A Post About Nothing...Something?

I have nothing to post about today. My mind isn't working well. I woke up to a sunny beautiful day, but I didn't want to get out of bed. I was dreaming about a really hot guy from my personal selling class. Sigh. But here I am at work, bored, like most days.

I had a phone interview for a job I'm pretty sure I don't want yesterday. It went well, I think. I wonder if he could tell I wasn't that interested? Oh well...bragging about yourself and not feeling bad about it is always fun.

Oh...I know what I can talk about! I had a really weird Friday night this past weekend. Remember The Neighbor? Well, after meeting Navy Boy, I kind of told him that there would be no more nights spent together. After I informed him of this, we only saw each other maybe a couple of times until this past weekend. And each time Rommie and I hung out with him and his friends, The Neighbor always seemed to be in a really bad mood.

So...he texts me towards the end of last week, wanting to hang out (not necessarily just the two of us, but do something). Friday night, however, it did wind up being just the two of us. He came over, we had a drink, then we went to a place called Frankie’s Fun Park. It is the greatest! Probably made more for the 6-14 crowd, we were definitely out of place. But it was fun, and we played games and won prizes and the whole lot. The Neighbor insists that we pool all of our tickets together for a birthday present from him to me. A nice gesture, but weird at the same time. As we leave he says, “You are an expensive date.” Of course he was kidding, but it was just kind of awkward.

We get back to my apartment and start downing drinks. We even play drinking games, just the two of us. At one point he moves closer to me and sits with me on the small ass couch in my living room. I was feeling really weird, but didn’t kick him off. Finally, without any further events, he decides that he should get going. I was relieved. I really got the feel that he was trying to make it like some weird date night. Oh well. I am definitely focused on Navy Boy right now, so that makes me happy. And for the record, I do not ever want to hook up with The Neighbor. Just friends from here on out, please.

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Tasha said...

It seems like The Neighbor was trying pretty hard for a hook up. Just be careful in these situations. Hanging out in a group is always better in my opinion. That way, he won't mistake your interest as more than wanting to be friends with him.