I'm Leavinnggg on a Jet Planeee..

Hi. I'm leaving tomorrow to go to LA for a week or so to visit some friends. So, to all of my avid readers out there* - bare with me. I hope to write about what I do each day, but I can't promise anything. If I don't keep my blogs up to date, I will fill you in when I get back.

I know one thing for sure - we are partying at some girl's house in the hills for the 4th. So I'm sure that will be one for the record books.

I hope also to begin my "outdoors-y-ness" out there. Bryce was able to give me some good suggestions on hiking and parks. Hopefully I will motivate myself to actually get out there and do it.

One last thing I can promise - there will be lots of booze. Sooo I'm sure there will be tons of good (read:embarassing) stories to report. Stay tuned!!



thegoodnamesaretaken said...

you're in the google reader so don't pretend like there aren't any loyal readers :)

Have a great time in LA!

Skinny Girl said...

Oohohhh, how exciting. I'd love to visit LA.

I love America!!!