The 'Dru Era' has come to a close

I'm officially throwing in the towel. As you probably know, I've been having some issues with Dru lately. But here is the run-down: It has been two weeks since I have heard his voice. There have been a few texts in which he has explained his MIA-ness. For example, Thursday I texted to see if he was alive to which he responded saying how hard he is working. His company just signed a $10 million deal and apparently he is in charge of it (on top of being the project manager for a $160 million hospital his company is building). He said he would call later, but hasn't. Friday night (after many hours of Christmas partying) I texted that I had a bone to pick with him. His response was at 5:20 the next morning saying "Come on and pick it...at the farm headed to the woods" (going hunting). So I figure all is well and he has just been honestly busy. When Sunday at 11PM rolls around and there is still no call - I'm pissed. I called him all ready to lay things out on the line and get some answers.

Phone rings 3 times. It sounds like there was a pick-up and hang-up. The reason I say this is because it rang three times then nothing happened. No voicemail or anything. No call back. So I text, "Hey give me a call when you get a chance." I haven't heard from him.

I took all of his numbers out of my phone and deleted any remnant of him from it so I don't relapse and cave in to every aspect of me that wants answers. I honestly do think he is incredibly busy, but probably has some other reason he is not calling me. I know it is not another girl for reasons I won't go into detail about now, so I can't fathom what went wrong. I haven't acted differently...so what is it? What made him loose interest? I want answers and I think it would be mature of him to give them to me.

What made this boy who confessed his love to me, suggested marriage multiple times, introduced me to family, friends and co-workers, and flat out requested I move to Alabama all of a sudden drop it all? Two weeks ago today I asked if we were spending New Year's together to which he replied, "I would like to. We can go anywhere you want. You pick." Obviously, we haven't made solid plans and I'm realizing now, just over one week away, that it probably isn't going to happen. What changed?

It breaks my heart to give up on him because he is everything I ever wanted in a guy. I could honestly see myself marrying him. He is passionate about his goals, has a career, a life plan, is determined, a complete gentleman (held every door open, literally - even the car door), paid for everything and is just a fun person to be around (there are more great qualities but I'll spare you ALL of the details ha). Dru made me want to be a better person and I've never met anyone like him.

I realize, now, that he has flaws that accompany his attributes and no one is perfect. I know what I have to do - not contact him and just wait to see what happens. In the mean time, I'm putting myself back out there. I won't put my life on hold due to the lack of consideration from someone else.


Arielle said...

Sorry to hear about this, but I'm impressed at your resolve with getting him out of your life! You will def find someone who isn't MIA all the time.

kk said...

So sorry to hear this. And I agree with Arielle, kudos to you with all that deleting. Be strong!

As for him being everything you ever wanted in a guy? I must disagree – everything you ever wanted in a guy would include a guy that calls you back and respects you.

Sermon over.


Tasha said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm sorry things didn't work out with him. Sounds like he was a great guy but I'm proud of you for deciding that you've had enough of his disappearing act.

HG said...

ahhh poor girl! i'll admit, even i liked the sound of him, but you're right- he wasn't following through. :(
he's out there girl. 2 of them are, one for each of us!!