Meme Monday

Dana tagged me for Meme Monday! Yay!

Here are the rules: List your favorite summer things for each of the 5 senses. Then tag 5 friends!

Taste: Fresh peaches (DELISH), fresh shrimp, fresh tomatoes...OK I love everything fresh. Oh and the taste of salt water on your lips after being in the ocean. Ice cold beer.

Touch: Cool morning breeze, the refreshing sensation of the ocean/pool water after being in the sun, sweat (Huh? I know, I am referring to after a hard work-out. It makes me feel accomplished haha)

Smell: Salty air, sunscreen, cook-outs, guys' cologne (the good kinds)

See: The ocean, duh. Pale blue morning sky. A cloudless sky.

Hear: Waves, seagulls, planes (weird, I know), kids playing, laughter, the opening of a ice cold beer.

I taggg... Like Spinning Plates, The Twenty Something Reality, Random Ramblings About My Crazy Life, Making Lemonade and Good Things Come To Those Who Whine.

Have a great week everyone!


HG said...

thanks for the tag, girl! btw, totally picked up "bitter is the new black" on thursday and have NEARLY DIED FROM MASSIVE FITS OF LAUGHTER that have ensued from reading it. she's hilarious and ridiculous and i can't wait to read more of her books! good call!! thanks for pointing me in her direction!

Dana said...

awesome job!!! Wasn't it a cute summer thing?

thegoodnamesaretaken said...

ooo I'll do this asap :)

ÄsK AliCë said...

I love the sound of the ocean too, it's too bad I'm landlocked! Fresh fruit is the best in the summertime it just makes you feel so healthy and alive!