Thanksgiving Holiday!

I loveee food. I love to eat, and thankfully my body still allows me to eat the things I want...but I'm sure this won't last long! So I have put together my family's Thanksgiving menu (it's pretty traditional):

Stuffing (my favorite part!)
Green beans
Homemade bread
Cranberries (from the can)
Mashed potatoes
Banana nut bread (for breakfast)
Pecan, Cherry and Pumpkin Pie (usually frozen)
Fudge - recipe on the back of the marshmellow container

This all sounds pretty normal, I'm sure. I love the meal my mom makes and have loved it all 21 years I have been around. But when I start cooking for my own family I will do a couple of things differently (except for the stuffing - I will NEVER change that):
  1. Mom doesn't brine or season the turkey with anything except salt and pepper. I want to go all out with mine and brine it the night before. Also I will flavor it by putting onions, celery, carrots and lemon inside. Who knows - I'll find something besides plain old S&P.
  2. I will make homemade cranberries from frozen whole cranberries and orange juice/zest.
  3. All pies will be homemade.
  4. Homemade bread will not be made from a mix in the bread maker, but by hand and cooked in the oven.

If you can't tell - I like things homemade...not semi-homemade or from a can/box/container. I would love to implement these things into this year's Thanksgiving meal, but I might hurt my mom's feelings. So I'll just have to wait until I get a family of my own to try them out.

What do you cook on Thanksgiving? What is your favorite part? Or do you cook something out of the ordinary?


Auburn Kat said...

OK! I'm hungry!!! =)

Auburn Kat said...

BTW, my favorite TV show - Young and the Restless! I'm a sucker for it!

Ashley said...

Mmm, homemade cranberry sauce is SO much better.


HG said...

you're so sweet to not want to hurt your mama's feelings! i don't much like thanksgiving meal (i know, it's weird) but if i had to pick my favorite thing would probably be the deviled eggs!