I WAS JUST KIDDING! I'm not taking down my blog anytime soon, that I am aware of. Although my reader following has declined, from what I can tell, and I do have a job search to think of, I just can't give up this free place to go and write whatever I want, whenever I want. I depend on this blog like a best friend. I know I can always come here and express whatever is on my mind and not be judged for it. Well, probably judged for it, but silently haha.

And the few readers left? I appreciate the hell out of you and could never leave you.

I realize this wasn't the greatest April Fools' joke, but hey it's all I got for now. Happy April everyone, my birthday is in 11 days (on Easter)!


Nora said...

You really had us going! I forgot it was April Fools!! hehe
but glad it was just a prank!! :D

angelsroy33 said...

SO GLAD you aren't leaving us,...some of us are silent, but always reading your stuff. Thanks for staying with us!

kk said...

happy early birthday!

i'm on tax day!