I am sad to report that last night after I had bought the tickets for The Dark Knight at 12:01 AM, Jan and I did not wind up going.
This is why:
An upscale shopping center here does a free beach music concert every Thursday outside in like the main area. It is awesome because there are tons of hot guys and the girls are all dressed really well. And of course, the music is good.
Jan and I decided to go. We had a few beers and by the time it was over at 9PM our friends had talked us into going out instead of to the movie. So we had to trade in our tickets for a showing tonight.
I will report Monday.


thegoodnamesaretaken said...

I just got back from seeing it. I hope you like it!

Beth said...

Best movie ever.

The Boy has made me go twice so far.

Elisabeth said...

Hmm, even though I'd love to see the film, a free beach music concert is not to be turned away!