Living on the Edge

I haven't blogged in 4 days! This is a record since I started blogging earlier this summer. Work got hectic for a couple of days and then it was the weekend. I feel so disconnected. I have so much catching up to do in reading all of the great posts I'm sure I missed. But I am sad to report that I still have a lot of work to do today as well. So catching up will take some time.

I have adopted the notion of living life with no regrets, so I will recap my weekend to illustrate this point.


It was a longggg day at the office. After I got off work, I needed something to relax me. I went home, worked out, then met my mom at the mall for shopping/dinner. I didn't actually buy anything (yay go me!) but did find some things I might just have to go back for. Mom and I ate at Cheesecake Factory. I usually have a problem with this particular restaurant because I have never found anything on the menu that I absolutely love (except of course the cheesecake). Well I found success this time around. Get the 'Romano Crusted Chicken' it will rock your world. Along with the chicken comes pasta in a 'light' tomato sauce. Warning: by light they don't mean healthy they mean like 2 tablespoons of sauce with a pound of noodles. I didn't care though because the chicken was soooo delicious. A slice of cookie dough cheesecake followed, all being washed down by a liquor drink I can't seem to remember the name of.

After dinner I went to another restaurant in town that Jan is a hostess for and had a drink with her at the end of her shift. We then joined some friends at a bar for a 21st birthday party. The girl who was 21? Is married. And has been for a year! Babies, babies I tell you...I don't even want to start in again on how many of my friends are already going down the path of no return. Or divorce. I digress, the bar turned out to be pretty fun and eventful.

Remember Gary and the girl he is now dating? Well turns out, we are on the deck of the bar (which is right next to a convenient store) when Jan looks over and says, "Isn't that Gary!?" Well yes it was, he was loading a keg in the back of his truck when Jan and I decide to yell and wave like idiots. Then, the girlfriend pokes her head around the car and withdraws it as soon as she realizes who is talking to her man. Jan and I bust into laughter, they leave and we talk about them (read: her) for the next couple of hours.

It is not over. A bunch of friends from home show up and Gary is with the crowd. And the girl. Boo. This comes minutes after I made a pact with Jan to "live on the edge." As I push her towards Gary and the girl she refuses to talk to them (obviously not living on the edge). So I go up to the two of them and give them great big hugs and strike up conversation. Go me! The night continued like a normal night at the bar with some late night at a friend's house and we returned home (after I mistakenly made a call to a coworker demanding a taxi cab - clearly hit the wrong 'Sue' in my phone book, oops).


I had to be at my cousin's house to babysit her 1 year old daughter at 8:30 that morning. Yuck. I was definitely feeling the night before. The day progressed as normal until 7:30 PM when my cousin, her husband and their two other kids returned (it was a longgg day). Jan was there to help so it was bearable.

Without missing a beat Jan and I go downtown to meet some friends for dinner and drinks. After that, the people we met up with wanted to go to another bar downtown, so we did this had some more drinks and shots then progressed onto yet another bar. This bar was different than most of the places we usually go (especially when we are with these people). It was fun, we didn't stay long though before progressing to another bar, at which we got one drink and then high-tailed it to the nearest strip club.

Yes. I said it.

Before you judge, let me just tell you that I have never been to a strip club before but after making the 'live on the edge' pact we couldn't refuse. It was hilarious. The particular place we went was pretty up-scale so I didn't feel too creepy or dirty (only a little bit). We had the best time watching all of the dudes and commenting on how in the world those girls walk, let alone dance, in those shoes! To add to the experience, Joe Rogen from Fear Factor was there apparently, although I didn't see him personally.

Overall, I consider this weekend to be a success. More adventures of the edge to come, as my life progresses.

Countdown till LA: 9 days

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Dana said...

Glad you had a nice weekend... Sometimes it's good to take A blooggy break ( I should remember that, LOL)