It's A Sad Day...

I'm throwing in the towel with Dru.  Basically, we only talked on the phone last week once (Tuesday), then just a few quick texts on Thursday. He has mentioned maybe being able to come visit this weekend, but hasn't booked a flight or anything. It seems we have talked less and less since I last visited. I waited around last night for a phone call and never got one. So I figured I would man-up and call him tonight. As I left the gym around 6:45PM I called, got no answer and decided not to leave a message.

I haven't heard from him and quite frankly, I don't expect to. I don't understand. When I visit him, he asks me to marry him (jokingly, but with a weird serious undertone), tells me he is in love with me and we just have a great time. I was nervous for a little while that he thought I didn't feel as strongly as he did, but recently I have tried to make my feelings a little more apparent (I sent one text saying I missed him, I called him once last week, and now once this week).

When we spoke last week we discussed spending New Years together and he told me I could pick wherever I wanted to go. Then he doesn't call for a week and hasn't returned my phone call!? I don't get it. I understand he is super-busy. He works probably 10 hours a day, has great friends that he spends a lot of time with and he is very involved in his family. But I still don't get why he doesn't call but says all of these other things to me and pays for me to fly down there?

One part of the situation is the fact that he has only been in one relationship in his 25 years of existence that only lasted a year. So, roomie and I have thrown around the idea that he just doesn't know how to act, especially in our situation (being so far away). Now, I am kind of fed up. I hate waiting around for him and it is driving me crazy. I know everyone is screaming TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT! But it isn't that easy. When we are on the phone everything seems better than fine, so bringing up such a daunting topic is extremely hard.

I don't want to give him an ultimatum, but if things don't pick up I'm going to have to drop it/him to keep from getting hurt more. It is just a matter of me conveying that to him when/if he calls. I really don't want to give up on him because he is, honestly, the best guy I have ever even sort of dated.

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sarahbelledotcom said...

besides dru's inability to grasp the concept of a long distance relationship, he sounds absolutely lovely.

please, please, please talk to him about it before you give up on him for good. i mean, what can it hurt right? if you're willing to call it quits, why not mention something to him before you give up? if he doesn't say what you wanted to hear, then you can be even more comfortable with your decision. but you'll never know if you don't give it a try. even on the phone, when things are seemingly fine, just ask him. and tell him how you feel.