Strange Friday's

In an effort to make my blog a little easier to follow and a tad bit more entertaining I am going to start implementing themed days. Friday is now officially "Strange Friday's" because there is a section on the local news website called "Strange News." I am always able to find something in this section that makes me laugh, so why not share it with the rest of the world?

I plan to read and take note of my favorite strange stories all week and report only the best of the best on Friday. I will give the link, of course, but also provide a brief summary in case you don't want to click away from my awesome blog...haha. Since today is Friday and I just decided to do this, I only have today's strange news. There were some pretty entertaining ones, so I got lucky.

Anddd nowwww I present WRAL.com's Strange News stories of the week:
  1. Two Arrested After Using Barbecue Pit As A Weapon - In Louisiana this week a man and woman were arguing when the woman decided it was the best idea to whack the man over the head with a nearby BBQ pit! That's not all - the man then grabbed the cooker and whacked the woman right back. She finally ended the battle with a firm hit to the man's back windshield with the same rib-maker. (Really? I bet these people would enjoy my Southern Charm post)
  2. Cops Follow Cheetos Trail To Nail Burglar Suspects - I mean the title basically explains the whole story. But for those of you less fortunate...three kids robbed a vending machine. They broke the glass and stole almost everything. The chip debris led the PoPo to their house. This is funny for many reasons: these kids are either seriously malnourished or extremely obese; the police must have been really bored to get there fast enough to get to the trail before any animals could; WHO STEALS $0.99 ITEMS!?!?!?! You can find enough money to get the stuff from that vending machine in the couch!
  3. Grandma Arrested For Driving With Child On Roof - In Florida this week (where all Grandmas go to reside), a 54 year old woman was driving around a grocery store parking lot with her granddaughter sitting on top of the car. The woman justified this sick act by saying that she was driving really slow and holding on to the kid's leg. Oh yeah, cause Grandma, if the kid did fall were you just going to save her by a leg!? She also mentioned that she was just letting the kid get some air and have fun...because everyone knows that's not what parks and swimming pools and the general backyard is for.

Well loyal readers, I am done making fun of other people's stupidity for the day. Check back in a week - oh wait I might have to go on hiatus seeing as though I will be in LA next weekend. But check back anyways, I'm sure there will be something entertaining to read. I will resume with the Strange Fridays on the 22nd.

I actually found this quite fun. I'm thinking at the end of the year I'll poll to see which stories everyone liked best and maybe have some sort of story-related prize for the person with the best responses.*

*I will not be giving away a BBQ though...I'm not loaded people.


Dana said...

i love strange news stories!! I also search out weird news, lol.. I actually posted something like this on my blog awhile back..

Elisabeth said...

Haha, I love odd stories! Really enjoyed this! Thanks!

Beth said...

Okay seriously, that Grandmother - insane.

I listen to the "Stupid News" on the radio every morning. Love it.