No News is Bad News

In this case, it is true. I STILL haven't heard from Navy Boy and it has been over 2 weeks since I sent my first letter! For the past few days, I have been freaking out thinking that my letters creeped him out or something. Or maybe he realized what a dork I am and decided not to be interested in me anymore. Well I know this is crazy and a silly way to think, considering what he is going through. I just didn't want to be one of those girls who is totally oblivious to a guy that doesn't like her (thanks, 'He's Just Not That Into You' for getting all up in my head). However, 'He's Just Not...' didn't write a chapter about being with a guy in the Navy.

So I've turned to other resources to figure out if a) anyone thinks my letters actually help and b) why it is taking so long to hear from him. I know a girl who has a boyfriend that is thinking about doing what Navy Boy is doing. He has been accepted into the program and everything. He was able to give me some insight as to what Navy Boy might be going through and the whole situation. Apparently, they try to 'break' you. They do this by letting you have VERY LITTLE, if any communication with loved ones. He also told me that he may have written a letter, but the officers in charge may not have let him send it yet. These officers in charge are apparently ASSHOLES, because the same source told me they sometimes keep the letters that people send to the candidates (Navy Boy) and don't let them have them for a while!

Well shit! I'm writing these letters to make things easier on him, and if he isn't getting them, well that pisses me off! If I find out that some little jackass is holding my letters, I'm going to have to go up there and show these kids what 'break' really means. Ha. I crack myself up. But really, I mean give them a break...I just hope he is getting them. I'm going to keep writing them, because if he is getting them and they do give him something to look forward to, that is all I can do, right?

If any of y'all know anything about this stuff let me know! I have 2985734956278 questions! Well I'm off...tomorrow is my birthday (and Easter) so we are going out to a dank seafood restaurant to celebrate tonight!

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