The Day Has Finally Come

I'm easing myself into the pictures thing. First it was my room, now I'm going to show you a picture from my skydiving adventure!

I picked this one because you can't really tell what I look like. I'm not sure if I want the Internet world to be able to connect a name to a face...because although I won't reveal my last name, Sarah Elizabeth is real and having people (that I don't know) have that information AND what I look like kind of scares me.

So enjoy this for now until I monitor Google Analytics for any creepers:

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


the glitter kid said...


HG said...

i wanna go skydiving so badly! this looks amazing!

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

okay first, ADORABLE.

and second, i'm dying to go skydiving. i went bungee jumping and the rush was amazing. skydiving is definitely next on the list :)

G+D said...

Very cool!