I don't have many girlfriends because basically, I don't like girls. The gossiping and backstabbing that you are supposed to leave behind in junior high never gets left behind with most girls. The fake-ness really bothers me too...so generally, I steer clear of getting too buddy-buddy with most girls. Except my roomie, and best friend. We are VERY similar in many ways so it actually works out perfectly. There are things here and there that bother me about her but, overall she is a great person and the best friend. I am very lucky to have such a loyal and trustworthy friend in my life.

But lately there are some things bothering me that I just can't seem to forget. Here is the thing: I pay the bills...all of them. Then she repays me. For the past couple of months she has been up to 3 weeks late paying me for them. And come on people, I'm a college girl with a shopping problem...paying me late doesn't really bode well for my financials. I know that she doesn't really have that much money, and her parents don't help her out as much as mine do, so I try to be slack with her. But when it starts to affect me, I need to take action. SO from here on out, I'm going to put up the payments well in advance and give her a specific date by which she needs to get the money to me.

Also, she has been talking with this guy, we are going to call him Player (not because he is one...but that is actually a part of his name). He lives in our apartment complex and we met him through mutual friends about 2 months ago. Player is nice (for the most part) and dresses well and all but I still don't like him. Something about him just ticks me off, he seems rude sometimes and says things that just don't need to be said. The main thing that I hate about this is, I can't say anything to her about him because I think she really likes him. Or likes the attention...I'm not sure yet.

Most of all, it irritates me that she blew me off to hang out with him this past weekend. She has never done anything like that and it actually really bothered me. I pulled a pretty shitty friend move when I went to see Dru over Halloween and blew off our plans to go see New Kids on the Block, but I see that as a totally different situation. Dru and I were actually something. Not just starting out. And lots of other little details I won't get into. (Don't get me wrong - I know I shouldn't have blown her off) But it is just different. I asked and asked and checked and checked with her before I went to visit Dru, but this weekend when she blew me off...she didn't ask or see if it bothered me or anything.

So I'm going to let it go as payback for my earlier fault. But if things keep up like this with her dissing me for this loser dude, then I'm going to have to speak up.


sarahbelledotcom said...

seriously, gossiping and backstabbing is NOT my cup of tea, at all. i can't stand the drama, and while i find reading celebrity gossip magazines a good way to pass time, i do not want to ever hear or read gossip about people i know. its just, not worth it.

i'm hoping your bff smartens up :) sounds like you two have something special, and boys getting in the way of that is a no-go.


Amy said...

Ahhh...sounds like you have a situation on your hands...if she really is your best friend, I would try and work it out with her before things become worse or you start holding everything in until you explode at her! I'm sure everything will be fine. The holidays always bring friends together in happiness:-)

EP said...

I'm the same way as you with girls. I don't have too many girlfriends because of the gossip/backstabbing/awfulness. And I'm OK with that.

One of my good female friends (who was also consequently my last roommate) is like your current roommate. Except she was the one paying the bills (but she never had money.) So I would pay her in advance only to find out our water or electricity had been shut off because she hadn't paid them. So, in a weird way, I know how you feel.

I hope it gets better, girl.

Dana said...

i hate gossiping too.... it's such a a caddy thing!! i'm sure you have to go through this!! girls can be such bitches!!

HG said...

man, you're not having very much luck with people in general, are you? poor thing. hang in there.