On A Mission

I am going to be shallow really quick...when I think I look better than most people in the room, it makes me feel good.


I said it.

I know you feel this way too.

So, I am on a mission and let me tell you why:

Remember the story I posted yesterday about Ex's? Well I found out for sure that Gary (the ex) is more than just friendly with the girl. Ouch.

I went through a semi-depressed/pissed phase last night where I proclaimed to Jan (my bff and roommate) that I hated life here and was determined to "get the hell out of this M.F.ing place!"

What is really fueling this mission? I hate the fact that Gary and girl being together bothers me. I thought I was over him!? Whatttt.

To focus my efforts elsewhere, and ultimately avoid my feelings until they are gone, I am proclaiming this mission (starting Monday):
  • I will wake up every morning before work to run, shower and eat breakfast.
  • I will pack a lunch everyday to save money.
  • I will use old bank statements to work out a real budget.
  • I will stick to said budget.
  • I will go to the gym after work for arm/leg training.
  • I will not call in sick (unless I really am) or go back to California in a couple of weeks (this one really hurts because my best guy friend is going out there and I totes wanna go).

I am stopping here in my mission statement because I want to be realistic. There are plenty other aspects of my life I could improve but once I get the hang of the above activities I can focus on other things.

I realize that I have said that I want to change my life before (here and kinda here), but I think the motivation I get from this Gary and girl situation is finally enough to make me determined.

Wish me luck! I will post updates for sure on Monday.

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