For the Record

I saw a post the other day by a girl who listed 100 things about herself. I enjoy reading her blog so it was nice to "get to know" who I was reading. I really admired her ability to list 100 interesting things because I, however, don't even have 100 interesting things about me. But in an attempt to let my vast array of readers* know who I am, I chose to do a "For the Record" section to which I hope will continue to grow. Soooo here we go...

For the record:

- I also drunk text, and sometimes get myself into trouble - but don't have quite as interesting stories as Becky...yet.

- Italian food is my favorite, followed by Mexican, then Japanese

- I have embarrassing road rage

- Chinese is my least favorite food

- Being at the beach makes me happy

- I want to read more interesting (smart-people) books, but right now I'm stuck on chick-lit

- My goal in the next year is to become more "outdoors-y" (I want to skydive, mountain bike, hike, maybe even rock climb woahhh don't want to get ahead of myself)

- I want to move out of my comfort zone to a new place and meet new people (When I finish college and have enough money to do so)

- Scary movies are my favorite

- I hate the feeling when you wake up in the morning and you have nothing to look forward to

- I was voted most attractive and best dressed my junior and senior years in high school (Woop Woop!)

- I LOVE to cook. Food Network is always on my TV

- Dogs are my favorite...cats can go to hell.

- When Food Network is broken, I will most definitely be watching reruns of the O.C. or One Tree Hill

- As cheesy as it may be, my all-time-favorite movie is Dirty Dancing

- Beach music is my favorite and I love to shag - even though I may not always be a great dancer

- I have taken over 6 years of Spanish, but I am still not fluent

- Although I enjoy the occasional girly drink, I much prefer beer

- Live music makes me happy

- I hate it when people interrupt me

- I try to always do things right because failing is embarrassing (but lately I have been told that I must make mistakes or else I will never learn - yuck.)

- Shopping is truly therapeutic for me, as shallow as it sounds

- I've always wanted to go to a therapist to see what she/he will say

- I'm running out of things to say. I'll continue later (hopefully) if I can think of some more things.


Tom said...

I think education is the key to breaking moulds. Not the education that you get in College but on daring to be individual - reading books like 'On the Road' or similar books. Or persuing your interests, or developing new ones....

Read philosophy or theology.....

learn to be an individual.

Love the blog by the way. I think my wife would especially love it. I will pass her the details....

thegoodnamesaretaken said...

I've been trying to slowly come up with 100 things so hopefully, I'll be able to finish it up by the end of summer. That's my goal at least!

I majored in English and Spanish in college. It's good to read some of those intellectual books but some chick lit is good too :) Also, I don't feel fluent and I lived abroad for 9 months with a Spanish only family and took Spanish only classes. Part of it is confidence and part is knowledge. I'm working on the confidence part now.

Go skydiving! It's an amazing experience!!