No Foodie Friday Here

If you look forward to Foodie Friday, you will most likely have to wait until next week. I've got nothing. But I did wear my pretty new suit to a presentation yesterday...it went well, I guess. This week has been hell - lots to do. But next week is 'dead week' then exams, then it is all over. Yuh. College is O.V.E.R. What!? Where did the past 4 years go? And what the hell was I doing all of this time?

And what am I supposed to do May 11th (the first Monday as a real person)? I haven't been going on interviews or looking for jobs. Yeah, slacker, huh? Ever since my boss told me there was possibility of me growing here, I have kind of taken that for granted. I should be creating a marketing plan for him, but I haven't had time. I should be looking into continuing education or other jobs...but I don't have time, and the only jobs out there are sales. I would honestly be the WORST sales person.

So, I guess I kind of don't know what to do now, and the funny thing is? I'm not even stressed about it. Maybe I should be, oh well.

I didn't workout the past two days and it is killing me. I must workout today when I get home from work. It grosses me out just sitting at this desk feeling like I could be doing something productive with my body.

Well that is it for my random thought process. Have a great weekend everyone!

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