Warning: This may gross you out...

I had a really disturbing, very realistic dream last night. Most of it was alright, but there was one part that still is messing with my head today. The dream started out with me being a student at UNC (which I'm not) and I was living in a super nice hotel room. Weird...I know. I was having trouble finding something to wear when some girls from my high school came by and helped me pick something out. This was also weird because these girls have no fashion sense. Anyways, as I am walking around my room, I notice this bump on my right arm. This is where it gets gross. The bump had a little hole in the top, and as I looked at it I noticed a little worm-like thing go into the hole! In the dream I knew it was a worm, but it looked more like a green and white piece of string or thin rope. 

I knew that it probably wasn't good that I just had a worm go into my body, so I squeezed the bump like you would a zit and the rope-worm-thing poked out of the top. Except now it was red and white. I grabbed it and ripped it out. It had grown to about 6 inches long and had gotten thicker. But it didn't come out like you would think, I ripped it out down my arm in a line rather than just all through the bump. It hurt like hell. I looked at my arm because I expected a long gash to be there from where it came out, but there was nothing. It had magically just morphed through my skin or something. Creepy. But it burned soooo bad. I told my friends about it and they said I shouldn't have ripped it out. Apparently when I did that it made a ton more little worms in my skin. I was supposed to wait until it turned back green then have it removed.

I woke up and my arm was actually hurting. I was so grossed out by the dream that I almost got sick to my stomach. I keep looking down at my arm today thinking I'm going to see something. And I can still feel where the bump and worm was on my arm. My dreams are always so realistic, and usually I can gather some meaning from them - or relate them to my life in some form or fashion...but this one totally stumps me. What's your weirdest dream?


Dana said...

that was pretty gross... it that was real i would have freaked out!!!

G+D said...

OMG, that's so freaky!! I have no clue what the could possibly mean. I wish I knew a dream analyst that could help you out!