Catching Up

I've been somewhat MIA the past few days. This is due to the fact that it is 'dead week' at my school. The term 'dead week' makes it sound like it is a relaxing time to start studying for exams, right? WRONG. 'Dead week' is usually a normal week in your freshman and sophomore years, but when you get into your junior and senior years it is another story.

I have been swamped with group projects and presentations. The amount of work during 'dead week' is enough to make you go insane. Just the other day I saw an article in the school paper about how 'dead week' is being abused by professors. It was obviously designed to be a relaxing week for students to start organizing for exams and not have new material introduced. Well because the University doesn't really enforce it, teachers go on with things as if it is just another week.

Well let me tell all of you professors something: IT IS THE WORST WEEK OF THE YEAR. In an effort to "lighten your exam load" teachers have finals during this week, projects due and all kinds of stressful assignments. I'm done with my week...and it was stressful. But I'm glad someone spoke out about it in the paper so maybe my final 'dead week' ever (in the spring) will be somewhat lighter.

In other news, things with Dru are going good. I think I just freaked out there for a while and was hurt by him not coming to visit. He has been pretty sweet since then, we talk on the phone often, and he even called to make sure I was up in time for my presentations yesterday. I finally got around to asking him when he was going to come visit. He said maybe he will come the weekend of the 19th. He hasn't bought a plane ticket or anything yet, so I'm not getting my hopes up...but I really do want him to come. A friend of mine is having a Christmas party that weekend which would be a good one for him to come and meet everyone. We still haven't talked about "what we are" but I promise to everyone (me, roomie, and y'all) that I'm going to talk it out next time we are together (in person). I don't want to have that talk over the phone because I won't be able to gauge his expressions and responses as well. I feel like the conversation will be much more truthful if it is done in person.

Roomie's birthday is Monday, so that means we will be celebrating all weekend. I have no idea what to get her...but I'll go shopping tomorrow and surly find something! Other things going on this weekend that I am so excited for I could just pee my pants:
  • Alabama/Florida game (Dru & fam are going...ROLL TIDE!)
  • Oklahoma/Missouri (Dad is an OU alum...GO SOONERS!)
  • Panthers are playing MNF! We rented the theater at my apartment complex for the game!
  • Some of our friends just move in down the hall...endless nights of laughs!

What are your plans this weekend?

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