This One Goes Out to My Runners

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm training for a 10k. I have always wanted to get my nutrition right but can't quite figure it out. Now that I'm training, I definitely want to make sure my body is getting what it needs. Does anyone out there know a good website (not mypyramid.gov) that can help me figure out the right nutrition for my body? Preferably without a fee...



Hello Loves

Yes, I do realize I'm a terrible blogger but at this point in my life I'm not really motivated to change that. So I've decided to just be a sporadic poster until I can get creative and really do this thing right. Until then, I will post updates on the major changes in my life.

Job hunt: The position with the IT company didn't work out. Too bad because I was really excited for it (the $ to be quite frank) but I totally understand because they need a sales person, and I'm not really into that. I'm not bummed out about it either because I know everyting happens for a reason. I'm still sending out resumes and still hunting. I sent out 7 today! Hopefully I will hear back from at least 1!

Home life: I moved back in with my parents this weekend. It's not going too bad. That may be because my mom has been out of town and she is the one that I butt heads with the most. I like how so many thing are free now - that's the best part!

Current job: I'm still not doing much. I have, however, talked to both of my bosses now and they both know where I stand and are willing to help me find something else, I think. There has been no talk of me leaving for certain yet, so I hope to ride this out until I find something permanent.

Boys: Talked to Navy Boy last week about me being OK with him seeing other girls. I was forced to bring it up by The Dentist since The Dentist knows I'm kind of hanging out with another guy. It's all good though and me and Navy Boy are still friends and still talk. I really like him but it just isn't realistic for us to be building a relationship when he is 600 miles away. As for the other boy, my lips are still sealed. You don't know how hard this is for me not to gush on and on about this guy and what's going on. I would love to get y'alls advice on the situation, but I'm still testing out the blog-boy-jinx thing. I hope to find some solid ground with this guy in a month so maybe I'll be able to report back with good news then.

Other: I signed up to run a 10k with my sister in September. I'm nervous but excited and have been pretty dedicated to progressing as a runner this week. Today I hope to do my longest outdoor run yet - 3.65 miles. I know it's not much, but I have super bad shin splints so I have to SLOWLY increase my distance.

Until next time...have a great day!


Changing Jobs is Fun...NOTTTTT

Ask and you shall receive - thanks for the feedback on that last post! I don't know what I'm doing with my life...but there has been some development since I updated last. I landed an interview with a great firm here in Raleigh. They do IT stuff, but I would be joining as a ‘marketing associate’. I met with the girl Friday who I would be working with and let me just say this: she kicks ass. Not only did she tell me she ‘works hard and plays hard’, but also dropped the F-bomb during the interview. She is only 2 years older than me and seems super fun and outgoing. We instantly clicked and she was relieved to have found someone similar to potentially work with. For this job, we would be going together to events, hosting lunches/dinners, and basically just networking and being the face of the company to drive in business.

So I had a follow up interview with the CEO and COO of the company yesterday. F-bomb girl was also there, which made me feel a little more comfortable. I stumbled over some of my words, and probably could have given better answers, but overall I feel pretty good about the interview. I felt really prepared going in, which also helped. Since F-bomb girl was so excited during our first meeting, I kind of expected to be hired right there on the spot, but I wasn’t, and that kind of disappointed me. They said they were considering a couple other people and they would be in touch (which doesn’t sound good to me). I’m not as confident about getting the job as I was before the interview, but still hopeful.

More on the job front…I had a discussion with one of my bosses yesterday about my ‘future’ and told him that I want to eventually go back to school so I need a job that would allow me to take care of myself financially while also saving up for school. We decided that there isn’t room for me to grow into a position that would allow that at my current company, so it is now known that I am looking for other jobs. My boss even mentioned some names to help me get started and, I think, is even planning on reaching out to some people himself to help me out. I didn’t expect him to do that, so I’m super grateful.

I’m in a weird place now though, because I need to talk to my other boss about it, which can be tough. It is also weird because when discussing with Boss #1, it was kind of implied that I document all of the processes I know then leave, I guess. I feel like that is what he wants because he asked how long he thought it would take for me to get everything documented. So I’m not really sure how long I’m supposed to stick around. I’ll bite the bullet today and talk to Boss #2 and hopefully get some more clarity.

For now, I guess I’ll just stick to looking for marketing jobs, and maybe take some classes at the community college to learn more about graphic design. I’ll keep y’all posted on whether I get offered the ‘marketing associate’ position at the IT firm – say a prayer for me, I REALLY want it!

In boy news, I’m still talking to Navy Boy a few times a week, but haven’t planned a trip down to visit him because of all this job stuff going on right now. There may be another potential boy in my life, but I don’t want to blog about him just yet. It seems like each time I blog about a boy it ends badly, so I’m going to try to wait this one out and see if it is some kind of blog curse. Ha.

Happy Hump Day!


The One Where I Want All of My Problems to be Solved by My Readers

Readers, I need your help. I need someone to figure out what kind of job I would be happy in. These are some things I want from a job:

-ability to be creative
-lucrative (duh)
-not sit behind a desk all day
-interaction with other people

Is that SOOO much to ask for? Because, apparently it is. I have been dealing with a quiet nuisance that is now SCREAMING at me since graduation in May - I don't know what to do with my life. Do I really want to do marketing? No. Did I just waste 4 years of my life studying marketing? Maybe.


I will be talking with my boss in the next couple of days about my future; more specifically, my future at the current company where I only work about 12 hours a week. I have a feeling that after this discussion, I will be without any kind of job (other than babysitting).

So, I realize that I will probably have to go back to school. But my greatest fear is that I will go back for something I don't like and will have wasted not only 4 years of school, but 5 or 6 at this point. What do I want to go back to school for?

Here are some career options I am tossing around in my head right now. I ask of you, readers, to give any feedback you have what-so-ever on these degrees/professions. I want to get as much information possible from as many sources possible before I go and make any more decisions on my future.
  1. Pharmaceutical Rep
  2. School for Advertising/Graphic Design - then a job in this field
  3. School for Dental Hygienist - ditto above


PS-Sorry I've been MIA lately, but this struggle I'm having with myself is really taking it out of me. I will try to do an update on Navy Boy shortly, and should be getting back to Foodie Friday this week. Thanks for sticking with me!