blog-friends have lost their computers due to technical difficulties over the past few months. So I was starting to think, maybe I should save the most important things somewhere other than my computer. First thought: USB drive - too expensive for the amount of space I need.

The one thing that I would be devastated over loosing if my computer crashed is my picture collection. Since I got my computer a little over 3 years ago, all of the pictures from my college days have been stored on it, and I don't know what I would do without them. Sure many of them are on Facebook or have been printed, but the ones that aren't are great too!

Do y'all know of any way to upload all of my pictures somewhere online (where they would be private)? Or another simple way of storing them somewhere else in case of a 'technical difficulty'? (Keep in mind there are thousands of photos)


Dana said...

yes I've made sure to upload everything... But it still makes me nervous cause the external hard drives can crash too.. Brian once lost everything cause his crashed and that was his back-up.. so much for trying to protect yourself!

HG said...

i did a good ol fashioned external hard drive. if you have a sams club in your area they sell them for cheap(er) than best buy. the new macs have this feature called "time machine" that syncs your EHD and your computer by date so any change you make to any document/pic/etc can be retrieved, as well as the original and the finished product. good for people like me who work on long ass projects for school!

sarahbelledotcom said...

there's always sites like photobucket, which you can upload pictures to, but thousands might take a while.
if you don't want to do the whole external hard drive thing, you could burn the pictures to cds (or a dvd, which could likely hold all of them on a single disc) and keep them that way :)

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I use snapfish.com. It seems to be pretty good and you can share the pics you want but keep them private if you want to.

Or a USB drive - although expensive, but worth it.