What A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood

Good news Time Warner Cable users! (Well at least those in my area) Project Runway is moving to Lifetime next season! For all of you who currently get Bravo, let me explain. Where I live, Bravo is a myth, a channel with great shows that is a mystery to us all. When I was in LA (why do all of my sentences start with that phrase these days?) I was exposed to Bravo. And I loved it. I spent a whole day watching the first season of Project Runway (woo for marathons!).

When I returned home, all of the blogs were buzzing about the premier of the next season. Then I heard how great it was. And it just made me long for California even more. (Y'all have noticed I am obsessed with that state right?)

Well HA BITCHES. Next season I will get to watch! However, I still won't be able to view the rest of the great shows on Bravo. But I am going to write letters to TWC until they get the point that they need to add this channel.

P.S. I ran the whole time this morning! So I started running Tuesday. I walked about 1/4 of the time that day. Then yesterday I walked only like half of that. Each day I have shaved off about 2 mins. Today I didn't walk at all, so I have shaved off about 4 mins. total. Go me! Go me! Go me!


Muffy Willowbrook said...

ACK! I don't know what I would do without my Bravo shows! Seriously - who do you need to sleep with to get BRAVO station?!

PS - Good job on the run! rock it out!

Dana said...

I love Project Runway... So much fun!

thegoodnamesaretaken said...

You don't have bravo?!? That seems so odd. Anyway, I don't have cable so I have to watch through other means myself... :)