Second Trip to Los Angeles

Hey everyone! Oh how I have missed the blog-world. As you know I have been gone on a trip to LA (again), and then I started school. So I haven't had that much time to catch up. I'll start with a summary of my trip.

Thursday - Arrive at LAX, meet up with my friend Al.  After a quick stop for an early dinner we head to Ed's apartment and just watch the Olympics and hang out the rest of the night. Nothing too fancy.

Friday - I get up to go for a run, but because I was nervous of running alone I only made it down to the gas station and back. After everyone woke up and Pat's girlfriend made it to the apartment we all headed out for breakfast at a great little bagel shop and then to a beach in Malibu.  The day started out somewhat cloudy but then got sunny and beautiful. I didn't ever actually go in the ocean because the waves were incredibly scary, but I lounged on the beach and got some cat-napping in. Once back at the apartment Ed had to go work and Al, Pat and Pat's gf and I went down to Hollywood. We had dinner then drinks and then went to a show at the Laugh Factory. Al was really excited because we would be seeing Harlen Williams (not sure of the name spelling), Damien Waynes (again sp?) and Dane Cook. All of the comics were pretty funny. I love Dane Cook and went to see him like a year and a half ago when I was out in LA. This time he looked a lot different though, and I heard some of the same jokes (which was kind of disappointing). When Dane first started becoming popular he was kind of unusual in the comedy business because he was known for not drinking/doing drugs. Now, I'm no expert, it could have just been stress, but this time he looked to me like he had done quite a bit of experimenting.  Who knows, it is always fun to go to the Laugh Factory though.

Saturday - Pat and Ed both had to work all day, so Ed let Al and I borrow his car. I know my way around Los Angeles better than I know my way around my hometown I think! I didn't get lost or have to look up directions once! I showed Al around Beverly Hills, Rodeo Dr., Muhullon Dr., and we went to Hollywood. We took a tour of the Kodak Theatre, which was really cool - but shorter than I expected. And we ate at this neat little place in Hollywood and Highland called uWink. It is a very interactive restaurant where you do all ordering and requests on a computer screen. Very impersonal because you don't talk to the people you are eating with or the waiter much because everyone is so occupied with playing the games and such on the computer. It was fun though. After returning to the apartment to meet up with Ed so he could go to his next job, Al and I accompanied him to 3rd street to look around and eat dinner while he worked. I showed Al all the fun performers on 3rd street and the Santa Monica pier. We played a few games on the pier and wanted to ride the farris wheel but the line was insanely long so we just went to a sports bar and drank until Ed got off of work.

Sunday - I don't really remember what we did Sunday during the day, but I do know that we went to Westwood (UCLA area) to meet up with one of Al's friends from Spain. He did study abroad last semester, and has been traveling around the past couple of weeks visiting all of the friends he made. After dinner at a great mexican restaurant, we sat at a bar and had drinks until Ed came to get us. 

Monday - We got up incredibly early to stand in line for The Price is Right. We didn't make the 1 o'clock taping but we got in for the 4 o'clock show. While waiting, we went over to the Grove to shop around and saw Tropic Thunder (bad - don't waste money on it). The Price is Right was a lot of fun. It is quite a bit of waiting, so if you go bring a book or something to keep you occupied. The studio is really small. Like maybe 20-25 rows of seats. It is very retro-looking too. I didn't chosen as a contestant, but I was on TV a lot because two people right near us were chosen. If you want to try to find me (even though you don't know what I look like) my show will be airing on October 31 (Halloween!). I am wearing a green tank top and my name tag says Sarah. Monday night was so much fun for me. Al, Pat and Ed went to play basketball and I went out with my gay friend I talked about last time. He took me to a cute place in Hollywood for drinks and appetizers then we went to Les Duxe! It is a famous bar where Lauren and Heidi have gotten into fights at on The Hills. Tons of famous people go there. We saw and talked to Christina Applegate's ex-husband. It was surreal. I loved being there. After Les Duxe, we went to Opera, which is also known for hosting celebrities. I had a great night and didn't function well the next morning, to say the least.

Well class is about to start so I'm going to have to cut this post short. I am done with the trip overview, but I have so much more to post about! Check back tomorrow, I will be at work and will definitely be posting again!


Dana said...

we missed you too!!

hg said...

oh girl i felt the same way about not being able to blog/read blogs! i've miss you! i'm glad you have fun on your trip...have you ever thought about moving out there?

thegoodnamesaretaken said...

wow! sounds like a lot of fun! one day I want to go to a taping of the price is right :)

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

awe, this made me miss LA even more. sounds like you had a blast though =)