Dilemma's #3 & 4

Well I know one thing is for sure, I can always post my problems and ask for advice!

Dilemma #3:
I want/kinda need a new car. I currently drive a SUV and it is getting old. I want a new car really bad, specifically a Lexus IS 250. I am in no shape to take on a payment without getting a loan. Here are some of my thoughts...

-I have heard it is easier to get a loan while a student (maybe easy isn't really the right word, but I'm referring to the interest rates...they are lower for students?)
-The Lexus dealership in my city offers a special leasing program for students about to graduate and those who have recently graduated (I don't know the specifics of this program though)
-I am pretty sure if I were to lease said car I would be able to keep it under the mileage limit
-My car is occasionally doing some funky stuff that my dad believes to be transmission issues

So, my question to you is - Do you think I should sell the car before it completely dies and buy/lease a new one? Also, does anyone have any opinions about leasing. I have never experienced it first hand (my parent's have always bought cars) so I don't really know the pros and cons (except the mileage thing).

Alsooo...I heard on GMA this morning then read an article in The Consumerist about trading in an SUV for less of a gas-guzzler might not be the best decision. The article lead me to this website in which you put in the car you want and the car you have and it basically tells you how long it will take to break even (saving gas) if you purchased the car. I think for me it said a ridiculous amount of time like 19 years!

Dilemma #4:
I know I told y'all that I was going back to LA, but I don't think I told you the story behind my return visit:

My friend Al (who is like my BFF-dude) just turned 21. His family took him on a series of vacays for his birthday. They started out in Disney World, then went on a cruise to the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. Next he flew up to Chicago to visit friends that he met while studying abroad, headed down to Indiana (where he currently is now). Next Al will go to Las Vegas with the family then over to Colorado to visit more friends from study abroad. His last stop is lovely Los Angeles.

And this, my friends, is why I am going back (and because of Ed, the partying and I just love the city).

Ed and his roommate Pat will both be working the whole time so I took it upon myself to be Al's tour guide around the city. I have planned the whole trip out, itinerary and all. The last full day we have in the city we will be attempting to attend a taping of The Price is Right.

The first two times I went to LA I tried to get on the show. Both times arriving just a tad bit too late. This time, however, I will not be making that mistake. I really really really want to go to the taping (even though Bob Barker won't be there). There are three things I know about going to the show:

-show up early
-bring your ss card
-be entertaining in line

I know there is a slim chance of anyone actually relating to this dilemma, but if you or anyone you know has ever attended a show/knows anything about attending the show - I would love some insider tips!


kk said...

For TPIR, wear a goofy t-shirt.

Everyone who makes it down to contestant's row, is wearing a silly shirt!

Dana said...

OK... so last summer i did the same thing.. I traded out of my SUV because it was getting old, costed a lot to fill up, and started to need more and more work.. So i decided to trade it in and lease a car... I too wanted a fun, expensive car but didn't want to take on such a big payment and I new I wanted to lease so I could trade it in for a new one in 3 years... Anyway, if I were you I'd look to get something affordable - why strap yourself with a lexus payment... Cause if you get a lexus you need to get it fully loaded so it's worth it, ya know.. LOL.. I got a fully loaded Civic(with built in navigation) and I love it.. It's so great on gas.. was it my 1st choice? No... Am I happy with it? YES!!! And it's affordable... That's my advice.. Shop around, see what works for you!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks Dana! That's great advice. I can't believe you were in the same position!