Bday Weekend Recap

Well, it was my birthday this past weekend (as if you didn't know from the last post - ha). I had a good birthday, but I can say I have had better. I guess it was because I didn't go out at all to celebrate with friends, I kind of felt like this birthday sucked. In reality, it didn't. I'm just being a big, selfish baby. All of my friends were at home because of Easter, so the only one left to go out with was my sister, and she was being lame (she really had a migraine, but hey - get over it! ha). For some reason, I felt really lonely this past weekend. I’m sure it had to do with the fact I didn’t see friends, but I’m getting tired of being the only one without a significant other. I love spending time with my sister and The Dentist because they remind me of Navy Boy, but it also makes me jealous. I want Navy Boy to be here and BE MINE! Ha…I’m sounding like a crazed person. There is only so much couple-ness I can handle.

OK enough of the sad pity party, I do actually have some GREAT news regarding this past weekend. NAVY BOY CALLED! On my birthday! It was bitter-sweet, because we got to talk for a good amount of time, but he was also calling from a pay phone so I could only hear about 50% of what he was saying (it was all muffled and static-y). He told me that the letters I have sent help, especially on the days he wakes up thinking, “What the hell am I doing here?” He has written two letters back to me, but hasn’t been able to send them because he doesn’t have stamps. I asked if I could send him anything (pictures, stamps, etc.), but in his muffled response, I think he said that they weren’t allowed to be sent anything but letters. He told me a lot more about what is going on and all…some of it I heard, some I didn’t…but I was just happy to talk to him and learn that my letters were helping and not coming off as creepy! Haha! Nothing is definite, but he said he would try to call again this Sunday. I hope he does! I hope I can hear him better and get a chance to ask some more questions!

That call really made my birthday 100% better. Now, if he would just come home…please?

OH! And Saturday night I went to eat at McCormick & Schmick’s (a seafood chain) and check it out…!

A happy birthday wish to me ON THE MENU! Woo! I’m famous…!

Remember the Recipe Journal I posted about? I got it for my birthday! I've been a mad woman trying to fill out recipe cards. I have already ordered more because it only comes with 24! I love this thing.
OH YEAH! I almost forgot to say....THANK YOU for the birthday wishes! :) Y'all's comments and Navy Boy's call were the highlights of the weekend!


Tasha said...

Sorry that your friends were out of town on your birthday :-( tell them they owe you drinks on another weekend! I haven't been to McCormick and Schmick's but I want to go sometime. Yay for a birthday call from Navy Boy!!!

Tasha said...
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HG said...

you have got to be kidding. as if we didn't have enough in common, my birthday was that same weekend!! i'm april 10, what are you?