Wedding Fever

Why do weddings always stir up mixed emotions? I always feel genuinely happy for the couple and it is fun to see old friends but they also suck because a wedding forces you to look at your future. To be more specific, I am talking about your future in relationships. (Married people-I'm not sure what it is like for y'all so you may not agree with this)

I went to a wedding this weekend for one of my best guy-friends from high school. That's right I said it. We are only 21-what is he thinking? Well let me tell you something, people around my hometown seem to up and get married like it's no big thing. I was a maid of honor for my best friend at the ripe old age of 19.

On with the wedding...it was beautiful. Not over done, but just right. They had a choir that was unbelievable and sang "Oh Happy Day" after the couple said 'I do'. It was pretty cool. Except I wanted to get up and dance and sing along with them, but no one else was. The reception was in the groom's multi-acre backyard under a big circus tent. It was decorated with pink light ball things that hang from the ceiling. The cake was white with pink swirls. (I'm starting to wonder if my friend, the groom, had any say in this wedding) The bride's dress was pretty-strapless with bunching all the way down.

OK enough with the boring details. On with the good stuff. Remember my friend Becky? And her texting problem? (Refer to this blog) This wedding is the event I was talking about when I said Becky, Bob and the lot would all be together again. I am sorry to report, no cat-fights broke out or anything of the sort. But some more subtle developments arose.
Warning-this might get confusing. Here are the characters:
Becky - my good friend
Bob - also a friend, but more importantly: boy who has always loved Becky (but currently has gf)
Gary - Becky's ex of 5 years
Tom - Gary's best friend
Becky and Bob got along fine...I think I even saw Becky dancing with Bob's girlfriend at one point. Buttt after the reception Becky was spotted making out with Tom. Gary does not like when Becky and Tom hang out (read:Becky and Tom dated before Becky and Gary). So when, if, Gary finds out all hell might break loose.

Oh did I mention, Becky hooked up with Gary the night before?

Oh did I mention, Gary's sister was the bride?

Oh did I mention, Gary's cousin said to Becky at the wedding that Gary and she needed to get back together and he wanted to be at their wedding?

Hmmm....only time will tell.


thegoodnamesaretaken said...

Wow! That really did get complicated. I'm glad things were peaceful for the wedding at least. I also tend to have mixed emotions about weddings, as a single gal, but usually, I'm happy for the couple. It is definitely wedding season!

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

So much drama, ha! I love it!