More On My Trip

We also went to the Science Museum while I was in LA!!!!!!! (Dorky right?) As a kid this was one of the most exciting things to do. So since it is free, me and Ed were psyched about doing something in the city that was entertaining and didn't cost a dime! Remember being a kid and walking into one of these museums? It is like Christmas morning. There is so much to do and you just don't know where to begin. Like most kids, I wasn't so excited about learning, per se, but just the fact that there are so many toys and activities...I was never able to control myself.

This time was a little different though...now that we are adults. Why does everything seem better as a kid? Ed and I still had a lot of fun playing around but my favorite thing by far was outside the entrance. It was this giant lever with a car on one end and three ropes on the other. Rope 1 was supposed to be the easiest, rope 2 medium and 3 the hardest. You were supposed to learn about how levers help you do work. And with the ropes and lever you would be able to pick up the car on the other end. I DID IT ON THE HARDEST ROPE! Go me go me go me! I had to use all of my body weight, but now I can officially say I lifted a car. Ed could do it too, but whatever he is stronger anyways.

One part of the museum that just pissed me off though was the "Hurricane Tunnel." You pay $2, get in this phone booth-looking thing and are supposed to experience hurricane force winds. Ed and I aren't the smartest people in town, so we paid our $2 and got psyched up, only to be disappointed. Both of us being from eastern North Carolina, have experienced some intense hurricanes - we are talking winds upwards of 130mph. Let me reiterate here - Ed and I don't always think things through. As we stand in this space watching videos of crazy hurricanes, air starts to blow showing you how fast "the wind" is going on another screen. When we hit 74.5mph it starts to decline again. WEAK. If you think "Wow that sounds fast" - let me tell you it's not. It is basically like driving down the interstate with the windows down. And we paid $2 for that garbage? Outrage.

They had a bodies exhibition also at the museum, but Ed is too squeamish so we didn't see that (also you had to pay). But I really wanted to. Maybe some other time.

We also went to The Getty. BEAU-TI-FUL. The Getty is a museum in Los Angeles that has all kinds of art such as paintings, photographs, antique furniture and like old pots and plates and stuff. There is also some really great architecture and landscaping to be seen. The museum is located on a mountain, so you have to park at the bottom and then ride a tram up. The view was amazing. You can see big houses in the hills and when you get to the top of the museum you can see from the mountains, over downtown LA, to the ocean. I snuck some pictures, even though you aren't supposed to, but the one thing I wanted to take a picture of had a Nazi guard that I couldn't get past. It is called Pearblossom Highway by David Hockney. It is a ton of photographs put together to make one big piece of art - you have probably seen recreations. Here is a picture from the Internet. It is awesome just to look at but the real thing was amazing.

Other noteworthy events from the trip:

  • A trip to In-And-Out
  • Pinkberry delicious-ness
  • Multiple Cranium tournaments
  • Old-school Nintendo games
  • Movie marathons
  • Mulholland Dr.
  • Outside stalk-age of the Playboy mansion (read:drove by a million times)
  • Outside stalk-age of the Beckham's (see above)
  • Unwanted conversation with homeless dude (who complimented Ed's hair!?!)

All in all, I deem this trip a complete success. I actually loved it so much I want to move out there. However, due to the fact I have no savings, and probably no ability to get a worthy job in CA, it is very unlikely I will actually make the move. I'll see what I can do in the next few months to make it happen though. :)

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