My Blood is Your Blood

I've never given blood. I want to though. Why? I have been wanting to do something for the community lately, and what better way to start than donating blood? I reviewed all of the restrictions and qualification requirements, and it looks like I pass with flying colors. I'm not the least bit nervous or scared. I have no fear of needles and a very high pain tolerance. This should be a piece of cake! I wanted to go yesterday, but couldn't find an open donation center! I feel like I see them everywhere, but the day I want to go there are none to be found...the search will continue though. I won't give up until I find a place and time I can donate.

Anyone else have blood donation stories to share? Precautions? Advice?


Arielle said...

I've given blood a ton of times and never had any problem with it whatsoever. It's super easy and they usually give you snacks afterwards! WIN.

Sally said...

eat eat eat eat eat before! oh and don't drink tea or exercise before or after!

i fainted last time i gave blood, but a hot fire fighter wheeled me away!

check schools or call your local hospital to see where they are setting one up!

Deutlich said...

I really like being able to donate blood because it's not really all that painful.. but unfortunately they won't take mine because I lived in germany.