Gadgets Galore!

We all know and love stores like Brookstone and Sharper Image. They are common go-to stores when Dad's birthday rolls around or the annual Father's Day celebrations commence. The one thing I know I can always count on to put a smile on my dad's face is a brand new gadget. When he responds to the "What do you want for your birthday/father's day/Christmas?" question with the answer, "I don't really need anything," I know immediately he wants a gadget. There are two reasons this particular response is chosen:

1. He doesn't want anyone to give him underwear/socks/ties/shirts.
2. He really wants a gadget (read: all gadgets), but doesn't know which ones.

As a result of being alive for 21 years, I have learned to love Brookstone and Sharper Image*. I also have to admit here that I am a total Daddy's Girl and want to be just like him...leading to my own little gadget affection.

My last trip to Brookstone was in California with Ed (see I told you all of my stories relate back to CA). The morning after a serious night of drinking we were wondering around 3rd Street in Santa Monica.

"Brookstone!" Ed proclaims.
Me: "Huh!?!"

Ed continues to explain that he enjoys going into Brookstone on his break from work (which happens to be right across the street) when he is feeling hung-over. You may ask, "Why Brookstone?" Well apparently, Ed has found the secret of the magical massage chairs. They are rarely available, but if you wait around long enough I promise, it will be worth it. These chairs are great for the soreness you feel all over your body, and if you are lucky enough to get the one that massages your head too, you can kiss that menacing hang-over good-bye!

The Holy Grail

I digress; this post was originally dedicated to the endless amounts of pointless inventions the Brookstone and Sharper Image innovators create to make you believe said product will enhance your life.

Now I want to show you a particular item Ed and I found on this very trip to Brookstone while we wandered, waiting for a magic chair:

The iGallop

First, let me ask, why is everything now prefaced with an "i" when it clearly isn't an iPod, iPhone, iTouch and not made by Apple? I mean it doesn't even like hook up to anything made by Apple.

Second, WHAT THE? What is this? Brookstone tells me it is a workout for your abs. But I'm convinced it is a sex toy. See picture below:

I rest my case.

Let it be known that Ed and I laughed so hard we cried when we first discovered this. I refused to get on, but Ed did and looked like a complete idiot. And I have a feeling it in no way helps anymore than crunches do...maybe less. After we walked away from the bull machine, a big tough guy got on and I think I peed myself laughing so hard.

There was one other thing that was equally hilarious in the store that day, but I can not remember it for the life of me and do not have the patience to search through all of Brookstone's stock. I will definitely post it if I find it though. Until then, gallop away.

Do you have any funny/interesting inventions you have seen recently?

*Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy a few months back, and will be closing almost half of their stores (read about it here). My Sharper Image store in the local mall was one of these unfortunate stores forced to close its doors. Thanks withering economy.


Meme Monday

Dana tagged me for Meme Monday! Yay!

Here are the rules: List your favorite summer things for each of the 5 senses. Then tag 5 friends!

Taste: Fresh peaches (DELISH), fresh shrimp, fresh tomatoes...OK I love everything fresh. Oh and the taste of salt water on your lips after being in the ocean. Ice cold beer.

Touch: Cool morning breeze, the refreshing sensation of the ocean/pool water after being in the sun, sweat (Huh? I know, I am referring to after a hard work-out. It makes me feel accomplished haha)

Smell: Salty air, sunscreen, cook-outs, guys' cologne (the good kinds)

See: The ocean, duh. Pale blue morning sky. A cloudless sky.

Hear: Waves, seagulls, planes (weird, I know), kids playing, laughter, the opening of a ice cold beer.

I taggg... Like Spinning Plates, The Twenty Something Reality, Random Ramblings About My Crazy Life, Making Lemonade and Good Things Come To Those Who Whine.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekend Update

Well...my weekend was relaxing I guess. This was the first weekend of the summer I didn't have a thing planned. I sat around the pool, worked-out and went out. I did some babysitting to fuel my next trip to the west coast and I helped my sister move out of her apartment.

Going out with my sister and her friends is always fun. Some creepy dude tried to follow us to the car, but finally got the hint when a friend said, "WE ARE NOT TAKING YOU TO YOUR HOUSE OR OURS. GET ANOTHER RIDE." I mean, really people? Really? Some kids are just too weird.

Gary came to town this weekend with his new girl. As a result, none of my normal friends would hang out with me because they are shoved so far up his ass, they haven't seen daylight in 10 years. Harsh? Yeah, well to explain my anger more: when I found this out I went on a work-out rampage and didn't stop for 2 1/2 hours. Good for my body - yes. Good for my mind - no.

Ed was really sweet about it though, I told him what the deal was and he responded with, "Well I would hang out with you if I was there. I'm not obsessed with s-ing his d (I don't want to type that out, it seems too vulgar for this blog) like everyone else."

My response: "Thanks! That's good to hear." Hah.

Yeah so me and Ed had some good conversations this weekend. And as a result, I deem this weekend pretty successful.

I ran today after taking 1 day off. I did a route with a giant hill. Almost died. Definitely going to be limiting that route to twice a week...it will not become an everyday thing for quite sometime. But I know it was good for me. Tomorrow I plan on lengthening the run just a bit.


Dilemma #2

My next dilemma that I would like you input on is this (and I will try to keep it as simple as possible):

Remember Ed? The guy I went to visit in LA? Well...there is a little bit about the vacation I didn't tell you about. Me and Ed were more than just friends while I was there. GASP! SHOCK! Haha...I know.

Ed is one of Gary's (my ex) best friends. Ed and I became such good friends because of Gary. We would all hang out together pretty much every night for 5 years. Yes I said it, people. Half a decade. I practically lived with the boys my freshman year of college because I hated the dorms. So, Ed has always been a great friend. We have never come close to hooking up or anything before this trip - like the idea had never crossed my mind.

But apparently it had crossed his...

So he was really sweet while I was visiting. I honestly don't think I touched a door the whole time (read:he opened all of them for me, duh). He didn't pay for meals (I didn't expect him to) and we weren't obviously flirty in public. But nighttimes were a different story.

I thought things would be awkward that first morning, but they weren't! Not one single bit! And so basically to sum things up, we have been texting almost everyday since I left. (I have been gone for 2 weeks)

Here is where I'm going to sound really girly and childish:
I love talking to him. Every conversation makes me laugh. I know I can text him at the end of a bad day and he will turn my mood right around. Just sitting here right now, I want to text him. I think about him all of the time. So basically, what I'm saying is, I wouldn't mind if things developed.

But we never talked about anything. Like we didn't address the fact that I dated his bf for 5 years and randomly we are hooking up? But I get the feeling that maybe he enjoyed it too. Like maybe he wouldn't mind if things developed either? I realize that long distance relationships are tough (Gary and I did it for a while). And the next step for Ed and me is unclear, but I feel like I want something more.

It is frustrating because Ed lives so far away of course, but it is more nerve racking to know that he needs to move home.

Here is his deal: Ed moved to LA because Gary and a friend had moved out there to pursue a career in the entertainment business...and so did Ed, eventually. Well, he has been in LA over a year now and hasn't really done anything worthy (I know that sounds harsh, but it is the truth). And I know for a fact he isn't making great money - and his parents have cut him off.

So, I have come to conclude that I want him to move home for financial reasons and for me. Hah :)

The next times I will see him are:
Aug 14-19 (I go back to LA)
Sept TBD (He comes home for sister's wedding)
December (Not for sure, but most likely for Christmas)

My question to you: What should I do? Any advice/suggestions/observations would be greatly appreciated!


What A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood

Good news Time Warner Cable users! (Well at least those in my area) Project Runway is moving to Lifetime next season! For all of you who currently get Bravo, let me explain. Where I live, Bravo is a myth, a channel with great shows that is a mystery to us all. When I was in LA (why do all of my sentences start with that phrase these days?) I was exposed to Bravo. And I loved it. I spent a whole day watching the first season of Project Runway (woo for marathons!).

When I returned home, all of the blogs were buzzing about the premier of the next season. Then I heard how great it was. And it just made me long for California even more. (Y'all have noticed I am obsessed with that state right?)

Well HA BITCHES. Next season I will get to watch! However, I still won't be able to view the rest of the great shows on Bravo. But I am going to write letters to TWC until they get the point that they need to add this channel.

P.S. I ran the whole time this morning! So I started running Tuesday. I walked about 1/4 of the time that day. Then yesterday I walked only like half of that. Each day I have shaved off about 2 mins. Today I didn't walk at all, so I have shaved off about 4 mins. total. Go me! Go me! Go me!

Yay for Me!

KK over at Will Work for Shoes so graciously presented this award to me:

Thanks girl! It is great after only a couple of months of blogging to have loyal readers.

Now it is my turn to pass it on. And I choose (drum roll please)...

Just Talk

The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy

Big Time Fancy

Making Lemonade

Caught Eating Butter

So enjoy ladies...and pass it on!


Dilemma #1

I have two dilemmas. I think I only have time to post one today though because I get off of work in 30. Hmm...which one should I choose?

OK I'll go with the sister problem.

I have a sister. Haley, for blogsake, is two years my senior (has graduated college obvi) and is working on her PhD in physical therapy.

You think to yourself, "Wow. Smart." Right?


She is book smart and all that and has normal common sense I guess, but she has one MAJOR flaw that bugs me soooo bad.

She lies.

I'm not talking she tells me she thinks a shirt looks good when it really doesn't. I'm talking she lies for NO REASON. If she wanted me to think it was a beautiful day in the city she lives in, despite the fact they actually had hail storms, she would lie about it. For example, when we were doing zip lines down a mountain in MEXICO (read:no potential guys for miles - only Mexican tour guides) she was bragging about how she did the New York Marathon.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Put a little lie in it.

She has not done the NYM, let alone a marathon, let alone a half marathon! WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHY!?! Why on earth would she tell a Mexican tour guide (who was not attractive at all) that she had done this? What was she going to benefit from it?

Ok, don't think that is that weird? Try this one on for size:

When we were in high school (yes, she has been doing this for YEARS) I couldn't find a bathing suit I had recently bought. This bathing suit was banging. I mean it made me look good except for one part...it had this silly little fake bow sewed onto the front in between the boobs. I cut that shit off right when I brought it home. Cut to a few weeks later when I am searching for it. Hmm...maybe Haley borrowed it and just forgot to ask. I search Haley's room and find it. She happens to come in when I am taking it out of the drawer and is all, "Are you stealing my bathing suit?" Me: "What? No! This is mine, I thought you just borrowed it."

After arguing over the bathing suit for sometime we finally take matters downstairs to the problem solver - Mom. The whole time I knew she was lying, but I just couldn't figure out how to prove it. AH HAH! The bow! I explained the cutting off of the bow and all and finally won the situation. Haley looked stupid for lying and everyone knew she had.

So the past is the past right? Nope. Not for Haley. She continues to lie. About everything from stories she makes up about going out to important stuff. I really want to have a good relationship with my sister and be great friends because we are so close in age and live so close. But I get so annoyed with her and her antics that I can hardly stand to be around her. And 90% of the time I suspect she is lying. Should I confront her? If so, how? When? Ahhhhh. This sucks. Why hasn't she learned by now?

Carrots Are Good For Your Eyes

Well thanks, Mom. I ate plenty of carrots and I still have to wear contacts. What I really want to know is if there is a food for memory. As Ed so kindly pointed out when I went to visit him, I officially have the worst memory known to man. Each day he would recall something I said/we talked about/we did and I would not be able to remember it to save my life. Now, granted I was drunk every single night I was there, may have something to do with it. But I have noticed it more often since Ed mentioned it. In an effort to reverse this old woman syndrome, I have taken to jotting down reminders in the "Notes" part of my iPhone.

As I scroll through to see if I had added anything recently that I wanted to "re-remember", I came across this note reading: "Steve Irwin at Brad Paisley". (Went to Paisley's concert this weekend) Now I'm pretty sure I wasn't smoking anything funny or poppin pills, but if I thought I saw Steve Irwin resurrected and I can't even remember it? Well then that's just flat out embarrassing.

I have kept the note in my phone hoping that for whatever reason I wrote it will come back to me one day.

Other things written in my phone:
Song list (to download)
Bits and pieces from my trip to LA to joke with Ed about
Passcodes (probably should put somewhere safer tonight)
Books to read
Websites to visit

Any suggestions for memory food?

Oh shit. I almost forgot, I wanted to talk about how there are tons of things I think of during the day/night that I want to blog about but can never remember them when I sit down to write. WTF?



You think that stands for Missing In Action, right? Well today, my friends, you are wrong. Today is has two meanings.

  1. Mission In Action - I got up and ran this morning! Finally I have put my mission into place. And my motivation? I bought my plane ticket to LA. Weird, huh? Originally my plan was NOT to go to LA, work out and all that mess. But hey, what can a girl do? My plane ticket only cost me $175 to get across the country and back. You can't do that in a Prius! So yeah, back to my running. I got up at 6:30AM and was out the door at 6:38AM. I returned back at 7AM. I'm thinking I ran about a mile, so considering I walked out/in of the parking lot (which is surprisingly big) and walked just a little bit during the mile...I think I made pretty good time. Let me tell you before your criticize: I haven't run outdoors in 3 years (long story full of surgeries - for another day). So, all in all, I say go me ! And since I have tweaked my mission slightly with the addition of LA, I have decided to up my work out regimen and be totally hot and fit in 3 weeks (when I go back).
  2. M.I.A. - I would put what it means here, but I'm not exactly sure. This is my new fave music group. I think they are from Africa or England? Haha...idk. I have plans to research them today. But if you are looking for some new great music, listen to their song Planes. It is great. Every time it comes on I just want to move. Jan (the roomie) and I have made up a dance to the chours and everything. Planes is really the only song of theirs I know right now - I don't want to download anything in an effort to save money - but I plan on buying both of their albums in the near future (the previews I have listened to on iTunes are great).


Southern Charm

So everyone should know by now that I am from the south. I say this with reservations though, because I wasn't born here. I have lived here for 10 years and consider that long enough. I love most all things southern, such as the food, accents, clothing, style, country clubs, etc. There is one thing, however, that I hate about the south. Rednecks.

There is a huge difference in being southern and being a redneck. I will do a comparison so it is easier to understand:
Lilly Pulitzer
Jack Rodgers
Herve Chapelier
Cucumber sandwiches and tea
Tennis at the club
John Deere
Jorts (jean shorts for those of you oblivious)
Natural Light/Busch
County fair greased-pig-wrestling contest winner

Now, I hope this clears some things up. I realize the south would be completely different, and may not survive if it weren't for the rednecks...I mean who would do all of the farming for the endless amounts of organic produce I buy? And change the oil in my car? (Shallow and mean - I know...I know) But their cat calls and general douchebagary lead me to despise this particular...subgroup(for lack of a better word).

I came across this website (don't worry you don't have to click - I'm about to outline the important parts with pictures below). This is the ultimate redneck website, aside from the obvi John Deere, Wrangler and Tractor Supply. It epitomizes laziness and all things redneck.

Let me introduce...

The Motorized Cooler ScooterIs that Nicholas Cage?

Why walk when you can ride?! Our new rideable cooler’s 300 Watt electric motor propels you and up to 24 of your favorite 12 oz. beverages (and ice!) around the lot, beach, or neighborhood at up to 13 MPH. I'm pretty sure I walk faster than that.With a range of up to 15 miles per charge, you can take a load off while distributing beverages to friends and neighbors. You don't even need to get up thanks to the easy access beverage lid that lets you reach into the cooler while sitting on the top. What did I say about laziness? Rider capacity of 250 lbs (but we’ve field tested over 300). Well then why not say 300 lbs? Because I'm sure you would get a lot more customers.

Magnetic and Suction Coozies!

Now you can keep your favorite beverage nearby and free up an extra hand! The magnets in the coozie will easily hold your full can or bottle of your favorite beverage firmly against any metal surface - like the side of a car! I.E. 1990 van. Velcro straps allow you to tighten the coozie around the bottle or can. Use a paint pen to add your name to the coozie to make sure no one steals your beer! God forbid.And the Suction Coozie is designed to float, just in case you fumble your beverage while boating! Read: Driving around on a camouflage john boat drunk.
Drinking Buddy Polo Shirt

Keep your favorite beverage close to your heart! Keep your drink cold and free up a hand while tailgating, fishing, riding a tractor these are the guys you see pulled over by cops on their riding lawn mowers on the outrageous-cop-moment shows, boating and more! Contact us about custom logos! We can print your corporate logo on the pocket. Because every company wants to show off their alcoholics.

I hope I have provided you with ample entertainment to share with friends as we all laugh in unison at the arm-pit of Americans with whom I interact with on a daily basis.

TDK & Mission Update

I'll start with The Dark Knight:


I can not put into words how much I love this movie. I saw it at a normal movie theater but I totally want to try to make one of the IMAX showings this week. But the time that I would like to go is sold out all week!

On to the mission update:

I am not good at motivating myself. I didn't get up and run this morning before work for two reasons:
  1. It is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the summer today
  2. A friend stayed over last night and since I felt like I had to entertain this person, I didn't get to sleep as early as I had hoped

Also, I might actually go back to LA. I mean plane tickets are $250! How can I pass that up? I just need to run it past my boss today...

But I did get up, shower, eat breakfast and pack a lunch. So I am proud of that. And I am going to watch my spending for the next few weeks - like strict.



I am sad to report that last night after I had bought the tickets for The Dark Knight at 12:01 AM, Jan and I did not wind up going.
This is why:
An upscale shopping center here does a free beach music concert every Thursday outside in like the main area. It is awesome because there are tons of hot guys and the girls are all dressed really well. And of course, the music is good.
Jan and I decided to go. We had a few beers and by the time it was over at 9PM our friends had talked us into going out instead of to the movie. So we had to trade in our tickets for a showing tonight.
I will report Monday.

On A Mission

I am going to be shallow really quick...when I think I look better than most people in the room, it makes me feel good.


I said it.

I know you feel this way too.

So, I am on a mission and let me tell you why:

Remember the story I posted yesterday about Ex's? Well I found out for sure that Gary (the ex) is more than just friendly with the girl. Ouch.

I went through a semi-depressed/pissed phase last night where I proclaimed to Jan (my bff and roommate) that I hated life here and was determined to "get the hell out of this M.F.ing place!"

What is really fueling this mission? I hate the fact that Gary and girl being together bothers me. I thought I was over him!? Whatttt.

To focus my efforts elsewhere, and ultimately avoid my feelings until they are gone, I am proclaiming this mission (starting Monday):
  • I will wake up every morning before work to run, shower and eat breakfast.
  • I will pack a lunch everyday to save money.
  • I will use old bank statements to work out a real budget.
  • I will stick to said budget.
  • I will go to the gym after work for arm/leg training.
  • I will not call in sick (unless I really am) or go back to California in a couple of weeks (this one really hurts because my best guy friend is going out there and I totes wanna go).

I am stopping here in my mission statement because I want to be realistic. There are plenty other aspects of my life I could improve but once I get the hang of the above activities I can focus on other things.

I realize that I have said that I want to change my life before (here and kinda here), but I think the motivation I get from this Gary and girl situation is finally enough to make me determined.

Wish me luck! I will post updates for sure on Monday.



I want to apologize for the lack of style posting, if anyone has noticed it is missing. Due to my trip to California, I am on somewhat of a tight budget.

To tell you the truth, I really have no budget. But I just worked it out in excel for the first time to see what kind of money I should have. I am frustrated because I don't have as much money in the bank as my numbers are telling me.

I need to get this in order pronto. No more procrastinating.

Back to fashion, I will write more about it when I can finally allow myself a trip to the mall. :(


Such a complicated topic. Obvi everyone has different feelings about their ex's...so here is the tale of mine. I refer to this person as my ex because he is the only person I have dated of significance. I mean long-term, high school sweetheart significance. I will call him Gary here.

Gary and I broke up a little over a year ago after a 5 year relationship. We didn't speak for like 8 months after. Long story short, he was living far far away and moved back and we were forced to speak when at a mutual friend's party.

Here is where I sound a bit slutty - since the party we have been getting together every once and a while to hook up. No strings attached. (I cringe just admitting that aloud) For one reason or another I kind of always thought things would change and we would maybe? get back together. However, I never really put that much consideration into it.

It is hard to explain, but more or less, I was fine with him being with other people as long as I didn't know. I thought we would just get our single-ness out of the way and that would be that. Well now I am beginning to doubt myself.

Recently Gary has been rumored to be hooking up with this girl. She is not some ordinary girl though. Here is her story: she used to date one of my classmates (Carl). They were high school sweethearts and still kind of at an on-and-off state.

Our high school was so small - I graduated in a class of 18 - that everyone was friends. Resulting in Gary and Carl also bring friends. Long story short, I am pretty sure Carl is pissed that Gary is hanging out with his girl (as am I). This creates a bonding yearn for me. I want to call up Carl and talk shit with him about Gary and girl. However, I know this is wrong and immature so I am holding off - for now. (Considering we don't know they are together for sure)

GAH I hate being pissed and not being able to do anything about it.

Here is my discussion topic: How do you feel about your ex in these types of situations? In general? Also, I am open to suggestions if anyone feels I should take action on this particular subject.

Sick Day

I have a love/hate relationship with sick days.

This being why:
  1. I love them because I get to lay around and watch TV/movies all day.
  2. I hate them because being sick sucks.
  3. I love them because I get to snuggle up with my dogs and be treated like a princess at my parent's house.
  4. I hate them because when a couple of hours after you leave work, you start feeling better, but then can't go back to work because you will look like you lied about being sick.

So, when this happens (like it did yesterday) I felt like a complete asshole for not being at work, and technically not being sick. I felt even worse this morning when I got to work and had 3 voicemails. Odd since I rarely get any calls. The most important one being from my boss and he sounded pissed (but then again, he always sounds pissed - so IDK).

Good news though - my roommate (I am deeming her Jan for blogs sake) and I are going to see The Dark Knight tonight at midnight!! (A lot of nite usage there) I've got mad respect for Heath Ledger, but I have to say his character in the movie, the Joker, scares the crap out of me. I will not be surprised if I can't sleep tonight.


Meme Mondays

My twentysomething friend Dana posted a Meme Monday's blog. Although it is Tuesday, I am incredibly bored so thought I would go on with my bad self:

Directions: Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Must be places or names…nothing made up. Can’t use own name for boy/girl’s name question. If can’t answer, skip to next one.

1. Famous Singer: Sting
2. Four Letter Word: Shit
3. Street Name: Sunset Dr., Los Angeles, CA
4. Color: Sage
5. Gifts/Present: Shoes
6. Vehicle: S-Class Mercedes
7. Things in Souvenir Shop: Shot Glass
8. Boy Name: Sam
9. Girl Name: Suzanne
10. Movie title: Super Bad
11. Drink: Sunkist
12. Occupation: Sales Person
13. Celebrity: Sarah Jessica Parker
14. Magazine: Star
15. City: San Fransisco
16. Sports: Soccer
17. Fruit: Strawberry
18. Reason for Being Late to work: Shitty iPhone alarm
19. Something you throw away: Scraps
20. Something you shout: Shit!

Well that was fun. Try it for yourself. Let me know what happens. Tell Dana too!

PS - Notice it might be a bad day since shit made it in there twice?!

What is this some kind of curse?

My roommate got into a wreck this morning. WTF? Does someone have it out for us?

(She is fine - just a little headache)

Bad Day...so far

Today started out terrible.

Usually my alarm goes off at 8AM and I allow myself to hit snooze one time, resulting in me waking up at 8:09AM. This gets me out of the door by 8:32AM and to work promptly at 9AM.

I have a system and I like it.

Apparently, NOT TODAY.

I casually wake up without hearing the alarm. I think to myself, "Don't open your eyes...if the alarm hasn't gone off, it is not time to wake up." And since I hadn't fallen asleep until 3AM last night I was convinced it was not time.


I actually do look at the clock, just in case, and it is 8:36AM. Four minutes after I am supposed to leave! I waste about 30 seconds thinking, "FUCK!" and checking my iPhone to see if the alarm had gone off. Sure enough it had.

Now here is where I have a problem:
Ever since I got the new update for my phone, it seems to be acting different. This is the second morning I haven't been woken (is that a word?) up by my phone. I don't know what the deal is.

Not only do I have to shove contacts in and slap a weak excuse for make-up on, but I also don't get to make a sandwich (the first step in my money-saving plan that has yet to commence). So now I'm tired and out probably $7 for lunch.

Wait...it gets better.

The slow-ass M.F.'er in front of me on a two lane road HITS A SQUIRREL.

Here is where I get to explain to you how much I love (most) animals. At 16 I was on my way to my boyfriend's house when I ran over a turtle. Believe me I had NO choice - it was a two lane road, on a bridge, with a car on the other side. I bawled. I can not believe I made it to his house in one piece. I could not stop crying for the life of me. We had plans that night and I had totally wrecked my make-up and had to borrow some of his sisters.

More evidence of my love: I went vegetarian for a while because I read a book on animal slaughter. I joined PETA and went all out.

So, back to my original story, when I saw the poor little squirrel run out into the street I thought for sure he was safe...wayyyy in front of the Air Conditioning man in front of me. Well silly little guy did one of those fake-outs where they are unsure whether or not to keep going (back-forth-back-forth-back-forth) and got himself hit. Why haven't they learned!?! I'm sure he has seen some of his relatives get hit before? (Off topic...but...) Why haven't the deer learned too? What happened to evolution...learning from past experiences?

Jebus...what a bad start to the day.


More On My Trip

We also went to the Science Museum while I was in LA!!!!!!! (Dorky right?) As a kid this was one of the most exciting things to do. So since it is free, me and Ed were psyched about doing something in the city that was entertaining and didn't cost a dime! Remember being a kid and walking into one of these museums? It is like Christmas morning. There is so much to do and you just don't know where to begin. Like most kids, I wasn't so excited about learning, per se, but just the fact that there are so many toys and activities...I was never able to control myself.

This time was a little different though...now that we are adults. Why does everything seem better as a kid? Ed and I still had a lot of fun playing around but my favorite thing by far was outside the entrance. It was this giant lever with a car on one end and three ropes on the other. Rope 1 was supposed to be the easiest, rope 2 medium and 3 the hardest. You were supposed to learn about how levers help you do work. And with the ropes and lever you would be able to pick up the car on the other end. I DID IT ON THE HARDEST ROPE! Go me go me go me! I had to use all of my body weight, but now I can officially say I lifted a car. Ed could do it too, but whatever he is stronger anyways.

One part of the museum that just pissed me off though was the "Hurricane Tunnel." You pay $2, get in this phone booth-looking thing and are supposed to experience hurricane force winds. Ed and I aren't the smartest people in town, so we paid our $2 and got psyched up, only to be disappointed. Both of us being from eastern North Carolina, have experienced some intense hurricanes - we are talking winds upwards of 130mph. Let me reiterate here - Ed and I don't always think things through. As we stand in this space watching videos of crazy hurricanes, air starts to blow showing you how fast "the wind" is going on another screen. When we hit 74.5mph it starts to decline again. WEAK. If you think "Wow that sounds fast" - let me tell you it's not. It is basically like driving down the interstate with the windows down. And we paid $2 for that garbage? Outrage.

They had a bodies exhibition also at the museum, but Ed is too squeamish so we didn't see that (also you had to pay). But I really wanted to. Maybe some other time.

We also went to The Getty. BEAU-TI-FUL. The Getty is a museum in Los Angeles that has all kinds of art such as paintings, photographs, antique furniture and like old pots and plates and stuff. There is also some really great architecture and landscaping to be seen. The museum is located on a mountain, so you have to park at the bottom and then ride a tram up. The view was amazing. You can see big houses in the hills and when you get to the top of the museum you can see from the mountains, over downtown LA, to the ocean. I snuck some pictures, even though you aren't supposed to, but the one thing I wanted to take a picture of had a Nazi guard that I couldn't get past. It is called Pearblossom Highway by David Hockney. It is a ton of photographs put together to make one big piece of art - you have probably seen recreations. Here is a picture from the Internet. It is awesome just to look at but the real thing was amazing.

Other noteworthy events from the trip:

  • A trip to In-And-Out
  • Pinkberry delicious-ness
  • Multiple Cranium tournaments
  • Old-school Nintendo games
  • Movie marathons
  • Mulholland Dr.
  • Outside stalk-age of the Playboy mansion (read:drove by a million times)
  • Outside stalk-age of the Beckham's (see above)
  • Unwanted conversation with homeless dude (who complimented Ed's hair!?!)

All in all, I deem this trip a complete success. I actually loved it so much I want to move out there. However, due to the fact I have no savings, and probably no ability to get a worthy job in CA, it is very unlikely I will actually make the move. I'll see what I can do in the next few months to make it happen though. :)



I was just asked to write a bio of myself for our new company website. WTF? Really people, there is nothing noteworthy to write about me. I am a college student. I get drunk with my friends. I haven't gone to any finance academies over the summer or played college sports. I don't have my masters yet (obvi) and honestly don't know if I ever will. I lead a boring life...what in the world am I supposed to write about!?! I can't say what I want to because it is totally not appropriate for the workplace. This blows.

This leads me to believe that I should probably be doing more exciting things with my life. Where do I start?

Long Post

I have a lot of writing to do to catch you up on my trip. I attempted, as you can see below, to keep my blog up-to-date while I was in LA. But due to the fact there was not a single night I did not get trashed (yeah I know-alcoholic) I didn't really feel like expending any more energy than necessary during the day. OK this is going to be a long post because I don't want to leave anything out...

Let me just clarify some things: I am out in LA to visit two of my friends with whom I went to high school with - Ed (my better friend) and Pat (his roommate).

I'll start with the 4th since that post was pretty weak. As I said, we went to a party at a house in the hills. There were actually 2 other girls from my hometown out to visit Pat. They are really pretty nice (to people they know) and it was good to see them. I haven't talked/seen either one of them in years. One of them got extremely drunk and made out with this dude who looked 35 and was most definitely a drug dealer. HAHA We drank and ate hamburgers and hot dogs and had a typical 4th of July with sparklers. The best part was looking out over the city and seeing fireworks in the distance.

All of my days are really a blur at this point...but one day Ed was off of work so we just hung out...he needed to do his laundry so we went to a laundromat (sp?). In all of my spoiled-ness I have never been to a laundromat so that was a fun (read:interesting) experience.

The next day Ed had to work so I went with him. He works at a store on 3rd street. 3rd Street is in Santa Monica where there are a lot of shops and is really close to the pier. I shopped all morning while he worked then I met up with his gay friend "Sam" (who I mentioned before in my Travel Day post). He took me home to get ready then we went to West Hollywood.

This part deserves to be in another paragraph(s). For everyone who doesn't know, West Hollywood is known for the gay population. It is also where you can find a lot of shops that the celebs shop at like Lisa Kline, Kitson, etc. Sam tells me we are going to gay bars (he wanted to break me in, seeing as I had never been to one) for happy hour then we would be back in time for Ed to be off of work. We get to The Abby - the first of the 3 gay bars we went to. It was so much fun. We drank right along side GEORGE MICHAEL. I mean like literally people I think I touched him at one point. I know...I know...Californians see celebs all the time. Well. I am not from California - so I was starstruck. But at least I didn't bust into song or try to take a picture with him. I played it cool.

Next, after being hit on by a lesbian in line for the bathroom (I have no problem with it, it has just never happened to me before), we went to another gay bar called Here. Woah. By this time I had drank 2 giant Red Bull and vodkas and one giant Kamikaze. It was dark now and there were strobe lights and neon everywhere. Inside there were stands for Go-Go dancers. When they came out I was blown away. These men (who Sam said are usually straight) had the best bodies I had ever seen. I felt like I was at a strip club though. It was really weird watching them dance. And it was even weirder watching the other men watch them dance. - I'm sheltered, I know - Sam insisted that I put dollar bills in their underwear? (if that's what you can call it) and I totally felt like a giddy little school girl.

After Here we went to another gay bar, but it was more of a lounge. Not as packed as the first two (which were shoulder to shoulder) but equally as fun. I can't remember the name of it, but we went there because Sam loves their cantaloupe martinis. They were good. We just sat and drank and talked and watched people go by. Ed finally got off work and decided to join us, but insisted that we go to a straight club. (Even though Sam is one of Ed's best friends...he is still somewhat of a homo-phobe) So we went to Area. Area is known for the celebrities that hang out there. Apparently they were having a private party that night but we were able to sneak in with another group - HA. This was another amazing experience. We were just hanging out when out of nowhere these beautiful girls come walking out in gold bikinis. They got up on stage and did a dance flinging their hair everywhere. I was totally jealous. Not only were there girls dancing up on the stage, but when we walked around I noticed they were dancing along the walls too. SWEET! If I ever move out there I'm totally applying for the wall-dancing position. We danced all night and I had the time of my life. I do wish I was a little more sober so I would be able to recognize any celebs there...but I wasn't so oh well.

Since that night was the most fun I'm going to end the post here and do another one continuing my trip in a little while. (I probably should be catching up on work now anyways).


Happy 4th!

Happy 4th, a day late! My 4th was great. We went to a party at a house in the hills. It was amazing. Very modern - sleek lines, glass and concrete everywhere. You could go out on any of the 3 roofs and look out over the city...beautiful. I, once again, am hungover and don't have the patience to write anymore. Sorry. I will be better once I get back and bored with work. 


Travel Day

When I arrived at LAX 20 mins. before our scheduled time I was worried for two reasons: my chauffeur wouldn't be there to pick me up and my friend wouldn't be back from training (he just got a job at Sony/Columbia Pictures). Well it turns out only one of those concerns were legit. 

As I came down the escalator I saw a nice man dressed up in a suit with my name on a piece of paper. Whew...he made it - and on time, no less. He helped me get my bags and was very nice. As he drops me off at my friend's house I started to get nervous because I knew he wasn't home from training. Long story short, I wind up waiting 2 hours - outside (because he didn't think to leave a key). I got wifi on my iPhone so I stayed entertained the whole time. As bad as it may sound to be stuck outside with 3 bags for 2 hours, it actually wasn't that bad. The weather is always so perfect here (mainly because there is no humidity), kinda chilly in the shade but not too hot in the sun.

My friend, we are going to call him Ed, finally arrives. We go down to 3rd street for a little while then get something to eat. After getting drinks and playing Nintendo at the apartment for a few hours, we went to Backstage bar by the Sony studios to meet his new coworkers. It was somewhat awkward, but fun none the less. 

After more Mai Tai drinking at the apartment we went to a restaurant/bar called South. Delicious southern-style food - just what I needed. It was fun, but pretty laid back. I do have to confess that the two bartenders (and part owners I think?) were the most gorgeous men I have EVER seen. Ed's friend, who happens to be fabulously gay, knows the godly men and brings me up to talk to them. One of the bartenders pours us sweet-tart shots on the house and we cruise around the bar.

All in all, travel day went pretty well. I apologize for the lack of wit and charm in my writing this post, but I still have a headache from all of the alcohol last night - ow. 


Darkness is for sleep.

I was awake at 4am this morning. This, my friends, is NOT natural. I
am a strong believer that until the sun comes up in the morning, all
should be sleeping. (unless of course you are still out partying-props)

Also, orbitz felt it necessary to text me an hour before I wanted to
wake up to tell me THE WRONG GATE for my flight this morning. Hoodlums.


I'm Leavinnggg on a Jet Planeee..

Hi. I'm leaving tomorrow to go to LA for a week or so to visit some friends. So, to all of my avid readers out there* - bare with me. I hope to write about what I do each day, but I can't promise anything. If I don't keep my blogs up to date, I will fill you in when I get back.

I know one thing for sure - we are partying at some girl's house in the hills for the 4th. So I'm sure that will be one for the record books.

I hope also to begin my "outdoors-y-ness" out there. Bryce was able to give me some good suggestions on hiking and parks. Hopefully I will motivate myself to actually get out there and do it.

One last thing I can promise - there will be lots of booze. Sooo I'm sure there will be tons of good (read:embarassing) stories to report. Stay tuned!!