Yay for Sleep! and School?

I finally was able to fall asleep easily and got a good rest last night! The previous night (when I wrote the last post) was hell. I know I fell asleep at some point because I had a dream, but I know I was only asleep for max. 3 hours. And of course my dream was about Dru. We were happy and together and things were all good. Then reality hit when it was time to wake up and go to school.

On a happier note, the first day back yesterday was surprisingly pleasant! I had three classes yesterday: the first was a class that teaches how to live better (nutrition, behavior, exercise), the second is Product Management with one of my favorite teachers, and finally Pilates. I am so excited about this particular class because I have always been interested in getting into Yoga and/or Pilates. I used to take a class at my gym, but since I quit last spring I haven't been doing much. Also, I have the same teacher for my well-being class as my pilates class and she is AWESOME! Today I have two classes this afternoon, both which I expect to be incredibly boring.

I'm very happy the new semester (and my last semester) got off to such a great start. Although things aren't going smoothly in my love life, I'm grateful to have something to look forward to. I've also been staying pretty busy to keep my mind off of things. With school and work each day, I really need to plan out my time to get as much done as possible. We also have some friends that moved into our apartment complex in the beginning of December that have been amazing over the past month or so. They are sweet guys who are always up for doing something fun (a definite plus in taking my mind off of Dru).

Tonight is the college football national championship and we have rented the theater room at our apartment complex to watch the game with our friends. I'm excited because my dad went to OU and is still a hardcore fan. He is so happy when their team does well, so I really hope they win tonight. I think I may be the only OU fan in attendance, but oh well...I'm the loudest screamer so it should be about equal on that front.

Another thing going on in my life: a job hunt. More on that later though...I want you to see what my grandma gave me for Christmas. It's oh so pretty! It is a bracelet with genuine turquoise stones by a jewelry designer named Lia Sophia. Check her out...she has a wide variety of styles!


Amy said...

Enjoy your last semester at school! You may miss it quite a bit when you have to work at an office every day!!!

Dana said...

hope you're doing well!! i've been thinking about you!!

HG said...

sad OU lost? i am :( even though i go to tulsa i still was cheering for the Oklahoma team!

sarahbelledotcom said...

your grandmother has good taste! i love it!