Dilemma #1

I have two dilemmas. I think I only have time to post one today though because I get off of work in 30. Hmm...which one should I choose?

OK I'll go with the sister problem.

I have a sister. Haley, for blogsake, is two years my senior (has graduated college obvi) and is working on her PhD in physical therapy.

You think to yourself, "Wow. Smart." Right?


She is book smart and all that and has normal common sense I guess, but she has one MAJOR flaw that bugs me soooo bad.

She lies.

I'm not talking she tells me she thinks a shirt looks good when it really doesn't. I'm talking she lies for NO REASON. If she wanted me to think it was a beautiful day in the city she lives in, despite the fact they actually had hail storms, she would lie about it. For example, when we were doing zip lines down a mountain in MEXICO (read:no potential guys for miles - only Mexican tour guides) she was bragging about how she did the New York Marathon.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Put a little lie in it.

She has not done the NYM, let alone a marathon, let alone a half marathon! WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHY!?! Why on earth would she tell a Mexican tour guide (who was not attractive at all) that she had done this? What was she going to benefit from it?

Ok, don't think that is that weird? Try this one on for size:

When we were in high school (yes, she has been doing this for YEARS) I couldn't find a bathing suit I had recently bought. This bathing suit was banging. I mean it made me look good except for one part...it had this silly little fake bow sewed onto the front in between the boobs. I cut that shit off right when I brought it home. Cut to a few weeks later when I am searching for it. Hmm...maybe Haley borrowed it and just forgot to ask. I search Haley's room and find it. She happens to come in when I am taking it out of the drawer and is all, "Are you stealing my bathing suit?" Me: "What? No! This is mine, I thought you just borrowed it."

After arguing over the bathing suit for sometime we finally take matters downstairs to the problem solver - Mom. The whole time I knew she was lying, but I just couldn't figure out how to prove it. AH HAH! The bow! I explained the cutting off of the bow and all and finally won the situation. Haley looked stupid for lying and everyone knew she had.

So the past is the past right? Nope. Not for Haley. She continues to lie. About everything from stories she makes up about going out to important stuff. I really want to have a good relationship with my sister and be great friends because we are so close in age and live so close. But I get so annoyed with her and her antics that I can hardly stand to be around her. And 90% of the time I suspect she is lying. Should I confront her? If so, how? When? Ahhhhh. This sucks. Why hasn't she learned by now?


Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

That's bizarre.
Is she histrionic?

kk said...

I've tagged you on my blog with the Brillante Award!

Pass it on!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Joy - Nope she isn't. She is actually relatively shy around new people and rarely is the center of attention.

<33 J. said...

That is really...just...weird! haha

I totally knew a girl like that in high school. She'd lie about everything! But it was so strange because she'd lie, even when she KNEW we KNEW she was lying? haha

Her dad obvi wasn't in the FBI.
She didn't drive a beemer.
She never dated Heath Ledger.
(ok she didn't say that..but I bet she would if she thought of it!)

I think it's best to just let them live their life as a lie then worry about it..no matter how annoying it is!

Elisabeth said...

It sounds like she doesn't think highly of herself, and has to lie to make herself sound more interesting... I once worked with somebody like that.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I hate to say it but my experience with girls like that is that it's REALY difficult for them to change.

I'd say confront her about it and ask her if she even realizes she does it.