I Went Shoppinggggg!!!!

I am so pleased with myself! I went shopping this weekend, but didn't spend too much! I just want to scream! OK here is the loot (and savings):

Theory Print Sleeveless Dress
Originally: $295
What I Paid: $175
Savings: $120

Off-The-Shoulder Top from The Limited
Originally: $29.95
What I paid: $4.80
Savings: $25.15
(Sorry I couldn't find a picture)

Skinny Hinged Enamel Bangle from Banana Republic
Originally: $24 each
What I paid: $9.98
Savings: $38.02

Grand Total: $189.78
Total Amount Saved: $183.17

Not too shabby! I always feel good when I save just as much (or more) than I spend!
I am headed back to the mall today to get a few more things for my trip...basic staples that I just need in my closet. I leave in 2 days!!!
Oh, and just a little update on my running - I'm up to 3 miles now! Go me!
Oh, and YAY MICHAEL PHELPS-3 golds! Go USA! (If anyone knows him/has his phone number, you can give it to me. Thanks)


thegoodnamesaretaken said...

Wow! Good work on the savings!

Dana said...

awesome savings.. i love that.. and i love the dress - so cute...

My brother was a swimmer in college.. Michael Phelps practiced in the same pool.... see what i can do - LOL..

HG said...

oh girl, do i have something you're gonna love/hate...

have you heard of Shop It To Me?


check it out- it will change your life.

congrats on the cute stuff!! yay!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Well done on the running!

V. Proud of you!