Finally Some New Clothes!

In honor of my recent weight loss, I have gone a tiny tiny tiny shopping spree. I had to keep it tiny because my finances aren't where they need to be right now. Anyways, I went to Old Navy and stocked up on some great v-neck t-shirts for the coming warm weather and a long dress.

I got this shirt in 5 colors (Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Navy and Emerald Green)

This dress, I got in solid black...no horizontal stripes, thank you.

And the creme de la creme: NEW JEANS! AH!

These are my beautiful new Citizen's. I can no longer fit comfortably into my jean collection...going for one size smaller! This is good because I'm thinner, but bad because I have now have well over $1000 in jeans currently sitting idle in my closet.

Anyone else doing a little shopping now that it's spring!?

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