Gadgets Galore!

We all know and love stores like Brookstone and Sharper Image. They are common go-to stores when Dad's birthday rolls around or the annual Father's Day celebrations commence. The one thing I know I can always count on to put a smile on my dad's face is a brand new gadget. When he responds to the "What do you want for your birthday/father's day/Christmas?" question with the answer, "I don't really need anything," I know immediately he wants a gadget. There are two reasons this particular response is chosen:

1. He doesn't want anyone to give him underwear/socks/ties/shirts.
2. He really wants a gadget (read: all gadgets), but doesn't know which ones.

As a result of being alive for 21 years, I have learned to love Brookstone and Sharper Image*. I also have to admit here that I am a total Daddy's Girl and want to be just like him...leading to my own little gadget affection.

My last trip to Brookstone was in California with Ed (see I told you all of my stories relate back to CA). The morning after a serious night of drinking we were wondering around 3rd Street in Santa Monica.

"Brookstone!" Ed proclaims.
Me: "Huh!?!"

Ed continues to explain that he enjoys going into Brookstone on his break from work (which happens to be right across the street) when he is feeling hung-over. You may ask, "Why Brookstone?" Well apparently, Ed has found the secret of the magical massage chairs. They are rarely available, but if you wait around long enough I promise, it will be worth it. These chairs are great for the soreness you feel all over your body, and if you are lucky enough to get the one that massages your head too, you can kiss that menacing hang-over good-bye!

The Holy Grail

I digress; this post was originally dedicated to the endless amounts of pointless inventions the Brookstone and Sharper Image innovators create to make you believe said product will enhance your life.

Now I want to show you a particular item Ed and I found on this very trip to Brookstone while we wandered, waiting for a magic chair:

The iGallop

First, let me ask, why is everything now prefaced with an "i" when it clearly isn't an iPod, iPhone, iTouch and not made by Apple? I mean it doesn't even like hook up to anything made by Apple.

Second, WHAT THE? What is this? Brookstone tells me it is a workout for your abs. But I'm convinced it is a sex toy. See picture below:

I rest my case.

Let it be known that Ed and I laughed so hard we cried when we first discovered this. I refused to get on, but Ed did and looked like a complete idiot. And I have a feeling it in no way helps anymore than crunches do...maybe less. After we walked away from the bull machine, a big tough guy got on and I think I peed myself laughing so hard.

There was one other thing that was equally hilarious in the store that day, but I can not remember it for the life of me and do not have the patience to search through all of Brookstone's stock. I will definitely post it if I find it though. Until then, gallop away.

Do you have any funny/interesting inventions you have seen recently?

*Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy a few months back, and will be closing almost half of their stores (read about it here). My Sharper Image store in the local mall was one of these unfortunate stores forced to close its doors. Thanks withering economy.


Dana said...

OMG!!! I love those massage chairs, I love them soo much, they truly are the best!

Beth said...

The iGallop.

I will have nightmares.

And yet, i'm intrigued...

ÄsK AliCë said...

My boss has one of those...in his office. I've always thought it was a very unusual thing to have in an office.

Seriously, what the hell?

HG said...

ellen degeneres did a segment on these freaking weird chairs.



Elisabeth said...

I think I want an iGallop... sorry, it's been a long time since I had a man..!

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...


i adore it. especially the name. seriously, that's hilarious.

(i would never leave my house if i had a massage chair. fo real).