Weekend Update

Well...my weekend was relaxing I guess. This was the first weekend of the summer I didn't have a thing planned. I sat around the pool, worked-out and went out. I did some babysitting to fuel my next trip to the west coast and I helped my sister move out of her apartment.

Going out with my sister and her friends is always fun. Some creepy dude tried to follow us to the car, but finally got the hint when a friend said, "WE ARE NOT TAKING YOU TO YOUR HOUSE OR OURS. GET ANOTHER RIDE." I mean, really people? Really? Some kids are just too weird.

Gary came to town this weekend with his new girl. As a result, none of my normal friends would hang out with me because they are shoved so far up his ass, they haven't seen daylight in 10 years. Harsh? Yeah, well to explain my anger more: when I found this out I went on a work-out rampage and didn't stop for 2 1/2 hours. Good for my body - yes. Good for my mind - no.

Ed was really sweet about it though, I told him what the deal was and he responded with, "Well I would hang out with you if I was there. I'm not obsessed with s-ing his d (I don't want to type that out, it seems too vulgar for this blog) like everyone else."

My response: "Thanks! That's good to hear." Hah.

Yeah so me and Ed had some good conversations this weekend. And as a result, I deem this weekend pretty successful.

I ran today after taking 1 day off. I did a route with a giant hill. Almost died. Definitely going to be limiting that route to twice a week...it will not become an everyday thing for quite sometime. But I know it was good for me. Tomorrow I plan on lengthening the run just a bit.


Dana said...

isn't it great to have relaxing weekends.. I love that!!

Stefanie Elizabeth said...


Thanks for the shoutout on my blog - yours is awesome too! I can't believe you worked out for 2.5 HOURS! I can barely motivate myself to get out there for a half an hour! Jeeze!