Travel Day

When I arrived at LAX 20 mins. before our scheduled time I was worried for two reasons: my chauffeur wouldn't be there to pick me up and my friend wouldn't be back from training (he just got a job at Sony/Columbia Pictures). Well it turns out only one of those concerns were legit. 

As I came down the escalator I saw a nice man dressed up in a suit with my name on a piece of paper. Whew...he made it - and on time, no less. He helped me get my bags and was very nice. As he drops me off at my friend's house I started to get nervous because I knew he wasn't home from training. Long story short, I wind up waiting 2 hours - outside (because he didn't think to leave a key). I got wifi on my iPhone so I stayed entertained the whole time. As bad as it may sound to be stuck outside with 3 bags for 2 hours, it actually wasn't that bad. The weather is always so perfect here (mainly because there is no humidity), kinda chilly in the shade but not too hot in the sun.

My friend, we are going to call him Ed, finally arrives. We go down to 3rd street for a little while then get something to eat. After getting drinks and playing Nintendo at the apartment for a few hours, we went to Backstage bar by the Sony studios to meet his new coworkers. It was somewhat awkward, but fun none the less. 

After more Mai Tai drinking at the apartment we went to a restaurant/bar called South. Delicious southern-style food - just what I needed. It was fun, but pretty laid back. I do have to confess that the two bartenders (and part owners I think?) were the most gorgeous men I have EVER seen. Ed's friend, who happens to be fabulously gay, knows the godly men and brings me up to talk to them. One of the bartenders pours us sweet-tart shots on the house and we cruise around the bar.

All in all, travel day went pretty well. I apologize for the lack of wit and charm in my writing this post, but I still have a headache from all of the alcohol last night - ow. 


thegoodnamesaretaken said...

sounds like fun!

Rachel said...

That sounds wonderful. I need to get away from the east coast.