Carrots Are Good For Your Eyes

Well thanks, Mom. I ate plenty of carrots and I still have to wear contacts. What I really want to know is if there is a food for memory. As Ed so kindly pointed out when I went to visit him, I officially have the worst memory known to man. Each day he would recall something I said/we talked about/we did and I would not be able to remember it to save my life. Now, granted I was drunk every single night I was there, may have something to do with it. But I have noticed it more often since Ed mentioned it. In an effort to reverse this old woman syndrome, I have taken to jotting down reminders in the "Notes" part of my iPhone.

As I scroll through to see if I had added anything recently that I wanted to "re-remember", I came across this note reading: "Steve Irwin at Brad Paisley". (Went to Paisley's concert this weekend) Now I'm pretty sure I wasn't smoking anything funny or poppin pills, but if I thought I saw Steve Irwin resurrected and I can't even remember it? Well then that's just flat out embarrassing.

I have kept the note in my phone hoping that for whatever reason I wrote it will come back to me one day.

Other things written in my phone:
Song list (to download)
Bits and pieces from my trip to LA to joke with Ed about
Passcodes (probably should put somewhere safer tonight)
Books to read
Websites to visit

Any suggestions for memory food?

Oh shit. I almost forgot, I wanted to talk about how there are tons of things I think of during the day/night that I want to blog about but can never remember them when I sit down to write. WTF?


Dana said...

I did a whole post about food that's good for your memory... I'll find it and send it to you!

Dana said...

on my blog search
Amnesia or Just Old Age?
and it'll give you a whole list of memory boosters...