Strange Fridays!

It's back! I'm going to start writing Strange Friday posts on Thursdays and setting them to post on Fridays so everyone can have a little chuckle to get them through the last weekday!

This week's strange headlines:

"Bomb Threat at North Pole School" They have schools at the North Pole!? Is Santa the headmaster?

"Man Allegedly Attacks Girlfriend Over Macaroni" Men...always finding something to complain about.

"Call to Action: Pastor Issuing 7-Day Sex Challenge" Now this is what I call religion!

"Woman Finds Frozen Pig Head on a Pole in Her Yard" Can anyone say Lord of the Flies?

"Man Attempts to Pay $32 Bar Tab With Gum Wrappers" Did it work? I'm low on cash this weekend and that would be a perfect solution...

"Toy Hall of Fame Points to New Addition: The Stick" Seriously, people? Seriously? We can't come up with a better toy than a STICK?!

"Meth Found in Boy's Halloween Trick or Treat Bag" Someone was a little too obsessed with being the cool house on the block...

Well everyone, I hope these articles were able to take your mind off your money and your money off your mind for a little while...have a great weekend!

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