I thought being away from my desk at work for two days (thus away from the blogging world) would put me so far behind that it would take the better part of the week to catch up. Well I was wrong. Apparently everyone is slacking, not just me. I guess everyone is jamming their vacations in before all of the schools start back? Who knows.

I am a slacker too though. I didn't run yesterday. But it wasn't completely my fault. My alarm didn't go off. I hate when this happens. I hate the few minutes where you can't tell if you are reading the clock right, and if it is actually a work day so do you have to get up, and 'am I dreaming this?' all kicks your brain at once.

I feel like I have also been slacking off on this blog. My posts don't seem to be that interesting. It is like I think of great things to write about all of the time, except when I am in front of the computer. I need to start writing them down right when I think of them instead of telling myself that my memory is going to start magically working again.

Random Alert:: I had a dream last night that was really weird. I dreamt I was in LA showing my friend around. We were having to climb over all of this construction on Hollywood Blvd and I fell into some plywood. It was really strange.

I am always intrigued by where I am and what I am doing when I remember a dream from the previous night. This morning I was leaning over on my bed stretching out my hammies when I remembered this dream. Maybe it was the falling sensation? Who knows. I wish I could remember more of the dream though. I am usually a pretty vivid dreamer. I always have a dream to report, but for the past couple of weeks I haven't been having as many.

Maybe all of the creative juices have somehow left my body. Maybe if you are living on the edge you aren't allowed to be creative? I am going to blame this on my slacker-ness on blog writing, dreaming and the occasional skipped workout.

In what aspects of life are you a slacker?


Dana said...

Hey, I noticed some slackers to this past week... But hey, it's summer... We have to enjoy ourselves LOL... I'm thinking about slcakingoff this weekend, we'll see...

hg said...

i feel like all day long i'm writing these fantastic blog posts in my head and when i sit down in front of my computer they scamper right out of my brain! sooo annoying.

Beth said...

I've been slacking like theres no tomorrow.

And let me tell you, being away for like two weeks makes itvery hard to catch up. But i'm trying.