Let's Play A Game

I was just at the gas station when I noticed an interesting shirt. The back of the t-shirt read, "We call 10 inches small."

Get your mind out of the gutter. I know what all of you are thinking.

Now, I am assuming on the front was the name of the company/group/etc. that produced the shirts. I'm thinking it is a company that makes rulers.

Your thoughts?


Second Trip to Los Angeles

Hey everyone! Oh how I have missed the blog-world. As you know I have been gone on a trip to LA (again), and then I started school. So I haven't had that much time to catch up. I'll start with a summary of my trip.

Thursday - Arrive at LAX, meet up with my friend Al.  After a quick stop for an early dinner we head to Ed's apartment and just watch the Olympics and hang out the rest of the night. Nothing too fancy.

Friday - I get up to go for a run, but because I was nervous of running alone I only made it down to the gas station and back. After everyone woke up and Pat's girlfriend made it to the apartment we all headed out for breakfast at a great little bagel shop and then to a beach in Malibu.  The day started out somewhat cloudy but then got sunny and beautiful. I didn't ever actually go in the ocean because the waves were incredibly scary, but I lounged on the beach and got some cat-napping in. Once back at the apartment Ed had to go work and Al, Pat and Pat's gf and I went down to Hollywood. We had dinner then drinks and then went to a show at the Laugh Factory. Al was really excited because we would be seeing Harlen Williams (not sure of the name spelling), Damien Waynes (again sp?) and Dane Cook. All of the comics were pretty funny. I love Dane Cook and went to see him like a year and a half ago when I was out in LA. This time he looked a lot different though, and I heard some of the same jokes (which was kind of disappointing). When Dane first started becoming popular he was kind of unusual in the comedy business because he was known for not drinking/doing drugs. Now, I'm no expert, it could have just been stress, but this time he looked to me like he had done quite a bit of experimenting.  Who knows, it is always fun to go to the Laugh Factory though.

Saturday - Pat and Ed both had to work all day, so Ed let Al and I borrow his car. I know my way around Los Angeles better than I know my way around my hometown I think! I didn't get lost or have to look up directions once! I showed Al around Beverly Hills, Rodeo Dr., Muhullon Dr., and we went to Hollywood. We took a tour of the Kodak Theatre, which was really cool - but shorter than I expected. And we ate at this neat little place in Hollywood and Highland called uWink. It is a very interactive restaurant where you do all ordering and requests on a computer screen. Very impersonal because you don't talk to the people you are eating with or the waiter much because everyone is so occupied with playing the games and such on the computer. It was fun though. After returning to the apartment to meet up with Ed so he could go to his next job, Al and I accompanied him to 3rd street to look around and eat dinner while he worked. I showed Al all the fun performers on 3rd street and the Santa Monica pier. We played a few games on the pier and wanted to ride the farris wheel but the line was insanely long so we just went to a sports bar and drank until Ed got off of work.

Sunday - I don't really remember what we did Sunday during the day, but I do know that we went to Westwood (UCLA area) to meet up with one of Al's friends from Spain. He did study abroad last semester, and has been traveling around the past couple of weeks visiting all of the friends he made. After dinner at a great mexican restaurant, we sat at a bar and had drinks until Ed came to get us. 

Monday - We got up incredibly early to stand in line for The Price is Right. We didn't make the 1 o'clock taping but we got in for the 4 o'clock show. While waiting, we went over to the Grove to shop around and saw Tropic Thunder (bad - don't waste money on it). The Price is Right was a lot of fun. It is quite a bit of waiting, so if you go bring a book or something to keep you occupied. The studio is really small. Like maybe 20-25 rows of seats. It is very retro-looking too. I didn't chosen as a contestant, but I was on TV a lot because two people right near us were chosen. If you want to try to find me (even though you don't know what I look like) my show will be airing on October 31 (Halloween!). I am wearing a green tank top and my name tag says Sarah. Monday night was so much fun for me. Al, Pat and Ed went to play basketball and I went out with my gay friend I talked about last time. He took me to a cute place in Hollywood for drinks and appetizers then we went to Les Duxe! It is a famous bar where Lauren and Heidi have gotten into fights at on The Hills. Tons of famous people go there. We saw and talked to Christina Applegate's ex-husband. It was surreal. I loved being there. After Les Duxe, we went to Opera, which is also known for hosting celebrities. I had a great night and didn't function well the next morning, to say the least.

Well class is about to start so I'm going to have to cut this post short. I am done with the trip overview, but I have so much more to post about! Check back tomorrow, I will be at work and will definitely be posting again!


I'm Backkkk

OK I'm back, technically - but won't be blogging regularly until next week. I had an amazing trip (as expected) and will fill you in completely. I started school yesterday too, and I have a great concert to go to this weekend.

Catching up on the 150+ blog posts to read, work and school is really daunting right now. So, forgive me for being slow to get back to the blog writing.

Bear with me. I promise stories are to come...maybe even tomorrow seeing as I don't have afternoon classes or work. Yay! Weekend!


Freaky Fridays

Hey y'all! I didn't think I was going to have time to blog from
California, but when you are on a time schedule 3 hours ahead of
everyone else, you tend to wake up at the asscrack of dawn. So here I
am awake all alone and I have read all my fave blogs.

I really wantto go running but I am scared of the homeless people and
the others in general that might attempt to get me/my attention. Ed
said to wake him up and he would run with me, but I feel bad waking
people up, so I'm just going to take a day off I guess. Mate we can
hit up the gym later?

Anywaysss, I remembered my 'scary Friday' commitment from last week
and decided freaky Friday sounded better. So that is what it is going
to be called from here out. Since I have been traveling, I haven't
kept up with all of the stories this week. But I did find one this
morning that was pretty funny.

Oh and as a side note please forgive the lack of formatting and links
while I'm away, as I am sensing these posts by mail-to-blog.

But my story his week is of a debate team argument. Why is that funny,
you may ask? Well it was between the team coaches. They were fightig
about each others body language during the match. It turned into a
racial matter, then the best part....one of the coaches (a grown man)
pulls down his pants revealing his boxers and sticks his butt in the
opposing coaches face!

How old are we!? I thought it was the best of the options this
morning, but feel free to wonder over to wral.com and check out the
other strories for yourself.

My fingers are gettig tired to typig on this phone so I'm going to
sign off.

But here is the plan for today:
-Go to the beach in malibu (which apparently has sick waves)
-Go to The Laugh Factory to see some great stand-up comedy from Dane
Cook (yay!), one of the waynes brothers and many others.



Random Topic #1

I went shopping again yesterday just for a few key items. I got a new white dress shirt with ruffles down the front. I'm going to wear it all fashion-forward-like, unbuttoned kinda far down with a belt, shorts and some high heels - oh and the collar popped, of course. I think I want this to be the first outfit for going out in LA.

I also got some shorts from Banana that are off white, and a copperish-colored dressy sleeveless shirt.

I am no good at describing things, but if I put up pictures they will seem kind of boring.

Oh well. You trust that I'll work it, right?

I really wanted to find a good pair of basic black pumps because my last ones got destroyed and I can barely stand in them. But much to my dismay, I couldn't find any basic black 'going-out' shoes that I liked in my size! What is this world coming to!?

Random Topic #2

I saw a FedEx truck run a red light today. I mean plain as day. The light had been, and continued to be red for a good two minutes before/after he ran it! Some people....

That van could have had my computer in it that I have been waiting for and won't be able to take on my trip with me because it is taking so long!

Random Topic #3

I recently started...twittering? I'm not really good at updating it as much as most people, but I'm working on it. I almost got into a wreck trying to send in an update. Note to self: no twittering in the car.

I have a terrible problem with texting and driving. A law should be enforced to stop it just like for drunk driving...because aren't they basically the same? ...Not paying attention to the road, thinking about other things and the like? Instead, my fair state along with others, just implemented a law that you can't talk on your cell phone and drive (unless it is hands-free), but it is perfectly legal to text and drive!

I digress, back to twitter. Every time I think of Twitter, I get a picture of a little animated fat blue birdie in my head. I don't think birds chirp, I think they twitter. Is it just me or does Twitter sound totally bird-related?

Random Topic #4

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS OFFICE! I leave for LA tomorrow morning and I am so ancy (sp? is that even a real word?) I can hardly keep still. I am so tempted to find a reason to leave the office early.

Random Topic #5

I have a manicure appointment after work - my first one in over a month! Woah buddy...a little overdue don't you think?

Random Topic #6

WTF happened to USA women's gymnastics last night? Did anyone see that? The Chinese just took it too us. We handed the gold to them on a silver platter. At the beginning with vault and the uneven bars, USA and China were pretty close (but I sort of thought China was better).

Then USA gets up on the balance beam and falls apart. Sacramone fell off of the beam during her mount, then went on to fall on her butt during floor. My fave (and the cutest person alive), Shawn Johnson, stepped out of bounds and so did Miss Perfect, Nastia Liukin. What happened girls??

I think it is because Americans are normal. In China they pick girls from their homes at veryyy young ages (I mean come on those girls aren't 16!?*) and place them into training. Yeah, that's right. They are bred for sports. I think it is sick and immoral. And they talk about it like everything is fine and dandy.

These girls are, in some cases, removed from their home and taken to a location where they live and train everyday. Basically, their life is chosen for them. One of the Chinese gymnasts expressed desire to quit, but was forced to continue. I don't get it. Hearing these stories and being exposed to the Chinese way of life makes me grateful to be an American.

On second thought, good job team USA for being human, making mistakes and earning the silver. I would never wish a life of forced competition on anyone.

On a lighter note, GO MICHAEL PHELPS. Woop woop! I want to marry that kid. Dana...let's get to work on that! :)

*Maybe they will discover that these girls aren't really 16 and give the gold medal to the USA!


I Went Shoppinggggg!!!!

I am so pleased with myself! I went shopping this weekend, but didn't spend too much! I just want to scream! OK here is the loot (and savings):

Theory Print Sleeveless Dress
Originally: $295
What I Paid: $175
Savings: $120

Off-The-Shoulder Top from The Limited
Originally: $29.95
What I paid: $4.80
Savings: $25.15
(Sorry I couldn't find a picture)

Skinny Hinged Enamel Bangle from Banana Republic
Originally: $24 each
What I paid: $9.98
Savings: $38.02

Grand Total: $189.78
Total Amount Saved: $183.17

Not too shabby! I always feel good when I save just as much (or more) than I spend!
I am headed back to the mall today to get a few more things for my trip...basic staples that I just need in my closet. I leave in 2 days!!!
Oh, and just a little update on my running - I'm up to 3 miles now! Go me!
Oh, and YAY MICHAEL PHELPS-3 golds! Go USA! (If anyone knows him/has his phone number, you can give it to me. Thanks)



I love love love the Olympics! The opening ceremony is always entertaining. However, this year, the opening ceremony was AMAZING. The discipline of the Chinese performers was awe-inspiring. The drums that lit up when hit at the beginning were great. And the pillars that moved up and down like machines (when they were actually people) were crazyyy! I wonder how long it took to rehearse that. And what the penalty was for not performing correctly...an arm? Leg? Your first born?

Sorry. I have problems with China, but I won't let it taint what a great performance it was. The lighting of the torch always makes me teary-eyed (seriously). It just signifies so much and I feel like a pansy for saying it, but it really makes me want world peace. Too cliché? Ok.

I have to say, the Olympics make me love America even more. I know we haven't and will never win everything, but I like to think we are better anyways. I always feel like team USA is like the bad ass of the Olympics. We do things big: big teams, big muscles, big stories, big everything. Maybe it is because we have a president who comes from a state hailing, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

Opening ceremony aside, the games are equally as fun to watch. My favorite is women's gymnastics. Growing up I was a gymnast and went on to use my skills in cheerleading in high school. I was on many competition gymnastics teams when I was younger, but quit suddenly...as I did with many sports. I used to train at the same gym as Shannon Miller. Don't know who Shannon Miller is? Were you alive in 1992 & 1996 and did you catch any of the games?

Well to summarize, she is the most decorated American gymnast. She was sick back in her day. Accompanying Miller on the USA team in 1996 was Kerri Strug. She is known for her brave second attempt on vault after injuring her ankle. Here is a little diddy to help jog your memory:


Anyways, I idolized these women. And I thought it was all within reach. The Olympics only seemed natural for me. I was sure that I would just continue to train in gymnastics and eventually be in the Olympics. That was the only option for me. What finally provoked me to up and quit? I don't remember. But I regret it so much everyday. I miss gymnastics and I can't believe that I let such a dream die. Especially today when I see so many people my age succeeding and only smashing their dreams with a better reality (read: Michael Phelps).

So I continue to watch and love the Olympic Games with so much passion. I have taken a liking to sports I never thought would be entertaining to watch like swimming, diving, volleyball, etc. And since I let the dream of being an Olympian die, I have now reconstructed my goal and will try with all my power to make it to the Olympics as a spectator. I would love to go watch these athletes in person. I'm not sure where the games are being held in the up-coming years, but you better believe right after I hit "Publish Post" I am jetting over to Google to do some intense research.

Oh and PS - GO TEAM USA. Last night/this morning Michael Phelps and the other American water warriors won the relay race. Yay! I'm super psyched about this because the jerks over on team France talked a big game. Saying that they were coming to the race to "smash" team USA. Well HAH. Not this time pansies.
UPDATE: London will be the location of the 2012 summer Olympics. England, here I come.


Strange Friday's

In an effort to make my blog a little easier to follow and a tad bit more entertaining I am going to start implementing themed days. Friday is now officially "Strange Friday's" because there is a section on the local news website called "Strange News." I am always able to find something in this section that makes me laugh, so why not share it with the rest of the world?

I plan to read and take note of my favorite strange stories all week and report only the best of the best on Friday. I will give the link, of course, but also provide a brief summary in case you don't want to click away from my awesome blog...haha. Since today is Friday and I just decided to do this, I only have today's strange news. There were some pretty entertaining ones, so I got lucky.

Anddd nowwww I present WRAL.com's Strange News stories of the week:
  1. Two Arrested After Using Barbecue Pit As A Weapon - In Louisiana this week a man and woman were arguing when the woman decided it was the best idea to whack the man over the head with a nearby BBQ pit! That's not all - the man then grabbed the cooker and whacked the woman right back. She finally ended the battle with a firm hit to the man's back windshield with the same rib-maker. (Really? I bet these people would enjoy my Southern Charm post)
  2. Cops Follow Cheetos Trail To Nail Burglar Suspects - I mean the title basically explains the whole story. But for those of you less fortunate...three kids robbed a vending machine. They broke the glass and stole almost everything. The chip debris led the PoPo to their house. This is funny for many reasons: these kids are either seriously malnourished or extremely obese; the police must have been really bored to get there fast enough to get to the trail before any animals could; WHO STEALS $0.99 ITEMS!?!?!?! You can find enough money to get the stuff from that vending machine in the couch!
  3. Grandma Arrested For Driving With Child On Roof - In Florida this week (where all Grandmas go to reside), a 54 year old woman was driving around a grocery store parking lot with her granddaughter sitting on top of the car. The woman justified this sick act by saying that she was driving really slow and holding on to the kid's leg. Oh yeah, cause Grandma, if the kid did fall were you just going to save her by a leg!? She also mentioned that she was just letting the kid get some air and have fun...because everyone knows that's not what parks and swimming pools and the general backyard is for.

Well loyal readers, I am done making fun of other people's stupidity for the day. Check back in a week - oh wait I might have to go on hiatus seeing as though I will be in LA next weekend. But check back anyways, I'm sure there will be something entertaining to read. I will resume with the Strange Fridays on the 22nd.

I actually found this quite fun. I'm thinking at the end of the year I'll poll to see which stories everyone liked best and maybe have some sort of story-related prize for the person with the best responses.*

*I will not be giving away a BBQ though...I'm not loaded people.


I read a blog where the author listed 'firsts'. Seeing as this would be a great way to jog my memory and really look back into who I was/am, I am dedicating this post to my firsts. Recalling things, especially on the spot, is tough for me so I'm betting this will take me quite some time. I want it to be as creative as possible, but we'll have to see.

I first walked at 7 months old.
My first real kiss was in the back of a movie theater (I can't remember what movie it was).
My first break-up was the cause of my first real teenage girl fight (not physical, people).
My first trip out of the country was to the Bahamas.
The first time I moved was when I was 6 months old.
My first true love was a relationship that lasted 5 years (Gary).
My first car was a Toyota 4-Runner.
My first pet was an evil cat named Lucy until we discovered it was a boy and then started calling him Lucas.
This was my first cell phone (with a pink flamingo cover):

The first time I went to a strip club was this past weekend.
The first time I got my heart broken was at the age of 16 (Gary...but I returned the favor).
The first time I had sushi was at the Marriott in Times Square my junior year in high school.
I met my first best friend in kindergarten (I came home the first day and apparently told my mom I had found someone small like me).
The first time I had an oyster was less than a year ago (and I didn't like it).
I still sleep with my first blanket (don't worry - it has been washed).
My first job was as a runner for a law firm (Pat's dad's law firm actually).
My first experience with death was that of a close friend in high school.
My first credit card had the emblem of my favorite college basketball team on it.
Annnddd I'm out.

Oh, and PS - my city has decided to launch another 'against drunk driving' campaign. Every year they do this, my question is - when did you stop looking out for drunk drivers? But the PoPo got clever this year...they launched it on 8.8.08 because the legal limit is 0.08. Clever. They must have been really slow this year...


GMA Rocks My Socks

My morning regimen consists of getting up at 6:30 for a run, showering, getting ready and having breakfast before heading to work. Most of the hour and an half I have given myself to get ready/eat breakfast is spent watching Good Morning America. I have come to love this show and have based my getting ready rituals around the commercials and local news breaks/weather (because once you see the forecast once, you really don't need to see it again right?).

Robin, Diane, Chris and Sam rock my mornings. One of my favorite segments is the 'Summer Concert Series' where musicians will come and perform in Bryant Park or in the studio. I always look forward to these. Recently I have seen Miley Cyrus, Usher, and many others to which my brain is too stupid to remember right now. But Friday is the Jonas Brothers. I didn't even know who these kids were until last week when my 7 year old cousin attended a concert. Apparently every little one in the nation is in love with them. Hanson anyone?

Anyways, the GMA cast is always so bright and cheery in the mornings. I can't help but to catch some of the good vibes. I love how all of the colors (their main color being orange) pop from the screen. The outfits Robin and Diane wear are always tasteful and fashionable at the same time. Props to Robin for surviving cancer - that makes me respect her even more. And Diane! She is so much fun! I used to think I didn't like her, but I have really been able to see her personality on GMA. I sometimes wonder is Sam gay...? He is so hot and funny that I hope he is available to women...preferably me. Chris is also hot as can be, but I know he is married and with children. I'm not a home wrecker.

Well, GMA did a segment on working from home a couple of weeks ago, mainly for retired people who want to continue to make just a little bit of money. Apparently they got such a large response from viewers of all ages, they decided to do another segment. Tory Johnson, GMA's workplace contributor, has written a book on this very subject (Will Work From Home)! And today's segment was the Top 5 Work-From-Home Jobs.

I am completely fascinated by this. When I saw the segment this morning, I thought to myself, "I wonder if there is a job I could do from home in my spare time?" Casually, I released the thought...until I got to work this morning. I realized that after this pay period is up, my paychecks are going to be getting dramatically smaller.

Yep. That's right. School starts the day after I return from LA, and I will only be working 2 days a week due to classes. I plan to babysit as much as I can, but I also am going to explore more into this work-from-home idea. If there is a job I can have that will allow me to do some work at nights after school/work I would be more than happy to partake! I plan on heading over to BN after work today to look into Tory's book. If anyone out there has suggestions for work-at-home jobs let me know!

I'm out for lunch and the dentist...wish me luck (on the latter).


Dilemma's #3 & 4

Well I know one thing is for sure, I can always post my problems and ask for advice!

Dilemma #3:
I want/kinda need a new car. I currently drive a SUV and it is getting old. I want a new car really bad, specifically a Lexus IS 250. I am in no shape to take on a payment without getting a loan. Here are some of my thoughts...

-I have heard it is easier to get a loan while a student (maybe easy isn't really the right word, but I'm referring to the interest rates...they are lower for students?)
-The Lexus dealership in my city offers a special leasing program for students about to graduate and those who have recently graduated (I don't know the specifics of this program though)
-I am pretty sure if I were to lease said car I would be able to keep it under the mileage limit
-My car is occasionally doing some funky stuff that my dad believes to be transmission issues

So, my question to you is - Do you think I should sell the car before it completely dies and buy/lease a new one? Also, does anyone have any opinions about leasing. I have never experienced it first hand (my parent's have always bought cars) so I don't really know the pros and cons (except the mileage thing).

Alsooo...I heard on GMA this morning then read an article in The Consumerist about trading in an SUV for less of a gas-guzzler might not be the best decision. The article lead me to this website in which you put in the car you want and the car you have and it basically tells you how long it will take to break even (saving gas) if you purchased the car. I think for me it said a ridiculous amount of time like 19 years!

Dilemma #4:
I know I told y'all that I was going back to LA, but I don't think I told you the story behind my return visit:

My friend Al (who is like my BFF-dude) just turned 21. His family took him on a series of vacays for his birthday. They started out in Disney World, then went on a cruise to the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. Next he flew up to Chicago to visit friends that he met while studying abroad, headed down to Indiana (where he currently is now). Next Al will go to Las Vegas with the family then over to Colorado to visit more friends from study abroad. His last stop is lovely Los Angeles.

And this, my friends, is why I am going back (and because of Ed, the partying and I just love the city).

Ed and his roommate Pat will both be working the whole time so I took it upon myself to be Al's tour guide around the city. I have planned the whole trip out, itinerary and all. The last full day we have in the city we will be attempting to attend a taping of The Price is Right.

The first two times I went to LA I tried to get on the show. Both times arriving just a tad bit too late. This time, however, I will not be making that mistake. I really really really want to go to the taping (even though Bob Barker won't be there). There are three things I know about going to the show:

-show up early
-bring your ss card
-be entertaining in line

I know there is a slim chance of anyone actually relating to this dilemma, but if you or anyone you know has ever attended a show/knows anything about attending the show - I would love some insider tips!


I thought being away from my desk at work for two days (thus away from the blogging world) would put me so far behind that it would take the better part of the week to catch up. Well I was wrong. Apparently everyone is slacking, not just me. I guess everyone is jamming their vacations in before all of the schools start back? Who knows.

I am a slacker too though. I didn't run yesterday. But it wasn't completely my fault. My alarm didn't go off. I hate when this happens. I hate the few minutes where you can't tell if you are reading the clock right, and if it is actually a work day so do you have to get up, and 'am I dreaming this?' all kicks your brain at once.

I feel like I have also been slacking off on this blog. My posts don't seem to be that interesting. It is like I think of great things to write about all of the time, except when I am in front of the computer. I need to start writing them down right when I think of them instead of telling myself that my memory is going to start magically working again.

Random Alert:: I had a dream last night that was really weird. I dreamt I was in LA showing my friend around. We were having to climb over all of this construction on Hollywood Blvd and I fell into some plywood. It was really strange.

I am always intrigued by where I am and what I am doing when I remember a dream from the previous night. This morning I was leaning over on my bed stretching out my hammies when I remembered this dream. Maybe it was the falling sensation? Who knows. I wish I could remember more of the dream though. I am usually a pretty vivid dreamer. I always have a dream to report, but for the past couple of weeks I haven't been having as many.

Maybe all of the creative juices have somehow left my body. Maybe if you are living on the edge you aren't allowed to be creative? I am going to blame this on my slacker-ness on blog writing, dreaming and the occasional skipped workout.

In what aspects of life are you a slacker?



I am pimping this blog post by Vanessa Longman because I love her writing.* I love her sense of individuality and I think all women will be equally impressed with her blog. Go check her out if you don't already read her. Now!

*And I get three entries in the contest!

Living on the Edge

I haven't blogged in 4 days! This is a record since I started blogging earlier this summer. Work got hectic for a couple of days and then it was the weekend. I feel so disconnected. I have so much catching up to do in reading all of the great posts I'm sure I missed. But I am sad to report that I still have a lot of work to do today as well. So catching up will take some time.

I have adopted the notion of living life with no regrets, so I will recap my weekend to illustrate this point.


It was a longggg day at the office. After I got off work, I needed something to relax me. I went home, worked out, then met my mom at the mall for shopping/dinner. I didn't actually buy anything (yay go me!) but did find some things I might just have to go back for. Mom and I ate at Cheesecake Factory. I usually have a problem with this particular restaurant because I have never found anything on the menu that I absolutely love (except of course the cheesecake). Well I found success this time around. Get the 'Romano Crusted Chicken' it will rock your world. Along with the chicken comes pasta in a 'light' tomato sauce. Warning: by light they don't mean healthy they mean like 2 tablespoons of sauce with a pound of noodles. I didn't care though because the chicken was soooo delicious. A slice of cookie dough cheesecake followed, all being washed down by a liquor drink I can't seem to remember the name of.

After dinner I went to another restaurant in town that Jan is a hostess for and had a drink with her at the end of her shift. We then joined some friends at a bar for a 21st birthday party. The girl who was 21? Is married. And has been for a year! Babies, babies I tell you...I don't even want to start in again on how many of my friends are already going down the path of no return. Or divorce. I digress, the bar turned out to be pretty fun and eventful.

Remember Gary and the girl he is now dating? Well turns out, we are on the deck of the bar (which is right next to a convenient store) when Jan looks over and says, "Isn't that Gary!?" Well yes it was, he was loading a keg in the back of his truck when Jan and I decide to yell and wave like idiots. Then, the girlfriend pokes her head around the car and withdraws it as soon as she realizes who is talking to her man. Jan and I bust into laughter, they leave and we talk about them (read: her) for the next couple of hours.

It is not over. A bunch of friends from home show up and Gary is with the crowd. And the girl. Boo. This comes minutes after I made a pact with Jan to "live on the edge." As I push her towards Gary and the girl she refuses to talk to them (obviously not living on the edge). So I go up to the two of them and give them great big hugs and strike up conversation. Go me! The night continued like a normal night at the bar with some late night at a friend's house and we returned home (after I mistakenly made a call to a coworker demanding a taxi cab - clearly hit the wrong 'Sue' in my phone book, oops).


I had to be at my cousin's house to babysit her 1 year old daughter at 8:30 that morning. Yuck. I was definitely feeling the night before. The day progressed as normal until 7:30 PM when my cousin, her husband and their two other kids returned (it was a longgg day). Jan was there to help so it was bearable.

Without missing a beat Jan and I go downtown to meet some friends for dinner and drinks. After that, the people we met up with wanted to go to another bar downtown, so we did this had some more drinks and shots then progressed onto yet another bar. This bar was different than most of the places we usually go (especially when we are with these people). It was fun, we didn't stay long though before progressing to another bar, at which we got one drink and then high-tailed it to the nearest strip club.

Yes. I said it.

Before you judge, let me just tell you that I have never been to a strip club before but after making the 'live on the edge' pact we couldn't refuse. It was hilarious. The particular place we went was pretty up-scale so I didn't feel too creepy or dirty (only a little bit). We had the best time watching all of the dudes and commenting on how in the world those girls walk, let alone dance, in those shoes! To add to the experience, Joe Rogen from Fear Factor was there apparently, although I didn't see him personally.

Overall, I consider this weekend to be a success. More adventures of the edge to come, as my life progresses.

Countdown till LA: 9 days