Voting Hoopla

Go Vote. I did early voting about a week and a half ago, and I'm so happy because it is rainy and cold here and I'm pleased with myself for not having to get out more than necessary.

Anyways, I'm not a political blogger, but a few things are bothering me today about our system:
  1. Why are Americans who do not pay taxes allowed to vote? Yes. That is right. Many legal American citizens are allowed to vote (I'm not talking about the illegal immigrants) who I, personally, don't believe should have this right (in full). If you make under something like $20K per year, you receive well fare and do not pay taxes. Well that is all fine and dandy because I know not everyone can earn as much as they would like, but I don't think their full right to vote is fair. Not only are these people not paying for the governmental services we all pay out the ass for, but they are receiving money! Hear me out...I'm not saying well fare is a bad thing and they should be punished, but I don't think people who receive this kind of treatment should count a full vote. Can we count them 1/2 a vote or something? If our government keeps throwing money at those not motivated enough to make their own living but still allow them all of the privileges that tax-paying citizens receive who would opt out of that monthly government check?
  2. What really irks me is that these people have a say in our next president, but the men and women fighting across seas for our freedom may not have a vote. Read this article. Apparently some military men and women did not receive their ballots on time, and therefore would not have them counted. John McCain's camp realized this and is suing with hopes to get the ballots counted. I also heard in previous weeks that they were having trouble with the permanent addresses of some of the military and therefore their votes would not be counted as well. Why, can I ask, do people who don't pay taxes but take willingly from the government get a vote, and those who witness death and endure unspeakable experiences for our own freedom don't get a fair chance to vote?

Yes, I realize there is a lot wrong with our legal system, but you think after all this time they could figure out how to count simple votes. I hope everyone goes out to take advantage of a great privilege because some Americans who deserve it the most will not be able to exercise this right today.

I am open to everyone's opinions and views but please do not try to strike up a debate in my comments section. This is purely MY opinion and you have every right to agree/disagree with me, but don't think that if you write rude comments regarding my feelings I will respond - I won't. Not now, not ever. This is a one-time-only political post, and I can almost guarantee there will be very few (if any) to follow.


Dana said...

Happy Election Day!!

Arielle said...

I see your logic behind the "no taxes, no vote" thing, but at the same time, you could use that to say that the wealthier people who pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes should get their vote counted twice. I don't think it's always a matter of motivation for the under 20k population, sometimes people just legitmately can't get a better paying job as much as they might try. Obviously the issues that concern those people are going to be different than the issues the wealthier people care about, and everyone should be equally entitled to vote for the candidate who best represents them.

Sorry for the long comment! Hope it didn't sound like a rant, just wanted to respond because your post got me thinking. =)

Anonymous said...

have you ever been to a homeless shelter? have you ever worked or talked to people who live on welfare? have you ever considered how much the government screws THEM over. every american citizen has the right to vote. how could you even say they don't?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Arielle, thank you for your comment I appreciate how you were able to make your point with class and not malice. I knew this post would arouse some emotions and I really do respect the fashion in which you delivered yours.

Anonymous person, you are the reason people hate politics. You come at every opinion that is not your own with agression and a false sense of superiority. I asked in my post not to be attacked for voicing my opinion, but was regardless. And to answer your question, yes I have been to a homeless shelter and I have been volunteering at one of the local soup kitchens since I was 11 years old. I am not making my comment out of blind eyes, I am educated in the matter and still stand up for my words. I'm sorry you have such negative feelings towards my post, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would not try to degrade me in your response.

Anonymous said...

Everyone pays taxes.

Here is the breakdown of 2008 tax brackets so you know...

For single filing:
10% on income between $0 and $8,025

15% on the income between $8,025 and $32,550; plus $802.50

25% on the income between $32,550 and $78,850; plus $4,481.25

28% on the income between $78,850 and $164,550; plus $16,056.25

33% on the income between $164,550 and $357,700; plus $40,052.25

35% on the income over $357,700; plus $103,791.75

Now... do I think this is fair? No way. But I just wanted you to know that everyone pays taxes.