Random Topic #1

I went shopping again yesterday just for a few key items. I got a new white dress shirt with ruffles down the front. I'm going to wear it all fashion-forward-like, unbuttoned kinda far down with a belt, shorts and some high heels - oh and the collar popped, of course. I think I want this to be the first outfit for going out in LA.

I also got some shorts from Banana that are off white, and a copperish-colored dressy sleeveless shirt.

I am no good at describing things, but if I put up pictures they will seem kind of boring.

Oh well. You trust that I'll work it, right?

I really wanted to find a good pair of basic black pumps because my last ones got destroyed and I can barely stand in them. But much to my dismay, I couldn't find any basic black 'going-out' shoes that I liked in my size! What is this world coming to!?

Random Topic #2

I saw a FedEx truck run a red light today. I mean plain as day. The light had been, and continued to be red for a good two minutes before/after he ran it! Some people....

That van could have had my computer in it that I have been waiting for and won't be able to take on my trip with me because it is taking so long!

Random Topic #3

I recently started...twittering? I'm not really good at updating it as much as most people, but I'm working on it. I almost got into a wreck trying to send in an update. Note to self: no twittering in the car.

I have a terrible problem with texting and driving. A law should be enforced to stop it just like for drunk driving...because aren't they basically the same? ...Not paying attention to the road, thinking about other things and the like? Instead, my fair state along with others, just implemented a law that you can't talk on your cell phone and drive (unless it is hands-free), but it is perfectly legal to text and drive!

I digress, back to twitter. Every time I think of Twitter, I get a picture of a little animated fat blue birdie in my head. I don't think birds chirp, I think they twitter. Is it just me or does Twitter sound totally bird-related?

Random Topic #4

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS OFFICE! I leave for LA tomorrow morning and I am so ancy (sp? is that even a real word?) I can hardly keep still. I am so tempted to find a reason to leave the office early.

Random Topic #5

I have a manicure appointment after work - my first one in over a month! Woah buddy...a little overdue don't you think?

Random Topic #6

WTF happened to USA women's gymnastics last night? Did anyone see that? The Chinese just took it too us. We handed the gold to them on a silver platter. At the beginning with vault and the uneven bars, USA and China were pretty close (but I sort of thought China was better).

Then USA gets up on the balance beam and falls apart. Sacramone fell off of the beam during her mount, then went on to fall on her butt during floor. My fave (and the cutest person alive), Shawn Johnson, stepped out of bounds and so did Miss Perfect, Nastia Liukin. What happened girls??

I think it is because Americans are normal. In China they pick girls from their homes at veryyy young ages (I mean come on those girls aren't 16!?*) and place them into training. Yeah, that's right. They are bred for sports. I think it is sick and immoral. And they talk about it like everything is fine and dandy.

These girls are, in some cases, removed from their home and taken to a location where they live and train everyday. Basically, their life is chosen for them. One of the Chinese gymnasts expressed desire to quit, but was forced to continue. I don't get it. Hearing these stories and being exposed to the Chinese way of life makes me grateful to be an American.

On second thought, good job team USA for being human, making mistakes and earning the silver. I would never wish a life of forced competition on anyone.

On a lighter note, GO MICHAEL PHELPS. Woop woop! I want to marry that kid. Dana...let's get to work on that! :)

*Maybe they will discover that these girls aren't really 16 and give the gold medal to the USA!


kk said...

have a great trip! have fun!

Dana said...

I am twitter obsessed!! Hope you have a nice time!!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I don't understand twitter!! ACK!

Have a GREAT trip in LA!

Me = jealous!

thegoodnamesaretaken said...

They want to make texting while driving illegal here. I have a habit of checking my e-mail while driving as well. Bad plan!

I might start twittering too. People seem to find it helpful?

Have a great trip!

HG said...

1. there is NO WAY those chinese girls are of age. 2. sounds like you got some more cute stuff for your trip! 3. it is SO WEIRD that we have so much in common! 4. i have never seen a more perfect body than micheal phelps. holler.

passthepeanutbutter said...

1. where is the white dress shirt from?! it sounds so fantastic!
2. i don't know what happened to all the fabulous shoes out there, but it seems like i can almost never find any anymore.
3. i don't understand twitter at allll, but yes, it reminds me of a bird and i'm glad i'm not the only person!!
4. hope you're having a wonderful time in cali! i'm so jealous!