You think that stands for Missing In Action, right? Well today, my friends, you are wrong. Today is has two meanings.

  1. Mission In Action - I got up and ran this morning! Finally I have put my mission into place. And my motivation? I bought my plane ticket to LA. Weird, huh? Originally my plan was NOT to go to LA, work out and all that mess. But hey, what can a girl do? My plane ticket only cost me $175 to get across the country and back. You can't do that in a Prius! So yeah, back to my running. I got up at 6:30AM and was out the door at 6:38AM. I returned back at 7AM. I'm thinking I ran about a mile, so considering I walked out/in of the parking lot (which is surprisingly big) and walked just a little bit during the mile...I think I made pretty good time. Let me tell you before your criticize: I haven't run outdoors in 3 years (long story full of surgeries - for another day). So, all in all, I say go me ! And since I have tweaked my mission slightly with the addition of LA, I have decided to up my work out regimen and be totally hot and fit in 3 weeks (when I go back).
  2. M.I.A. - I would put what it means here, but I'm not exactly sure. This is my new fave music group. I think they are from Africa or England? Haha...idk. I have plans to research them today. But if you are looking for some new great music, listen to their song Planes. It is great. Every time it comes on I just want to move. Jan (the roomie) and I have made up a dance to the chours and everything. Planes is really the only song of theirs I know right now - I don't want to download anything in an effort to save money - but I plan on buying both of their albums in the near future (the previews I have listened to on iTunes are great).


Dana said...

i want to go to L.A.... I am jealous..

hg said...

girl you are right- i think we were separated at birth.

i love running, although i need to do it more often AND

I LOVE MIA! "paper and planes" is my fave! my friends make fun of me cause they say it's "little kids singing with gun noises in the background" but i love it! holler!