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I have a lot of writing to do to catch you up on my trip. I attempted, as you can see below, to keep my blog up-to-date while I was in LA. But due to the fact there was not a single night I did not get trashed (yeah I know-alcoholic) I didn't really feel like expending any more energy than necessary during the day. OK this is going to be a long post because I don't want to leave anything out...

Let me just clarify some things: I am out in LA to visit two of my friends with whom I went to high school with - Ed (my better friend) and Pat (his roommate).

I'll start with the 4th since that post was pretty weak. As I said, we went to a party at a house in the hills. There were actually 2 other girls from my hometown out to visit Pat. They are really pretty nice (to people they know) and it was good to see them. I haven't talked/seen either one of them in years. One of them got extremely drunk and made out with this dude who looked 35 and was most definitely a drug dealer. HAHA We drank and ate hamburgers and hot dogs and had a typical 4th of July with sparklers. The best part was looking out over the city and seeing fireworks in the distance.

All of my days are really a blur at this point...but one day Ed was off of work so we just hung out...he needed to do his laundry so we went to a laundromat (sp?). In all of my spoiled-ness I have never been to a laundromat so that was a fun (read:interesting) experience.

The next day Ed had to work so I went with him. He works at a store on 3rd street. 3rd Street is in Santa Monica where there are a lot of shops and is really close to the pier. I shopped all morning while he worked then I met up with his gay friend "Sam" (who I mentioned before in my Travel Day post). He took me home to get ready then we went to West Hollywood.

This part deserves to be in another paragraph(s). For everyone who doesn't know, West Hollywood is known for the gay population. It is also where you can find a lot of shops that the celebs shop at like Lisa Kline, Kitson, etc. Sam tells me we are going to gay bars (he wanted to break me in, seeing as I had never been to one) for happy hour then we would be back in time for Ed to be off of work. We get to The Abby - the first of the 3 gay bars we went to. It was so much fun. We drank right along side GEORGE MICHAEL. I mean like literally people I think I touched him at one point. I know...I know...Californians see celebs all the time. Well. I am not from California - so I was starstruck. But at least I didn't bust into song or try to take a picture with him. I played it cool.

Next, after being hit on by a lesbian in line for the bathroom (I have no problem with it, it has just never happened to me before), we went to another gay bar called Here. Woah. By this time I had drank 2 giant Red Bull and vodkas and one giant Kamikaze. It was dark now and there were strobe lights and neon everywhere. Inside there were stands for Go-Go dancers. When they came out I was blown away. These men (who Sam said are usually straight) had the best bodies I had ever seen. I felt like I was at a strip club though. It was really weird watching them dance. And it was even weirder watching the other men watch them dance. - I'm sheltered, I know - Sam insisted that I put dollar bills in their underwear? (if that's what you can call it) and I totally felt like a giddy little school girl.

After Here we went to another gay bar, but it was more of a lounge. Not as packed as the first two (which were shoulder to shoulder) but equally as fun. I can't remember the name of it, but we went there because Sam loves their cantaloupe martinis. They were good. We just sat and drank and talked and watched people go by. Ed finally got off work and decided to join us, but insisted that we go to a straight club. (Even though Sam is one of Ed's best friends...he is still somewhat of a homo-phobe) So we went to Area. Area is known for the celebrities that hang out there. Apparently they were having a private party that night but we were able to sneak in with another group - HA. This was another amazing experience. We were just hanging out when out of nowhere these beautiful girls come walking out in gold bikinis. They got up on stage and did a dance flinging their hair everywhere. I was totally jealous. Not only were there girls dancing up on the stage, but when we walked around I noticed they were dancing along the walls too. SWEET! If I ever move out there I'm totally applying for the wall-dancing position. We danced all night and I had the time of my life. I do wish I was a little more sober so I would be able to recognize any celebs there...but I wasn't so oh well.

Since that night was the most fun I'm going to end the post here and do another one continuing my trip in a little while. (I probably should be catching up on work now anyways).

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Vanessa said...

This sounds like fun for sure, but my life looks boring by comparison!