Happy Halloween!

Well there aren't that many days at work that I am so busy I hardly have time to read blogs or post my own. Tuesday was one of those days. Although I love reading and writing blogs, I would rather be busy at work and save the blog world for home (and quick breaks at the office). I feel bad wasting the company's money blogging all day, but if they don't give me work what am I supposed to do? Oh well. Most of the other internships I have heard about are similar to mine, so I'm not too concerned.

Anyways, I'm going back to Alabama to see Dru today! I'm leaving work at noon to catch a flight and go with him to his company's party tonight. I'm so nervous! I will be the youngest person there by a good 5-10 years, but hopefully that will work in my favor. Dru and I are going as John McCain and Sarah Palin. He picked our costumes because he is a southern boy who is, naturally, in love with John McCain. It also helps that I have some glasses similar to Sarah Palin's, and can pull her look off with relative ease. Hopefully I will get to take some good pictures and have good stories to report back.

Speaking of pictures, I have been debating on whether or not I should put some up. I read blogs of people who won't put up any pictures, some who will but block out faces and others who show everything. I realize putting up pictures will make me a bit more vulnerable to the bad internet creeps. However, I want the people who I feel know me through my blog to be able to put a face to the name and writing. What do you think? Has anyone you know ever had a bad experience with putting their picture on their blog?

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and eat a lot of candy!


I want I want I want

...what I can't have.

There must be something in the air, because I have heard of this home store mecca by the name of West Elm in multiple blogs today. I browsed their website and IM IN LOVE. There isn't such a store within 3 hours of where I live, so I was unaware of the awesome-ness. It would be completely fine with me if someone wanted to buy me one of everything from this store. Hardly ever do I find myself actually saying that. Maybe it is because the lack of money in my bank account right now, but I have been wanting things more often these days. For example, I want one of everything from Anthropologie , too.

The burning desire to decorate my apartment has increased over the past few weeks because I know eventually (hopefully) Dru is going to come visit. Since we moved into our apartment in May, roomie and I have decorated to some extent. Both being college students, it is hard to make the place look exactly how we envisioned it. Our living room and dining room furniture are hand-me-downs from my parents and cousin. It is tasteful, lightly used, furniture and I am more than grateful to have it, but these pieces aren't exactly what I would have picked out if I had enough money to decorate myself.

Next, my bedroom. As I have mentioned, I built a headboard for my bed. It is beautiful and I am really proud of it. It is the center piece of my room. But that's about it. There are some great curtains in my room and two new pieces (nightstand and dresser) of furniture also in my room, but nothing else.* I have some great ideas to adorn my bare walls, but no funding for such a project. It is really frustrating because I want my room to be great and express my creativity, but I guess I'll just have to go at it one accent at a time.

So in an effort to squelch these unrealistic desires, I'll post some of my absolute favorites here and pretend they are mine. If they are on my blog then they are really mine, right?

The next 4 pictures are courtesy of West Elm:

This mirror would replace the 80's style, small, stand-up mirror I currently have displayed (only out of necessity).

The darker shade would go great in our living room with our dark furniture.

Although I have bought 2 pieces of furniture for my room already, I'm almost positive this frame would match. I hate bed skirts, and this would rid me of them forever.

The middle shower curtain is ideal for my bathroom. Classy and simple. The metallic gray on the top and bottom bands would complement the panels on my bedroom window perfectly!

A few a lot from Anthropologie:

2 things:
-I want the polka-dot dress for New Years.
-Can you tell I have somewhat of a jacket fetish!?
Oh wait! I almost forgot...one of the main things I want up in my room is my monogram or initials in some form. They have this great peel-and-stick monogram at Pottery Barn but it doesn't come in black yet, so it won't fit with my room. But I was also thinking of getting these metal initials from Urban Outfitters, spray painting them a rustic silver and putting them up on ledges in my room.

Well, that's my housewares/fashion rant for the day. If only I could have a million dollars...or just $100,000. What great things are you yearning for these days?
*I promise to put up pictures of my real room soon!


Things to do before I'm 30

I watched a Scrubs* episode yesterday where J.D. turns 30. He and Turk had made lists of things they wanted to do before they both turned the big three-oh. Turk had accomplished many of his such as: get married, have kids, etc. J.D. hadn't completed a single thing from his list. Still single, in the process of finding a new home, etc. J.D. decides the only thing on his list he can accomplish before his 30th birthday (which happened to be the next day) was to complete a triathlon. To make a long, funny, story short, he winds up completing the race - thanks greatly to Elliott.

I started to make a bucket-list a few months ago, but that seemed too daunting and unrealistic. I would rather make a bucket-list closer to the time I think I will die (as morbid as that sounds). So I liked the idea of making a list of goals before I reach 30 (which will be in 9.5 years). Here it goes:
  1. Get married
  2. Have at least 2 children (yeah I know that seems really soon - I want to be a young mom though!)
  3. Run a half-marathon
  4. Skydive
  5. Go camping (I've never been!)
  6. Better understand religion/adopt a denomination
  7. Go to Greece
  8. Become dedicated to and participate regularly in a good cause...Susan G. Komen?
  9. Obtain my MBA
  10. Dine in the dark
What are some of your goals for the next 10 or so years?

*Scrubs is THE BEST SHOW EVER. I recently got into watching it a few months ago. They play reruns on Comedy Central and TV Land. It is incredibly funny. Their last season finished shooting at the beginning of the summer I think, but won't air until "mid-season" (whenever that is) this year. The show used to be on NBC but will now be airing new episodes on ABC - the best network ever. If anyone knows exactly when new ones will air let me know - I'll try to keep you posted as well.

He's Just Not That Into You

There is a book called He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, I haven’t read it, but I need to. It seems like every guy I start to get involved with disappears. I’m having some trouble with Dru. When I left a week ago from the Atlanta airport I thought for sure things with Dru were going to take off. He was so sincere in his goodbye and we had such a great weekend. However, since then we have barely talked. We talked on the phone a lot on Thursday, which was nice, but since then we only talked on Sunday when he called but I lost signal and told him I would call him back. 5 minutes after, I called back there was no answer. After another hour passed without a call from him I texted, “I called you back.” I got no response and haven’t heard from him since.

Am I missing something? Things seemed great on Thursday and fine during the few minutes on the phone yesterday. I think I need to read the book, because apparently he just isn’t that into me. I am so confused. I know he is busy with his job, and doing whatever else, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t call more often?

‘You could call him’ is a response I would expect after this story. My response to that is lame, but if he wanted to talk to me, he would call. Again another response, ‘Maybe he thinks you should call.’ He is very old fashioned, and I am too. I think it is the boy’s responsibility to call and pay for dinner and all of that good stuff. And we have kind of established through habit that I don’t call him.

I am in that horrible spot where I don’t know what I should be expecting because I don’t know “what we are.” And having that talk is something I would really rather him bring up. But here I am getting mad that he doesn’t call enough. What is the deal? Am I overreacting or being childish? Is he just not that into me?

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: Dru called this morning a few minutes after I got into work. I was contemplating answering it because I generally don't take personal calls at work (...but I blog, facebook, check email etc). I figured I should answer it because I have been complaining about him not calling. Turns out he wants me to come down next Thursday and go to a Halloween costume party for his company. Friday is a party at his house, and Saturday is a big game at Ole Miss. Here is why I didn't immediately say yes (although I desperately wanted to):

1. I've never been to a company party...let alone a company costume party! I originally planned on being Amy Winehouse, but I'm guessing that won't be appropriate! :)
2. Roomie and I have been planning (for months) to go to the New Kids on the Block concert that same night.
3. Roomie and I have also been planning to go to Chapel Hill the next day for Halloween for quite some time.

My proposed solution: I have talked to my sister and offered my NKOTB ticket to her free of charge to go with roomie (they get along just fine). She says she will probably be able to go. Roomie should be OK with me missing Halloween, because she has plenty other friends in Ch. Hill and I have talked about missing it before. Your thoughts?



I'm trying to install Google Analytics for my blog. I'm stuck on the first step. It gives me an HTML code to paste right before the body tag. I found this tag at the bottom of my HTML page and posted the code they gave me. It is still saying that tracking is not installed. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a secret to this madness?


MeMe & Other Stuff

Wow. I just realized how bad I am at creating titles for my blog posts. I don't know what the deal is but I just haven't been that creative lately. For instance, my mom's 51st birthday was last week. I have been meaning to make a scrapbook for her since her last birthday. I finally got around to it the day of her birthday dinner this year. It didn't turn out so great. I have to say I am the most creative in our family of 4 (I can't include my dad's side of the family here because they are all geniuses in the creativity department). But when I sat down to do the scrapbook I had all kinds of great things going through my head. When the scrapbook was finished? It was plain and could have been put together by my 1 year old cousin. I was disappointed, but my mom appreciated it anyways.

My lack of creativity is seeping into other aspects of my life as well. I can't come up with a good design for carving a pumpkin. While I was in Alabama Dru and I discusses carving pumpkins. In an effort to show him who I am I offered up the information that I am pretty creative and like to draw, etc. He was psyched because, obviously, he isn't artistic in the least bit. We didn't wind up carving pumpkins, but I thought it would be nice of me to sketch out a face and send it to him for him to carve. But I can't come up with a good one! A coworker showed me a great little application on my iPhone that mixes and matches eyes/nose/mouth for pumpkin faces and I got my idea from there. I am ashamed! Oh well...

Speaking of Dru, we spoke on the phone last night, only for a short while, but it was good to hear from him none the less. He mentioned that he will be incredibly busy at work for the next couple of months, which stinks because I don't know if it will cut into our time together.

Anyways, here is a meme I'm stealing from Dana at Just Talk. The rules are that you have to answer each question with one word (notice how I have finagled a few):

1. Where is your cell phone? Lap
2. Where is your significant other? Alabama?
3. Your hair color? Dirty-blonde
4. Your mother? Work
5. Your father? Home
6. Your favorite thing? Shopping
7. Your dream last night? Dru
8. Your dream/goal? Family
9. The room you're in? Cubicle
10. Your hobby? Decorating
11. Your fear? Rape
12. Where do you want to be in six years? Married
13. Where were you last night? Couch
14. What you’re not? Self-confident
15. What do you wish you had? RangeRover
16. Where you grew up? NorthCarolina
17. The last thing you did? iPhone-Applications
18. What are you wearing? Suit
19. Your TV? Samsung
20. Your pet? Roscoe
21. Your computer? Mac
22. Your mood? Anxious
23. Missing someone? Dru
24. Your car? 4-Runner
25. Something you’re not wearing? PJ's
26. Favorite store? Nordstrom
27. Your summer? Work
28. Love someone? Soon
29. Your favorite color? Pink
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday

I hope everyone enjoys this meme! I'm leaving work early today to tailgate for the football game tonight which is televised nationally! I would suggest you watch and cheer for the NC State Wolfpack, but we haven't been doing that great lately so we might not win. But if you do happen to come across it...look for me! I'll be wearing red :)


Another Trip to See Dru!

I've been gone for a while, and I apologize. But here is what happened to me while I was away...

Thursday was my Mom's birthday. We spent the day in the car driving 6.5 hours down to Atlanta. I have never been outside of the airport in Atlanta, and I loved being able to see downtown. We didn't really explore the city, but driving to the hotel I was able to see the basics. Our hotel was right next to the airport and we had a room that faced the runways. As boring as it sounds, it was really cool to watch planes take off and land! Mom and I spent the first night in the concierge lounge and hotel bar. It was good to have some time for just me and her, seeing as our relationship isn't the closest in the family.

Friday my mom was busy doing work things so I slept in, went for breakfast and a workout. I helped her with her work a little then got ready to go to dinner with her and Dru. We went to dinner at the Atlanta Fish Market in Buckhead. It was DELICIOUS! Of course the fish was fresh, and the rest of the food was to die for too. I was so nervous for the three of us to have dinner together because the only time my mom has met Dru was at the wedding that I met him. She didn't really get to talk with him at the wedding, so I considered this to be the first real meeting. I don't know what I was worried about, but I guess I like Dru so much now that I didn't want anything to go wrong. Dinner went great, Mom loved Dru and Dru loved Mom.

Dru and I then rode back to Birmingham and met his brother and some friends out. We had a great night and I drank entirely too much. There was a lot of dancing and I'm willing to bet it wasn't pretty. Dru always tells me he is falling in love with me when he is drunk, so I always respond with, "Tell me that when you aren't drunk." So this weekend when I said that he goes, "OK I'll tell you first thing in the morning."

He didn't.

But that is OK. I didn't expect him to actually do it.

Saturday we laid around, watched football, then went to a friend's house. I wasn't feeling good at all that day so I may have come off as a bitch at the friend's house. I feel bad about not being friendly, but I literally felt like something besides words were going to come out of my mouth every time I opened it. It wasn't a whole lot of fun, but I just enjoyed being with Dru. We went to bed early that night, in anticipation of skydiving the next morning.

Sunday morning we get up early, are dressed, ready and 20 minutes out of town when I notice it is kind of cloudy. Dru suggests we call and see if they still jump in the clouds.

They don't.

So we couldn't go! I was so upset, because skydiving is something I have wanted to do forever, but there is nothing we could do. Dru was really mad as well. I guess we will just be rescheduling...
I was nervous with all of this free time Dru would take me to meet his parents. I want to meet them, but I was in jeans and a t-shirt with wet hair. This is not the first impression I was hoping to make. Thankfully, we didn't wind up doing that, instead we went to the zoo. It was so much fun. I love going to the zoo and it was great to just spend time with Dru. He is so sweet. I didn't use my debit card all weekend, and I'm pretty sure I didn't open a single door for myself either.

Finally it was time to go. I really didn't want to leave, but with school, work and all of my other responsibilities back home I really didn't have a choice. Dru wanted to take me to his favorite Brazilian restaurant in Atlanta, so we left Birmingham early. As it turns out, we didn't leave early enough. We hit some traffic so we didn't have enough time to go eat at the Brazilian restaurant. He wound up coming in the airport with me and eating at a restaurant there. Over dinner he questioned me about what I plan to do when I graduate in 6 MONTHS! AHH! I have no idea, and I told him this. There are tons of things I want to do, but don't have the means to do. My realistic options aren't exciting and I don't want to stick to a path that most people travel.

Then the surprise came. Dru said, "Why don't you move down to Birmingham and get your MBA at UAB?" I was totally taken back by this just because we haven't really known each other that long. I was so surprised I just responded with, "I don't have any friends in Birmingham." We kind of passed over the topic lightly, but I am so happy he mentioned it. I feel now like he really does have feelings for me, and to tell you the truth it kind of got my hopes up. I would LOVE to move to Birmingham and be able to see him each day. But isn't it too early for me to be thinking like that?! I have no idea.

We said our goodbyes, and it seemed like he really didn't want me to leave as much as I didn't want to leave. But I did, and I'm back to boring reality. He didn't call last night which surprises me because we had such a good weekend together, but I'm not letting it get to me. Hopefully he will call tonight.

I want to just let go of all of my fears and let myself like him as much as I think I do, but I'm nervous I'm going to screw it up or something. I would write more, but I need to organize my thoughts before I do so. What do y'all think of all of this?

Enough of that for now, it's almost 5 o'clock and time for me to go home! I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!



Sorry I've had such weak posts lately. I've been sick and now I'm on
my way down to visit Dru and go SKYDIVING! I'm so excited I can barely
contain myself! I will be back with updates full of detail on Tuesday
hopefully! Have a good weekend everyone!

I promise I will catch up on my reading/commenting as soon as I get
back as well.



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