Hump Day

Happy hump day! We are out of school today for the Thanksgiving holiday, and since I usually only work Tuesdays and Thursdays, I won't be doing anything today! Actually, I have to pass a computer proficiency exam on December 6 where you have to know everything about the new versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. I think I'm good to go with the first three, but I have never used or heard of people using Access. So I will be spending the day studying for that test and possibly helping my mom paint. Oh - I should probably go for a run too, since I will be participating in the Turkey Trot 5-K tomorrow and I have only run once in the past two weeks!

I also need to get many things organized for my other exams in the beginning of December, so this break will be great if I can motivate myself to get all of it out of the way. A few more goals of mine over break are to seriously look into jobs and schools, and update my resume. I also hope to get some books on taking the GMAT and GRE (both since I don't know what I want to study when I get done).

Whew, this break isn't going to be as relaxing as I hoped. What will you do over the holiday? Any travel plans?

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Auburn Kat said...

I have today off too! I think retirement and me would get along.

Nothing major planned, going to make the hour and a half drive home. I'm hoping it isn't snowing too much at home!