Exam Week

I've been MIA for the past few days for a couple of reasons: 1. I've been sick 2. It is exam week. I have tons of posts to catch up on my reader and I've been so slack about posting on my own blog. My life has been so boring recently that even if it were a normal week, I doubt I would have anything of importance to write about anyways.

One small thing - Dru got into a car wreck this weekend. Apparently some guy crossed a few lanes of traffic and 't-boned' him. His truck is all messed up so he is having to drive his old Tahoe. No one in the car got hurt, which is good. Except, he is complaining a little about his elbow. There is still no set date for him to visit, which has me pulling out hairs. But we did talk about spending New Years together, which calmed me a little.

Anyways, I better get back to studying/working. Have a great weekend everyone, I'll be back in full-force next week!


sarahbelledotcom said...

awe! i hope you two get to spend new years together. that'd be wicked (and romantical).

so happy to hear everyone is safe after the car accident & hope your exams are going well sweetheart.

Dana said...

what atleast dru is ok!! it could have been much worse!!!

sorry you're not feeling well!!!! feel better soon!!

Amy said...

When I was in college and totally stressed out during finals...I would say to myself "Soon, this will all be a memory" and that seemed to get me through it. Give it a try and good luck!