I read a blog where the author listed 'firsts'. Seeing as this would be a great way to jog my memory and really look back into who I was/am, I am dedicating this post to my firsts. Recalling things, especially on the spot, is tough for me so I'm betting this will take me quite some time. I want it to be as creative as possible, but we'll have to see.

I first walked at 7 months old.
My first real kiss was in the back of a movie theater (I can't remember what movie it was).
My first break-up was the cause of my first real teenage girl fight (not physical, people).
My first trip out of the country was to the Bahamas.
The first time I moved was when I was 6 months old.
My first true love was a relationship that lasted 5 years (Gary).
My first car was a Toyota 4-Runner.
My first pet was an evil cat named Lucy until we discovered it was a boy and then started calling him Lucas.
This was my first cell phone (with a pink flamingo cover):

The first time I went to a strip club was this past weekend.
The first time I got my heart broken was at the age of 16 (Gary...but I returned the favor).
The first time I had sushi was at the Marriott in Times Square my junior year in high school.
I met my first best friend in kindergarten (I came home the first day and apparently told my mom I had found someone small like me).
The first time I had an oyster was less than a year ago (and I didn't like it).
I still sleep with my first blanket (don't worry - it has been washed).
My first job was as a runner for a law firm (Pat's dad's law firm actually).
My first experience with death was that of a close friend in high school.
My first credit card had the emblem of my favorite college basketball team on it.
Annnddd I'm out.

Oh, and PS - my city has decided to launch another 'against drunk driving' campaign. Every year they do this, my question is - when did you stop looking out for drunk drivers? But the PoPo got clever this year...they launched it on 8.8.08 because the legal limit is 0.08. Clever. They must have been really slow this year...


Dana said...

I love it..... I am sooooo copying this one.. Hope you don't mind!!

Your evil cat Lucy sounded scary...

thegoodnamesaretaken said...

I love hearing about people's firsts :) I also met my first best friend in kindergarten. Such a long time ago... :P