GMA Rocks My Socks

My morning regimen consists of getting up at 6:30 for a run, showering, getting ready and having breakfast before heading to work. Most of the hour and an half I have given myself to get ready/eat breakfast is spent watching Good Morning America. I have come to love this show and have based my getting ready rituals around the commercials and local news breaks/weather (because once you see the forecast once, you really don't need to see it again right?).

Robin, Diane, Chris and Sam rock my mornings. One of my favorite segments is the 'Summer Concert Series' where musicians will come and perform in Bryant Park or in the studio. I always look forward to these. Recently I have seen Miley Cyrus, Usher, and many others to which my brain is too stupid to remember right now. But Friday is the Jonas Brothers. I didn't even know who these kids were until last week when my 7 year old cousin attended a concert. Apparently every little one in the nation is in love with them. Hanson anyone?

Anyways, the GMA cast is always so bright and cheery in the mornings. I can't help but to catch some of the good vibes. I love how all of the colors (their main color being orange) pop from the screen. The outfits Robin and Diane wear are always tasteful and fashionable at the same time. Props to Robin for surviving cancer - that makes me respect her even more. And Diane! She is so much fun! I used to think I didn't like her, but I have really been able to see her personality on GMA. I sometimes wonder is Sam gay...? He is so hot and funny that I hope he is available to women...preferably me. Chris is also hot as can be, but I know he is married and with children. I'm not a home wrecker.

Well, GMA did a segment on working from home a couple of weeks ago, mainly for retired people who want to continue to make just a little bit of money. Apparently they got such a large response from viewers of all ages, they decided to do another segment. Tory Johnson, GMA's workplace contributor, has written a book on this very subject (Will Work From Home)! And today's segment was the Top 5 Work-From-Home Jobs.

I am completely fascinated by this. When I saw the segment this morning, I thought to myself, "I wonder if there is a job I could do from home in my spare time?" Casually, I released the thought...until I got to work this morning. I realized that after this pay period is up, my paychecks are going to be getting dramatically smaller.

Yep. That's right. School starts the day after I return from LA, and I will only be working 2 days a week due to classes. I plan to babysit as much as I can, but I also am going to explore more into this work-from-home idea. If there is a job I can have that will allow me to do some work at nights after school/work I would be more than happy to partake! I plan on heading over to BN after work today to look into Tory's book. If anyone out there has suggestions for work-at-home jobs let me know!

I'm out for lunch and the dentist...wish me luck (on the latter).


Anonymous said...

What a fun blog you write...thanks so much for referencing my segment this morning and my new book! You should definitely consider finding something you can do from home to make money. Start small -- just do it! I'm rooting for your success. Tory Johnson, www.womenforhire.com

Dana said...

I love Barnes & Noble!! Finding new books is the greatest!!